Emmys Fugs and Fabs Weekend: Allison Janney


I do not watch Mom, but I do watch Masters of Sex, and Janney’s Emmy for that was so well-deserved that I feel comfortable agreeing that she deserved the one for Mom as well. (Winning two Emmys in one Emmys season, both for acting, has to be a record, right? One of you will know. You guys are smart.) But who cares about professional accomplishments? LET’S LOOK AT OUTFITS, in a slideshow that is basically a sandwich of crazy.

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  1. Alisa

    I think slide 2 & 3 are missing commentary?

    I am just going to go do some online shopping for the dress in slide 3, because that dress NEEDS to be in my closet, while I await your comments about the CRAZY in slide 2.

    • Jessica

      FIXED. Blah blah blah I don’t know how to work the new slideshow feature PAY ME NO MIND.

      • Alisa

        You guys must be ready to crawl into bed and sleep for days!! All your excellent work is much appreciated :)

  2. Amy S.

    Her second outfit is a horror—sorry, Janney, you can’t pull that off—but otherwise, she looks great. Love the velvet dress’s color!

  3. filmcricket

    Her makeup was definitely appropriate for indoors rather than out; it looks much harsher here than it did inside the ceremony. I was kind of unsure about fuchsia velvet myself, but oh my word her legs as she walked up to the stage! I’m pretty sure they are longer than my whole body.

    (And I think she’s kind of rocking the middle crazy, to be honest. Wish the girls had more support but otherwise I’m digging it.)

  4.  ohsohappy

    Allison looks tres magnifique!!! I nearly wept when I saw this dress. This is MYYYYYY color! Oh my gosh, I want this so bad!

  5. Jenz

    All hail the Janney!!!!

    • marylou bethune

      I walked in the room and saw her in this dress and I said to the room:” No one is going to look better than Allison.” I was right. Gorgeous color on her.

  6.  Robin

    All of it looks great on her except the pirate britches in slide 2, and those just aren’t going to be good on anyone.

  7.  MaryOMary

    I thought she was the best dressed dressed woman last night. Best dressed man was, obviously, Jonathan. Scott in his harlequin undies beneath his kilt. Heh.

  8. Mel S.

    I can’t quite decide if I want to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus when I grow up or Allison Janney. That is a hard call.

    She looks fantastic in that velvet number, despite it being velvet in August. If anyone can make THAT seem cool, she’d be the one.

  9. jenelope

    If those pants in slide 2 were full length, she would have been the hottest ever. In both ways.

    • Gypsy Danger

      I wish that I had stopped scrolling earlier, because I was on board until I saw that they weren’t actual pants.

  10.  Linda_AZ

    Yes, thinking of velvet right now makes me uncomfortable, but that dress is absolutely beautiful, so I will deal. Really, really beautiful.

    Those shorts are so bad.

    I like the third outfit very much.

    • Jennifer

      That polka-dotted dress in #3 would look SO GOOD in my closet. Probably not as good as it looks on Janney, though.

  11. LisaB

    I just binge watched The West Wing on Netflix (don’t judge me, the early aughts were a busy time) and have developed a deep love for her. I don’t watch either of her new shows, but I just saw her in The Way Way Back ( she was insane and perfect). That being said, that middle slide has got to be from The Martha Stewart Collection from a few years back…. Who could forget the gold lamé capris….? This outfit is its evil twin.

  12.  Kathryn

    As much as I love Allison Janney I cannot find any love for her style lately. Or maybe I just long for the return of CJ Craig??

  13. Gracey the Giant

    Um. Leather bike shorts and a tiger belt buckle. I think that outfit broke my brain.

    I love the velvet though. Too hot or not, the color is gorgeous!

    • Joanie

      I don’t think those are leather. They look a bit more waxed denim.

      I had no problem with the velvet on her as I know that auditorium was likely very chilly and the color was perfect for her.

      I even like her last dress. Perfectly demure and classy.

      As to the Emmy win for Mom — NO. I loved her on the show. It’s a cute show. But there’s nothing happening there to warrant an Emmy. ON ANY LEVEL. So, that’s my take on it. I was really shocked that she won. It wasn’t the right choice. But she did look amazeballs x 100!

  14. Mina

    That second slide is pure Peggy Bundy.

  15. Eira

    I love Allison Janney and she is somehow making me want to wear a velvet dress in August.
    Re multiple Emmy wins in one year– back at the 2002 Emmys, Stockard Channing won two, for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie.

    • Jessica

      I love that they’re both in West Wing. I knew someone would know!

  16.  Mrs. Helpful

    I like anything purple and most things velvet, so I am powerless to resist this dress. She looks pretty great in it.

    She was also beautifully cast as Matthew Perry’s crazy rich delusional boss in Mr. Sunshine, another show that really should have been given more of a chance on ABC. Lizzy Caplan had just joined the cast as Chandler’s girlfriend when they were canceled. So there they were and here they are now!

  17.  understateddiva

    Is it wrong that I love her more for the bike shorts?? My appreciation of her talent has clearly clouded my vision.

    • Kelly

      I love her so much I even accept the bike shorts. She looks amaaaazing.

  18. Suzy Q

    The violet dress is lovely. I will ignore the fact that it’s velvet. However, she grimaced when she got out of her car and was rehoiking, so methinks it was pretty uncomfortable.

