Comic-Con Fugs and Fabs, Hailee Steinfeld

Oh jeez. I went through a huge series of mental aerobics trying to figure out how I could put this to a poll — she’s adorable, and I love her, and I want the best for her, and I actually give the youngs some leeway when it comes to dressing all cracked out because who amongst us did not? — BUT:

From the neck up, she’s just the cutest ever. The good news about the rest is that she need never wear it again. The other good news is that she’s wearing the most appropriate Comic-Con nail art ever, which probably pushes her back into the Adorable Column on the whole, anyway. Phew. That was close.

She got an assist from something she wore earlier, too:

She must be one of the only girls in the world who can pop up in a dress covered in eyes, and still make me think, “oooh, I want that.” Takes skill.

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Comments (27):

  1. Alma

    I’m in love with that eyeball dress! Not so crazy about the shoes that look like socks though. But she’s adorable so it’s all good

  2. Esme

    Shoes and dress are hideous! The first outfit–ha ha ha!

  3.  ErinG

    Does she look like Jessica Brown Findlay/Lady Sybil to anyone else??

    I’ve never noticed the resemblance before. But its a compliment to either/both lad(y/ies)!

    Also that’s my second downton reference in as many comments today, I’m clearly going through withdrawals.

  4. Maria L.

    Color me heat-stroked, but I think the first outfit is retro cute and suits her. Not so keen on the eyeballs or fugly shoes.

  5. Jules

    I think the first outfit is cute! The eyeball dress, not so much.

  6. Sahana Srinivasan

    I don’t know why but the first picture gave me strange Fran Drescher vibes. :|

    The second dress is AWESOME. Those shoes though… no.

  7. giggleswick

    Count me in with those who think the first outfit is cute.

  8. HelenBackAgain

    I am not a fan of Steinfeld’s hair being piled so high. It just makes her look like eight miles of forehead, though in reality her face is beautifully proportioned.

    Cute blouse, is about all I can say good with the first outfit. And nice makeup. NAB – and totally different bottom half.

    The eyeball dress fabric is very funny, and I’m a fan of that, but it fits badly, and those sock-shoes are just ugly and weirdly baggy. That one’s pretty much a total thumbs-down, except her hair and makeup are good there.

    As much as I hate fake nails, the art on them IS adorbs. And I love the spirit in wearing it!

  9. Carol

    Eyeball dress gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  10. Sandra

    Who makes high-waisted crop pants anyway? Those things are doing some weird sh!t to her proportions that said proportions don’t do naturally. Oh well, plenty of people leave home looking worse. Just don’t do it again, kiddo.

  11. maryse

    i love everything she is wearing except for those weird shoe booties she’s wearing with the eyeball dress.

  12. witjunkie

    I actually really like the high waist with the white blouse, but, scrolldown sadness.

  13. jean

    Fishnet shoes kind of rock. She’s just old enough to pull those off. Pretty hair too with the second outfit, although I can’t blame her for the high hair in the first. I would have totally done that hair at her age if I had someone to help me. I always wanted an updo, but couldn’t make them happen.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I still can’t do an updo. If I need one for an occasion, I have to go have the hairdresser do it.

  14.  CremeBrulee

    You know, I think I like both outfits. They’re original, they’re decent, they’re age-appropriate. She’s exploring her style without searing our eyeballs. Even the fishnet shoes, while not my favorites, are in keeping with the edginess of the dress.

  15. Nanc in Ashland

    Wait, I thought those were fishnet bobby sox! Either way, the footwear in the second is a big giant no!

  16. Lux

    I actually just really hate the shoes in both of the looks. And I think she’s wearing a huge headband in the first outfit, so in my book she loses points for that

    • HelenBackAgain

      Ohhhh, yeah, you’re right, zooming in, I do see a big old headband. The kind you wear to keep it out of your face for washing, or exercise – not decorative. That’s not good.

  17. gryt

    I like that she takes chances. Bold! I like it!

  18. Claire1

    IF the pants in the first picture were NOT cropped…I’d give it some 90′s love. I’d really like and think she’s young enough to pull it off. ( I can’t comment on the hair, I am severely anti top knot)
    The second outfit is perfect for her age at Comic Con…..

  19. Sajorina

    The only good thing about the 1st outfit is the shoes, but the 2nd one is all sorts of awesome! I would actually wear the eye dress with the 1st outfit shoes! And, when you have Hailee Steinfeld’s hair, you wear your hair down ALWAYS!

  20. Ericajeanine

    I’m already looking for a cheap knock off version of those Louboutins in the second pic. Those are bad ass. I also love the first outfit.

  21. Elle

    I don’t like anything this girl is wearing in either photo and her performances are equally craptacular.

  22.  Vandalfan

    I don’t even care for the first photo from the neck up. I detest her hair, and her makeup is too heavy. A white menswear blouse would be fine with skinny jeans.

  23. TonyG

    I kind of like the nerdy vibe in the first one. It seems perfect for ComicCon. The eye dress made me laugh (with her not at her).

  24. Claire1

    Did anyone check out her mani?

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