Emmys Fug Carpet: Julianna Margulies

Listen: we love the Marg. Sincerely. She is gorgeous, she’s great on The Good Wife, she’s friends with Clooney, she has a dreamy husband (who is younger than she is), she seems like a smart, fun lady. We want the best for her.  We got this:

I just can’t. I love you, Julianna, and I think you’re beautiful, and I just can’t. At some angles, this bodice looked like it was pocked with holes — as though it were made out of Swiss cheese, or constructed from the surface of the moon. At others, it looked like she’d been caught in a hailstorm. Someone on Twitter told us that she owned a shower curtain that looked just like it.  And while I like cheese — oh so much — I don’t particularly want to wear it, especially to a night where I might get to hug Kyle Chandler. Will no one think of these things?

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  1. Gina

    My first thought on seeing a picture of her from the Emmy’s was “Naya Rivera looks different”. I’m not sure if this is a good thing for Julianna…

  2. JG

    I thought she looked all sleek and amazing, but I am a minimalist kind of gal.

  3. Amanda

    I practically ran to my computer this morning to see this get Fug’d. It was awful! I let out a gasp when I saw her walk out on stage last night.

  4. AP

    She is absolutely gorgeous and a great actress, but the bodice of her dress reminded me of one of those big plastic collars they put on dogs at the vet’s office.

  5. Chasmosaur

    Honestly? I thought if Cate Blanchett has been wearing this, everyone would have gasped about how fashion forward she is.

    This is a dress for someone who takes more fashion risks.

  6. MaryK

    I’m not loving the clunky straps on those shoes.

  7. amys

    That she can pull off radiant in this particularly strange dress is a testament to her awesomeness. Love her; detest the dress. Not a fan of her shoes either. Sigh.

  8. AndersonicTK421

    @Chasmosaur – agreed, though likely still fugged
    @ MaryK – totally agreed

  9. Louise

    She looks pretty. I’m not wild about the dress. I’m trying not to dislike her because she beat out my Connie Britton. That was not fair, y’all.

  10. LoriK

    I like the skirt, but not the bodice. I wonder if the weird things stuck to it, which looked like holes on TV, might have looked better in person? Maybe? Nothing can save those shoes though.

  11. Daffodil

    I really thought she looked like the Guggenheim.

  12. Lindy

    It’s not so much the crystals on the dress that I object to, but that the dress eats her waist in a major way. In pictures where she’s facing the camera, she looks so straight up and down. It’s just a really sad dress AND the color’s all wrong for her.

  13. AMS

    @Daffodil: Yes! I was trying to figure out what this reminded me of. . . and I have to say, I really like it. I love the way the crystals(?) shimmer under the stage lights and agree with @amys that she looks radiant.

  14. TaraMisu

    I was so on the fence about this dress…. satin and weird crystals. I’m going to say no to this and a BIG no to those shoes. She is a gorgeous woman and her hubby….. *sigh*

  15. Chasmosaur


    It wouldn’t have been fugged, it would have been Cate Blanchett-ly Played. In other words – works for her, but not on mere mortals ;)

  16. VicksieDo

    I think this is a gorgeous, fashion forward dress. She is amazing~!

  17. Astrid I.

    I think the hair, make-up and poise saved the dress. It looks great to me and isn’t particularly offensive, giant plastic gem or otherwise — it is definitely something different than the boring red outfits on the Emmy red carpet.

  18. Lina

    I really like the bodice. It’s interesting and completely unexpected in a good way. But I hate the shoes and the way the dress’ heavy side seams hang, almost like she’s wearing a duvet around her lower half. Not what I would expect from an Armani. But dress aside, she looks great.

  19. Liz985

    I actually like that structured look. And the color was fantastic on her. She’s a “Winter” (ah, the days of “Color me Beautiful”!) and the white really was striking and different.

  20. Jodi

    My 4 year-old daughter said she liked the bottom but the top “looked like bubble wrap” ….

