Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Zooey Deschanel


I call these photos collectively Exhibit B in my theory that Zooey Deschanel is bored of herself and really wishes she could magically insert herself into, say, Sons of Anarchy instead.

Does the Emmy gown work for you?

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  1. ortenzia

    i think her and i are the same age and we both have a hipster-love… so i say this as someone “qualified” — THERE COMES A POINT WHERE IT’S BETTER TO ACTUALLY NOT LOOK LIKE A FAIRY PRINCESS.

  2. Big Noise

    Her bangs distract me — girl, GET THEM OUT OF YOUR FACE. Ahem, sorry to get all capsy. And the dress is a bit twee, also. And there’s too much bare acreage between her tracts of land and her neck. I’ll pass.

    • jjdaddyo

      It looks like her bangs are slowly swallowing her head…

      • Emma

        I know. I love bangs, but I hate Zooey’s. They’re too thick and unkempt and long, and I hate the longer bits at the side. It makes her bangs look droopy. By contrast, I love Hannah Simone’s neat little bangs.

        • yeahandalso

          the whole thing has got to be a wig right? I mean look at her earlier movies, The Good Girl or Elf or the hilariously bad Abandon (with Kaite Holmes and Charlie Hunnam!) there is no way this is her real hair, either a ton of extensions in the back or just a complete wig.

  3. squeakywheel

    At some point, she will have to sigh deeply, cry a little, and accept the fact that she is, in fact, an adult woman. I can’t wait!

  4. qwertygirl

    If you had handed me these four pictures and asked me who it was, “Zooey Deschanel” is not the first name that would have spilled forth from my lips. I don’t know who I would have said it was, but she just doesn’t look like herself to me in any of these. Not even the last one (and, I must confess paranthetically, I am also a fan of tighs and tights weather and I am wearing them today but it’s 20 degrees cooler where I am than it is in Southern California). Maybe it’s just me.

  5. tarasaurusrex


    I honestly feel like the only person in the world who is sick of her. I’m just not a fan of her particular aesthetic AND from what I understand she has an awful personality off-camera. She can take her superfluous “o” and go away. MEHHH.

    • Breda

      Heh. Salinger would disagree about the “o.”

      • tarasaurusrex

        I just can’t help but say “ZOO-ey” as in a zoo where animals are kept. It’s pretty bad.

        • Julie

          Me too. I physically cannot say ‘Zoe’ when I see her name.

          (That is how you say it, right?)

          I don’t mind her or her dress though.

    • Christian

      She’s a diva? Details plz!!! I do like this dress, it looks like it moves well and the color combined with her lipstick is lovely. I can’t believe she didn’t wear a necklace.

    • Christine

      Ooh ooh, me too ME TOO! Loved her for a good long while, before she became the “New Girl”. She was amazing in the movie The Good Girl! But I hate her new show and i’m over her act and she irritates the bejesus out of me. WHY is there so much space between the boobs on this dress?? I don’t get it. Hair is bad too. It sucks Zooey, but we all have to grow up eventually! And it can actually be kind of fun and even… freeing once you finally accept it and just roll with it. She’ll always be beautiful, she just need to let her style grow up too.
      And yes, I always pronounce it ZOO-ey too, can’t help it.

    • me

      You are not alone! I want to punch her and all her annoying tweeeeeeeness and her annoying wide eyed doe-ness and her annoying faux quirkiness, into outer space! Grrr….! Okay…not punch…but this woman always manages to get this extreme reaction from me…can’t stand her whole act.

  6. Kristen from MA

    The ‘cute girl’ schtick gets old. And she really, really needs some jewelry.

  7. jen

    Colour is STUNNING

  8. Lisa

    I want my grandmother to run her nicotine-stained fingernail right up her back. STAND UP STRAIGHT DAMN GIRL.

  9. S

    See, this slide show just REALLY makes me wish she were wearing the hell out of something uber-sexy, complete with mega-bling and bitchface. She looks sort of tired and/or over it, and I would so much rather she just own that shit. Do it, Deschanel! Doooo eet.

  10. Caroline

    I still really like her but (1) her bangs are dirty in that third pic (bang cleanliness is the most important aspect of bang maintenance in my experience) and look pretty terrible, and (2) I have a theory about her and the tights – she is obviously extremely gorgeous and genetically blessed times a thousand, but I’ve seen pics of her knees, and … they are not the greatest ever. I think the tights obsession is really just an off-shoot of a very wise, body-conscious decision to hide her knees the majority of the time.

    • angelwhip

      I think you must be right. I was starting to think that she hates her legs, but this makes sense.

  11. Alma

    I kind of agree about the tights/knee theory. I have knees like her….and I try to distract from them at all times.

    • pantsonfire

      What makes a knee undesirable? I must know! I had no idea this was a thing! I am being 100% sincere and thank you and Caroline for educating me because I seriously could. not. understand why she kept wearing tights when it was so visually jarring and seasonally inappropriate.

      My only comment to this dress was how grateful I was to not see her in another pair of tights.

      P.S. I hope I have the good kind of knees. /crosses fingers

  12. vandalfan

    Add a few cup sizes and the blue cotton candy dress would be fine. I think the second look suits her perfectly.

  13. bex

    bad knees? that’s a thing?!!? that’s something i have to worry about!?

