Emmys Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Red

I hope several of my Fellow Old People have joined me in now humming that song (that entire video basically just screams, “guess what?! It’s the 80s!!!!). YOU ARE WELCOME.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. qwertygirl

    1) Thanks for the ear worm :/
    2) Jennifer Westfeldt looks a bit wrinkled too. I guess there’s no safe way to get the creases out of your dress once you get there.
    3) Kelly, I know you’ve told us you don’t give a sh*t if we hate your lavendar hair, but it really is the most annoying combination of unflattering, drab, and weird. And the color of it doesn’t go with your dress. Like people with lots of tattoos in highly visible places, people who have a very distinct hair color should consider it an accessory and dress accordingly. If the fact that you want to dye your hair lavendar means it looks clashy with a red dress, well, that’s the price you pay for lavendar hair. IMO.

    • Tiffany

      I think she said that she is contractually obligated to E! to keep her hair that color. They wrote it into her Fashion Police contract. I agree that she should dress to match…but at the same time she might be over all the colors that match and want to break free a bit!

    • Caro

      Don’t know if this is a crazy rumor or what, but I’d heard that she was obligated via contract with “Fashion Police” to keep her hair that color for the run of the show, so maybe that’s why. I hate the way it’s plastered to her head.

      • Vandalfan

        But her dress fits her like a glove, it’s so flattering.

        • Morris

          It makes her boobs look a metre long!! Like grandma boobs! Not flattering. And that is a very strange thing to be contracted to do, re lavender hair…

  2. Amy

    I would have completely loved Kaley Cuoco’s dress, if the lining on the bodice had gone all the way to her waist. The sheers attack again!

    I kind of wish Kelly Osbourne had gone platinum blonde with that dress. I don’t mind her purple/gray hair most of the time, but with the fabulousness of that dress, blonde would’ve made her look like a total bombshell.

  3. Other Emily

    Wow. I’m pretty much overcome with envy. I love red, but red does NOT love me, so I can’t wear it. These gals look fantastic. I do wish Sarah Paulson wasn’t so crabby, but otherwise this is a solid slideshow all around.

  4. Jayne

    Sofia Vergara is such a snooze – same dress she has worn for years. Jon Hamm’s beard is more newsworthy.

    • Mair Mair

      I have to disagree: Sofia Vergara knows what looks good on her, and she sticks with it. I can certainly understand why you (and a lot of others) find that boring. But I, for one, I’m never going to be bored seeing a gorgeous woman who consistently chooses dresses that fit her to perfection and flatter her figure beautifully.

      • Nanny

        I want to agree but damn if I had Sofia’s assets, I’d be in those dresses all the time too. And the mermaid style is really not my favorite but how can you argue with how amazing she always looks?

        • scone

          Especially when we see so many other lovely celebrities (especially those who are better endowed, as Ms. Vergara is) fail so frequently, I for one appreciate that Sofia always looks fantastic. Yes, it’s boring, but she’s always in color, which I appreciate, and the fit is always perfect. That is apparently much harder to get right than I’d thought, looking at other gowns on the red carpet.

        • Art Eclectic

          The thing is, though, any comic will tell you that you can only tell the same joke so many times before it gets stale. Sofia’s cleavage is stale in the same way Heidi Klum’s wax job is stale.

      • Kristabelle

        The only quibble I have is with SV’s hair! I do not think that a center part is her friend. I thought it made her eyebrows look especially heavy and her face look wide.

        Otherwise, that dress is just gorgeous.

      • Caro

        I agree, and I think she looks gorgeous as always.

    • CH

      I liked Sofia’s dress–it’s what I expected, but it looks fantastic. However, it might be a bit too tight in the bodice. I feel like I can see her bellybutton?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I don’t like Vergara’s dress, anyway. It looks to me like a fishtailed nightgown.

      • Liz

        I don’t like it, either. That’s just way too much boob. It’s not classy, and personality-wise, she does seem like a pretty classy lady. I guess that makes me a prude these days, and I’m still in my 30′s. It’s only going to get worse, isn’t it?