    Fuggirls, I hereby order you two to TAKE A BREAK, SOAK YOUR FEET, HAVE SOME WINE, AND GET SOME REST. We need you to be healthy! Long live the Fuggirls, IN SEXINESS AND PEACE! xo

    •  AJ

      I’m imagining us all saying IN SEXINESS AND PEACE with some sort of hand motion akin to that done with live long and prosper.

  19. val.

    Her hair looks messy in the velvet dress (which is gorgeous). Put the hair from slide #2 with the dress from slide # 1, and we’re in business!

    And, no, she’s too old for the leather bike shorts. Anyone over 40, I think, would be. And that’s being generous with the age limit!

  20. Mavis

    TBH she’s kind of selling the leather pedal-pushers. They are terrible but she is Allison Janney and her sartorial power is THAT great.

    PS – Don’t forget Christine Baranski in the “awesome beautiful broads I want to be when i grow up” – she, Janney and Louis-Dreyfus make quite a trio. They will rule the Fug Compound and I, for one, will be a willing subject.

  21. mujisan

    She is also a festival of fabulous along with everyone in Masters of Sex. Such a great show! Minus the leather capris, she looks like a million dollars. I can only hope that I will look anywhere near as good at her age.

  22.  HelenBackAgain

    In theory, I don’t or shouldn’t like the first two, being a stickler for appropriateness in general, be it seasonal or pertaining to age. And yet…

    Well, evidently we need a Janneyism along the lines of “Carte Blanchette.” Or I do. Apparently she’s pretty darned close to being unable to do any wrong in my eyes, ’cause she’s selling me on these!

    And the third is terrific by any standard, I’m sure!

    •  ElizabethT

      There’s the ALL in ALLison to play with, maybe? That’s as far as I can think it, though.

  23. S

    It looked sweltering there, so velvet no. That said, she is crushing that dress (see what I did there!) The color is divine.

    On a related note, did the light inside seem particularly harsh? Everyone at the Emmys seemed sweaty and as if under an interrogation light.

  24. Helene

    Am I the only one who has seen the velvet dress from the side? It doesn’t fit, it gives her a pretty bad fat overhang. Other than that, it’s lovely.

  25. Nadine

    Ok. Slide 2 is giving me scary early aughts flashbacks which we DO NOT NEED.

  26. Lori

    I really feel like I should hate the bow/knot thing on the first dress (the color, fabric, and cut are divine). I do hate it, and yet when I look at that dress and her in it, I have nothing but love for it. Such is the power of Janney.

    The second outfit… I can’t handle the shorts. Just no. But the third outfit is simple, cute, and appropriate.

  27. Brendan

    If those shorts has been a skirt I would have been LIVING for her hotness!

    She looks magnificent in the gown as well, though I can’t imagine how she made it through the literal hotness of the red carpet wearing velvet.

  28. Betsy

    I love that third dress, but the second outfit is horrendous. I will say I was so happy about her Masters of Sex win. I actually didn’t like the show and found it really boring, except for her role. She is the only reason I kept watching the first season. I haven’t seen Mom so no opinion there.

  29. Amy

    I kind of like #2, if only for the Drop Dead Gorgeous-ness of it.

  30. greatwhitenorthchick

    I thought this dress was one of the evening’s best. The colour is just smashing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s 6 feet tall!

  31.  ErinS

    The second outfit gives me visions of what a group of middle aged moms would wear on a girls weekend in the city… with plans of shopping during the day and lots of margaritas and inappropriate flirting with the 20 year old waiters and bartenders at night.

  32.  Amanda in Austin

    Allison Janney is a goddess, and I bow down to her. But you’re right that the shorts aren’t awesome. If only they were pants! And I secretly really love that cat belt buckle.

    If you haven’t seen the movie :The Way Way Back”, then you must see it today. Allison steals the whole movie. Sam Rockwell is also fantastic in it, not playing a total douchenozzle for once. It’s a really great film. Run! See it now!

    • Other Emily

      I love that belt buckle, too. It’s totally crazy but I would wear it 100%. The Way, Way Back is a terrific movie, with both Rockwell and Steve Carell playing against type, and you’re right that Janney steals every single scene she’s in. I love that movie. Also Maya Rudolph!

  33. Daffodil

    Leather bike shorts aside (really, seriously, Allison, put them aside), I think her hair is giving me the most problems here. It’s very long and very bangsy and she isn’t doing anything with it. It looks like 28-year-old safety-net “but it’s always been this way and boys like it!” hair.

    Think how much more awesome she would look with hair that moved, that was a little kicky, that had some of that Allison Attitude. Hair that was more appropriate to her age. I’m not saying she needs to get a wash-and-set every Thursday morning and wear a rain hood for rest of the days of the week to protect it. I just think she needs to have Sophisticated Grown Up Hair to match her Sophisticated Grown Up Attitude.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Janney has worn a LOT of different cuts over time, everywhere from very long to chin-length bobs, and everything from quite curly to perfectly straight. I like this style, myself, but one thing she’s never been is stuck in a rut! If you’re not crazy about it, don’t worry, she’ll change it again before too long.

  34.  Steph

    I LOVE This woman! But the leather biker shorts and crossover gold top…… too 90′s for me. She has a great bod though!!