  21. Willow

    she looks like a cheesegrater.

  22. jaly

    It was too tight across the hips (her hip bone seemed to be straining through the fabric), and too long. No one can pull off a dress this unusual if it’s not fitted properly.

  23. Lindsay-Jean

    My husband thought it looked like she glued iced cubes on herself, and couldn’t wait to hear what you said about it today!

  24. RosieB

    I immediately thought it was a rejected Star Trek costume.

  25. Bex

    She couldn’t walk in it. Almost tripped going up the steps to the stage. It just looked uncomfortable, like a bandage cinched around her boobs, and those plastic globs on the bodice were too funny!

  26. KD

    At first sight, I didn’t like it at all, but it has grown on me. I think she carries herself well and that helps a lot. I do think it was a shock for people to see HER in it. I would have liked it a lot more if those bubble things were not on it. I don’t like the shoes, but I get the need to at least have comfortable shoes when wearing such an uncomfortable dress.

    I’ve seen online criticism of Julianna for wearing white. Hey, both times she has won an Emmy, she has worn white. I’m not mad at her. Whatever works. She deserved that Emmy.

  27. Leah

    Gee…I really like it.

  28. anonymoose

    dress is gorg, minus the bodice circles/ice cubes. but those shoes! GAHHH! no no no no nooooooo. not with this dress, not on her, not on anyone.

  29. anonymoose

    love the expression on her face. shall we caption it?

  30. maryse

    when i first saw her on stage, i thought she was a total fab and then i saw those plastic glass globe things and yeah, i kind of didn’t care for those. she sure is pretty though.

  31. Sandra

    If you’re not actually on the way down the aisle to say your vows, white satin is probably not a good choice.

  32. elle

    The minute she walked on stage, my husband and I said, in perfect unison, “The Jetsons!”

  33. Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    She looks like a Dalek from the waist up.

  34. Aria

    I think it looks better in this picture than when I was watching her/it on tv last night — the “ice cubes” were totally distracting.

  35. guest72

    ..loved this dress. I liked the smoothness of the bottom compared to what looked like a ribbed top, I wondered if the top had holes or stones, and I loved the structure. The dress captured your attention in ways the other dresses just failed to do. And I do agree, if Blanchette had worn this, we would all be fawning over it.
    *shoes were too heavy, I agree.

  36. Victoria

    I kinda like this on her. My only complaint is that it’s white.

  37. Anne B

    @Willow, YES. Giant cheese grater.

    COLOR. (what IS that?? “bleached titanium”?)
    HEM. (does it not even have a kick pleat?)
    SHOES. (somebody else’s for sure, check how big they are)
    CUT. (that bodice wouldn’t even look good on a buxom teenager)

    I can’t believe that, on the very night our Miss Margulies was more assured of a win that at any other time in her life, her stylist let her go out dressed as a huge household appliance. With her fair skin and features, this was not fair at all.

    This was the time for a dress that let her shine. Oh my God, FUG.

  38. Sean Jungian

    All right, we get it, HER HUSBAND IS YOUNGER THAN HER. Let’s move on, okay? Does it have to be brought up in every post about her?

  39. Jessica

    …I think it’s just awesome when ladies are married to hot young dudes. It’s unusual in Hollywood.

  40. Kara

    @Louise: I was pulling HARD for Connie Britton, because Tami Taylor is both someone I would like to be and someone I would like to be friends with, but Margulies was a tolerable win for me. The Good Wife is good, and she is good in it.

    The dress? Hated it. The whatevers on the bodice look sloppily applied and amateurish. And what ARE they? Crystals? They look cheap.

  41. Erin

    I was watching some of the backstage stuff online last night, and I saw a full-on side shot of J.Marg waiting to step on stage. That top stuck out from her body like a full five inches. I don’ t know how she was keeping herself decent.

  42. Jacquilynne

    I saw that dress during the show and assume her real dress was exterminated by a Dalek and this was her revenge.