  5. Dazie

    I love Kelly’s hair, and her bitchface is rocking, and the dress is dreamy. I think she looks great. :)

  6. Mair Mair

    Thoughts: 1) Christina B. is, as usual, DA BOMB. 2) Sarah Paulson’s boobs are suffering from CDPS (Claire Danes Pancake Syndrome), but that dress is otherwise tremendous on her. 3) Kaley Cuoco looks incredibly pretty. She should wear that color always. 4) While I agree with qwertygirl about Kelly’s aging and unflattering hair color, I absolutely love her dress.
    Wow. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve liked, if not outright loved, every dress in a GFY slideshow. So it saddens me that my only negative remark is reserved for the man candy: Mr. Hamm, that amount of facial hair is totally unacceptable. I don’t care if your next role is Grizzly Adams, you need to shave it. Or at least give it a good trim.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    I think Kelly’s hair looks gorgeous with her dress. Platinum blonde might have looked too close to white and veered into Mrs. Claus land.

  8. ErinB

    I think Sarah Paulson looks crabby because she can’t move her face. Awesome dresses, though, all around!

  9.  glee

    Carla G is the clear winner. She ROCKS that dress, and the dress itself is an awful lot of pretty.

  10. Nanny

    Throwing some love to Emma Roberts. Classy and beautiful, note to Miss Miley, you can transition to womanhood tastefully.

    • Jules

      Let me start by saying I am NOT a Miley fan. At ALL. However, while Miss Roberts looks nice here, I would not say she is transitioning to womanhood tastefully. She was recently arrested for allegedly beating up her boyfriend and is reportedly often seen out and about completely wasted. Her transgressions don’t receive a lot of attention because nobody wants to upset Aunt Julia. So while Miley most definitely needs a role model, I don’t think it’s Emma.

      •  jay

        seriously. At least Miley looks like she’s enjoying herself. (but I’m a firm believer in the idea that age 20 is pretty much made for acting the fool and wearing regrettable outfits.)

    • Caro

      You mean like getting arrested for assaulting your boyfriend? Yes, real ladylike.

      • Claire1

        I did not know the Emma Roberts stories! And I was just going to post how fresh and fabulous she looks here….
        well boo!!

        OK…. she DOES look fresh and fabulous…I hope it transitions into her life now.

  11. martinipie

    The color does look amazing on Kaley (and is my favorite color to wear hands down ever), but I am still not convinced she should wear that silhouette. Like the hideous dress you linked to, the big skirt just…looks off with her shape, I dunnno. If I block the sides of her skirt out with my fingers she looks much longer and leaner.

    TAYSTEE, however, looks DIVINE. Gorgeous.

  12. Fanny_Trollope

    Am I the only one who disliked Kelly Osbourne’s dress? To me it looks very matronly and top-heavy, like something the Queen Mother would wear in an Edwardian photo. Is this photo at a bad angle or something? And it’s awful with the color and shape of the hair, as others have said.

    •  kissmyang

      I totally agree, babe! That dress would have looked fab on Ms. Hendricks but the bodice gives the illusion of her girls touching her waist. Awwwkward.

    • Bella

      Not alone. I don’t like the fit or the color with her hair – or her hair, for that matter.

    • Caro

      I didn’t like it either–looks like bad vintage. Maybe it’s because I generally find her and her faux-celebrityhood insufferable.

  13. julyol1972

    The ladies outdid themselves in the reds and oranges this year. My favorites are Morena, Sarah, Carla and my girl Kelly. Love the dress and lippie, absolutely don’t mind the hair at all.

    Recently read that Kelly is contractually obligated to keep her hair lavender for the next two years. Per her contract with E online and Fashion Police.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Ohhh, that would make sense, about Kelly’s hair – E! had to have been annoyed when she surprised them with the lavender, so that they had to re-shoot all the credits that had her blonde. The network won’t want to go to that expense again.

    • AnnieB

      That’s a contract, if true and I’m skeptical, that really needs to be broken. Hire a lawyer and get a new color. She looks washed out and haggard with that color and maybe it was edgy and different for the first two weeks now it just looks old and tired

  14. greatwhitenorthchick

    Hamm’s tux was too tight; is he bulking up for a role? Kelly’s hair colour…oy. I predict there will be a celebration on Fashion Police if/when she dyes that out.

