ESPYs Fug or Fab: Selena Gomez


I checked in a close-up, and this is not see-through; it’s just backed by lace that’s the same color as her legs. I THINK. Let’s just go with that, because it’s easier on my wrinkles.

So where does that leave us: A cute, fun, frothy red frock, or a fancy-dress orthopedic back brace? I was going to say, “or both,” but really, that only applies if you NEED a fancy-dress orthopedic back brace. And if she does, and she is also REALLY TRULY dating Justin Bieber again, then well, imagining WHY she might need a fancy-dress orthopedic back brace just blew my head off my neck and left my noggin stuck up in a tree and not even facing the right way to peek in on any of my neighbors. WOE, THE INJUSTICE.

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Comments (22):

  1. Sandra

    How about “it would be cute with a couple of more inches of fabric”? Yeah, she’s got great legs, but if I had wanted to be a gynecologist I would have gone to medical school.

    • maryse

      i’m with you! i just don’t understand how anyone can be comfortable in something that short.

      •  Sarah

        Me three. She has great legs, but they would look just as great with a couple more inches that allowed her to sit down. Now get off my lawn.

    • Maria L.

      For heaven’s sake, if you already have the abysmal bad taste to have sex with Justin Bieber (ick, I shudder just to type it), there’s no way you would have even a small modicum of good taste when it comes to a hemline.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Agreed. Cute – if it had just a couple more inches in length. I don’t even require that the lining (there definitely is one; it has a flat hem) extend along with those couple of inches, only that they be there.

  2. Kate

    I wish the band of sparkles didn’t go up quite so high.

    And something about the arms is bugging me, but not offensively so. Maybe I wish they weren’t flared?

    • FormerLibraryChick

      For some of us, any length beyond elbow-length but under a full sleeve just makes us look awkward, as if we outgrew our tops. Ms. Gomez would probably look better sleeveless. Then the extra fabric from the detached sleeves could be used for the extra few inches that would make her hem look classier.

      •  Vandalfan

        We are one. I have the same sleeve problem, and also with trousers. Clam diggers, capris, they all just look like I’m playing dress up. Below the knee hems are dangerous, too.

  3. Fawn

    I think if you took off all the beading in the middle and around her elbows (and yes, maybe add an inch or two) this would be a really cute dress. I really hate it as is, though.

  4. Claire1

    It’s too much on too little fabric.
    I just can’t….
    but the color is pretty.

  5. qwertygirl

    I wish she’d stop dating Justin Beiber. He’s no better than Chris Brown, he just has better anger management skills. (I should add, when it comes to his interpersonal relationships; I’m not sure his anger management skills are that much better when it comes to dealing with things like…oh, you know, AUTHORITY, and SOCIAL CONVENTIONS and other such trivialities.)

  6. Jen

    Justin Bieber is gross.

    … Sorry, what?

  7. Hannah

    looks like a holiday dress, esp w/ the long sleeves. she needs better shoes STAT.

  8.  Squirrel!

    I think this dress is darling and she looks fabulous in it. On most mortals it would be a tunic, but she has the legs and the youth to pull this off. (And rest assured, Heather, it’s lined — in the enlargement I can see where the lining ends just above the hem.) Hair is shiny, thick, and tamed; lipstick is a great shade that matches the dress beautifully. I have a tiny quibble with the choice of shoes, but that’s all.

  9.  TaraMisu

    This is kind of veering into skating costume for me, but it’s still cute. And yes the shoes bug me for some reason…

  10.  Courtney

    She looks really lovely. It’s a pretty bold dress but it’s not overwhelming her tiny frame. I even like the basic black shoes, especially with all of the lace and sparkle. It is a bit short, but for my own mental health I’m going to pretend she’s not back with the Biebs and all of that leg is her way of saying, “This is what you’re missing, twerp.”

  11. Sally

    I am cleaning out my mother’s house and found a pic from my college graduation. My dress was a good two inches shorter than this. I don’t remember how I sat down but my legs were fab, the dress was cute- I’m giving this one to Selena. Rock it while you can.

  12. Molly

    Fine with the dress, would remove about half the makeup. Too much cheek makeup with that strong lip. Way more than her natural gorgeousness needs in any case.

  13. Liz

    YAY, Ferris Bueller reference!

  14. Sajorina

    I don’t like the dress, but “Bieber sex” disgusts me to no end! Eeeeewwwww!!!!!!