  43. that girl

    When I was going through an arty phase I hot-glued glass decorating beads to my kitchen cabinets (you know the ones you put in the bottom of a vase)?

    I’m pretty sure her bodice is sporting a bigger version of the same thing.

  44. vandalfan

    Total Dalek (and I pity the non-Dr. Who fans who don’t get the reference). Or, the cement catch- basin for a septic tank.

  45. Jennifer

    Hair and makeup, gorge. Bodice, looks like a Bed Bath and Beyond bathroom set. This being the trash can! Sorry Juli!

  46. witjunkie

    I would’ve liked this if the top didn’t seem like it was made of hard plastic. She looked like my Bath & Bodyworks plugin air freshener.

  47. Karen

    I loved it. I could tell right away that those were big glass ovals on her dress. It reminded me of Man Ray’s famous “Glass Tears” photograph:

    I didn’t like the shape of the bodice at first (my first glance was a profile shot), because it seemed to stand out from her body oddly, but it moved well with her.

    I just thought she was beautiful. And the dress was unusual and interesting and artsy. And if anyone can pull that off, it’s La Margulies.

  48. kbg

    I thought the bodice looked like a salad bowl. All my friends thought it looked like a salad bowl. We couldn’t stop thinking about the salad bowl. I have seen the other comments and they are really overthinking the salad bowl.

  49. Jill

    Hated everything about it – from the color to the weird, hard-looking bodice (never mind the design) to the hair. She is usually stunning and this was a huge miss for her.

  50. Deborah

    As Chasmosaur said up-thread: this is a dress for someone used to taking fashion risks, and Cate Blanchett would have pwned in this gown. I love La Margulies in rich tones with her hair in natural curl.

  51. ceecee

    It makes her look completely flat-chested. Which is refreshing after having other actresses’ boobs served up on a platter but was probably not the look she was going for.

  52. Billie

    I love it – very sleek and modern. She looks fantastic.

  53. Sophia Loren

    Dress, cool. Shoes, fug.

  54. Megan

    She rarely has good fashion sense. I tried hard to like this, I really did, and the color is lovely with her skin tone, but the bodice applique or whatever the hell those disc things are supposed to be just kills it. But forget the dress, GRANNY, WHAT ARE THOSE SHOES??? Jesus I’m surprised she’s not wearing hose with them like an 80 year old would do, they’re HIDEOUS!

  55. Arolem

    I loved it. Loved the Renaissance flat-front bodice and the Dalek crystal eyes and the stark white. She looked ravishing.

  56. Squirrel!

    I think the post for this dress should have been a Fug or Fab, with no “meh” option — it’s very divisive! I would be in the Fab minority.

    Anne B: “bleached titanium” is a pretty good description of this silvery white shade!

  57. tuttle88

    Didn’t she wear a dress that looked like a sheet somewhere? The fug girls pointed out (rightly) that if they had her husband they’d want to be reminded about bed constantly too. Maybe they also like doing it in the shower, hence the desire to wear a shower curtain.

  58. Sajorina

    FUGLY!!! I’m obviously not as enamored with Julianna as you are… Actually, I don’t care for her, but she has looked great before, so WTF?

  59. Matilda

    I was amazed how well she could walk in this dress.

  60. nyouge
  61. Kitty

    In one of her red carpet interviews she said that she found this Armani dress at the very last minute (like at midnight on Saturday). And I’m having a hard time imagining how bad the other dress choices had to be for her to go with this.
    I also HATED her hair. Seriously, why does her hair so often look like a wig?

  62. Cee Cee

    Ok, I hate the dress too, but how could you not mention the shoes?! It’s like Nina Satin Bridal “Dyables” & Orthotics love child. GAH.

  63. Tania

    All I could think was that the crystals looked like blisters.

  64. angela

    hated hated hated this dress. hate hate hated the upsidedown lampshade from the 60s effect. and i’m married to someone 10 years younger and it’s works. Oh yeah.