  15. Jenz

    I thought Morena Baccarin and Sarah Paulson look awesome, considering how they usually look at these things. Maybe a new stylist? Kelly’s hair .. I’m over the purple but damn, she looked good. Also, maybe it’s the way she was turning in the shots but it looks like Kaley Cuoco’s skirt is twisted sideways.

  16. scone

    How much of an Opposite Day was it on Sunday that Morena Baccarin is one of the best dressed? She looks fantastic.

    Love Kaylee Cuoco’s dress and I don’t even mind the sheer because it’s small and it’s interesting.

    Danielle Brooks – I don’t watch OITNB, so she is new to me, but she looks GREAT.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Brooks is often mugging when in character, so it’s easy to miss, on the show, how very pretty she really is. It sure shows here! And the dress is very flattering.

      Totally agree about Baccarin and Cuoco, too.

  17. Ellie

    I was fully prepared for Morena Baccarin to be awfully dressed as usual but she might actually be my favourite… pregnancy realllllly suits her.

  18. Dileri

    Well done to all the ladies in the slideshow, but what is up with Jon Hamm? His jacket is too tight and the pants are too loose and baggy. I would have loved that with some of the skinnier trousers, but maybe he wants to get away from Mad Men style. Beard is awesome.

  19.  bambi_beth

    Just came to give Kaley Cuoco all the kudos she deserves for sticking the landing. Best. Ever.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes! I was so hoping to see her here – she was in the three minutes or so I caught of the show in between Breaking Bad airings, and she looked SO GOOD. Beautiful dress, flawlessly fitted, the color is perfection on her, and great hair and makeup. Everything went right.

      She’s so relatable and pretty and seems so sweet, I always hope for this kind of a win for her. Well, she had one! Now let’s hope it’s the start of a new trend in Cuoco-ness.

  20. Sandra

    Christine Baranski deserves to be in the FugNation Hall of Fame, right up there with Helen Motherf’ing Mirren, SWINTON, and Carte Blanchett. What should her nickname be?

    Also, it’s too bad that Jon Hamm’s clothes don’t fit him, because I’m loving that he went with the white dinner jacket.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Hmmm… the first word that comes to mind when I think of Baranski is “fabulous,” and I can’t find a way to make that work with her name at all… eh, I’ve got nothin’.

      Definite Hall of Famer though!

      • Kath

        I don’t know; I thought the fabric of Christine’s dress looked a little stiff. Not her best IMO.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      LOL. Helen MF Mirren rules my world.

      C-BAR? Raisethebaranski? X-TINE-BAR? Or, can we French-ify it and just call her La Baranski?

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I am kind of in love with RaiseTheBaranski. ‘Cause she consistently does, yet without being try-hard.

    • aemom

      How about FABranski?

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Oh that’s good too!

        • daphne

          Christine FabRanski did look great – as great as she did when I saw her a month ago in my tiny local hole-in-the-wall burger joint, managing not to soil her perfectly crisp white blouse while enjoying the hell out of a burger and fries, and being incredibly gracious to someone’s out-of-town mom who popped by her table to holler “LOVE The Good Wife!”

  21. BabyAlice

    Am I the only one who read that heading as “Jon Hamm, Jon Hamm’s Beard [colon] Jennifer Westfeldt” and thought, “Well, I’m sure a lot of men WISH he were gay, but calling her his beard seems a bit extreme.”

    • Jane

      It wasn’t just you! I had essentially the same thought when I saw that caption: “Wow, my gaydar is REALLY not working – never saw that one coming!”

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Me three!

  22. Heather S.

    I’m so excited about the return of the Edwardian beard. Don Draper is the opposite of sexy, but Jon Hamm with that lovely beard? Sign me up!

    And the dresses were nice too.

  23. Cat

    Kaley looks so much better than some of her other outings recently– the red is gorgeous, her hair looks nice. Hooray! Morena also looks wonderful– the color and her pregnancy have her glowing. Lovely.

    But basically, all these ladies look really nice.

  24.  HelenBackAgain

    Now that I’ve gushed a lot, a couple of quibbles.

    Gugino’s dress, if she were going to wear it at all (I would have advised not), needed some built-in support. That sheer panel going diagonally over the chest is showing a LOT of fallen boob. Now, boobs fall, and that’s fine, they’re supposed to, but one’s dress shouldn’t be accentuating the fact. I’ve gotta flunk that one.

    Paulson’s dress is really nothing but a sternum window. It doesn’t look comfortable, because no way can she move in it, and it isn’t flattering either. All I can see is that huge open expanse. That’s a designer fail; IMO it wouldn’t work on anyone. A dress that makes your face irrelevant and invisible is not a good dress.

    But the rest all looked great! Lot of wins here.

  25.  jenelope

    Danielle Brooks looks lovely. Taystee! Taystee! Taystee!

  26. AnnieB

    I love the color of Sarah Paulson’s dress but the wide expanse of droppy boobage is just hard to look at. Perhaps if she wore the dress backward it would be a win.

  27. Sara Raju

    I wish kelly osborne would just wake up and realize that her hair color is doing nothing but detracting from her sartorial fabulousness.

  28. Audrey Fredericks

    Dresswise, Kaley rocked it. The color goes with her type beautifully.
    Sophia Vergara: one trick pony. I don’t find it pretty, I find it tacky. 0.3
    Danielle Brooks: best surprise of the night.

  29. anne p.

    Baranski smashing, as basically always. Loved the squared-off back…. and the jewelry, hair & makeup, and carriage were awesome. There was a little bit of weird pucker in the torso fabric, but I refuse to subtract even a fraction of a point (need extreme close-up to see it anyway, so … )

    Gugino just scrumptious. Cannot conscience the little quibbles that may pop up here, because her greatest strength trumps them all: She is a Real. Live. Girl. ;-)

  30. Tiffany

    I love Kaley’s dress. It was one of my favorites of the night. LOVE the color. The shape makes her waist look itty bitty teeny tiny. I also love the detailing on the skirt and the way the skirt moved.

  31. Sophia Loren

    Paulson and Baccarin look amazing.

  32. Evangeline

    Love Carla Gugino’s dress, and Morena Baccarin’s. Also really like Danielle Brooks’ dress and Christine Baranski’s. Don’t like Kelly’s – she looks odd to me.

  33. HKS

    I’ve never seen them look so gorgeous as they did that night. I’ve never seen them shine so bright. They were amazing.

    Never has that song been so apt as it is now.

  34. tigers4us

    If Sarah Paulson is cranky, it’s probably because she won’t be home in time to watch “Breaking Bad”. All the ladies in red looked great!

  35. Lee-Lee

    I would really love to know if the”rumor” about Kelly’s hair contract is true. It doesn’t really make much sense given that it’s a fashion/trend oriented show. Why on earth would they care if she changed her hair color every week??!! G. Rancic has really changed her hair up so I don’t think the opening credits are an issue. A show like that should be all about change, IMO.

  36. Lily1214

    I like watching Christine act. She’s beautiful in this gown and color.

  37. b

    I dunno, FugGirls, I am not feeling it with most of these red dresses.
    - Baranski is a dish and is pulling it off, but the fit is awful – bunchy, gappy, and too long.
    - Westfeldt – Her hair color is awful, and it totally clashes with the dress.
    - Brooks – Nice color but needs to go up a size
    - Paulson – Agree with others, the sternum window is just too prominent and detracts from the whole look. Her makeup I think went heavy to counter that, but it comes off as too dark, too much, and it ages her. Somehow her skin is too much but the dress is still wearing her. Bitch face doesn’t help.
    - Vergara – looks great, but too much boob. I just see that and not the dress, or her.
    Roberts – No strong feelings, except NAB.
    - Gugino – OMG doesn’t age. She looks amazing, effortless-looking styling, she is wearing the dress, not vice versa.
    - Cuoco – Ditto.
    - Baccarin – Stunning!
    - Osborne – I can’t stand this, and I have no idea why. Pretty face though.