    • Cassandra

      For the love of god, no! You do not have to worry about your knees! And for real guys, shame on you for even bringing that up. She may be self conscious about her legs, but that doesn’t mean you have to look at pictures and then say “yep those are terrible”. If you don’t like a physical aspect of somebody, shut up about it. It isn’t helpful and nobody asked you. Quit bringing people down. Your body is your body and it is great. There’s no wrong way to have one.

      • pantsonfire

        I can’t speak for Bex, but I was joking in my comment. True, I had no idea people assessed the attractiveness of knees and was really curious about what people were talking about, but I have never given a thought to my knees or anyone else’s. So while I sincerely wanted to know what people were talking about, I was not sincere in my desire for “good knees.” A little bit of goofy sarcasm there. And I confess that if anyone had directly responded, I probably would have disagreed with the factors they identified in assessing the beauty of knees. But I appreciate and agree with the sentiment behind your comment.

  14. Bella

    I would love the blue dress if the breast cups were a size or two larger. It’s really pretty and the color is beautiful on her.

    • M

      Yes, there are positives. But if CH needs a better fit, so does Zooey.

      PS. Max Greenfield was ROBBED! ROBBED I TELL YOU!

  15. Laura

    Damn, why isn’t there a “like” on here? Bex: I know, right? I think Z has an obsession with her legs–my guess is she hates them for some reason. I don’t recall ever seeing them uncovered and saying “Oh my GOD! Look at her crazy legs!” Maybe she has calf cellulite. Maybe she has insane cankles. Maybe her knees look like broken doorknobs. Maybe she has what my friend claims to have: fat knees. This whole twee, heavy bang thing is tired. I don’t hate her (maybe because of her frequent proximity to Joseph Gordon Levitt) but I am tired of her “look”. Wear something interesting, girl.

  16. Megan

    She had the perfect opportunity to not go “in character” last night, and she blew it.

  17. Goober

    YES! The knee problem…i’ve noticed it. I know she is a skinny lady, but for some reason when she’s without tights i’m confused why she looks stumpy and like she has bigger legs than i pictured (she does not have big legs at ALL, nor would the legs i’m talking about be considered big either, but you know…from what i picture on her body? Sense am I making?)

  18. kim

    zooey disneyel.

  19. EricD
  20. TaraMisu

    Haha I call her ZOO-ey too!

    The color of the dress is beautiful, but I’m just not feeling the style or cut of it. Meh. And she looks SO put out to be there.

    • Erin

      Yes! She seemed a bit prickly on the red carpet. Maybe it was having to wrangle all of that dress.

  21. Chelsea

    I actually have no problem with the tulle; I think it’s kinda pretty. But I detest the bodice. It is doing unforgivable things to her boobs. Just no.

  22. anny

    Not a fan of the red-carpet hair; it’s oddly cloche-like. Toque-like, even.

    It’s like Zooey is a paper doll, and the hair-piece and the dress-piece both slid down.

  23. mepe

    She looks gorgeous! The color suits her well, the skirt is so interesting with the cut-flower layer under the sheer tulle and she’s really working the bright pink lip. I do agree that the bodice needs to be pulled up a bit and a necklace or bracelet might have been a nice touch. But overall this is well played!

  24. Gina

    I was a fan Zooey for a long time but lately I’m just not that into her. I hate her show and while I do appreciate her style, I wish she would change it up a bit. This dress is a little too low but the color is very pretty. I’m ready to move on.

  25. M.Amanda

    I feel like this is the same thing we see all the time. It only works part of the time. That part is getting smaller and smaller.

  26. Gracie

    I actually love the color on this dress and the cut seems kind of cool in some of the pics. Maybe if she had pulled her hair into a sleek high ponytail and had some bold jewelry (yellow gems/diamonds?) this might even out the romantic feel of it and look rocking. As it w/ her blah hair, it looks not complete.

    I used to be so annoyed w/ her but new girl is really cute! Her wide-eyed innocent schtick actually works on the show.

  27. Squirrel!

    I quite like this dress for the most part. Something about the bodice bothers me a tad — not quite enough coverage? too low? — but the color is lovely on her. Lipstick is great; hair is… too much. A cloche hat, yes! As for the last picture, that young woman is really cute, but I wouldn’t recognize her as Zooey!

    Bad knees: I have them. The tops of my legs are heavier than the bottoms — genetics! — so there’s a crease just above my knee. I have little patches of fat on my kneecaps as well. Sounds worse than it looks, and I’m probably the only person who would look at my knees so critically, but that’s one of the reasons I’m self-conscious about my legs, too.

    • Rebecca

      I have the same exact problem with my knees! I’m sure no one else ever notices it about them, but I can’t stand them. It’s crazy, but I’m jealous of people’s bony, small knees..haha such a strange thing to say but it’s true.

      I like Zooey a lot and I do really like this dress, I just wish the top fit her better and was hiked up a bit more. And add a necklace. LOVE her lipstick on her.

  28. Squirrel!

    P.S. The second dress is undeniably cute, but the butterflies may make it a bit young for her. But the tights work with with this look! I live in the northeastern U.S., and I love to wear tights with above-the-knee skirts/dresses. Also: ugly knees (see above).

  29. km199

    Posture, Zooey! Posture!

  30. Guerra

    It’s really just boring..

  31. Jen S. 2.0

    Unlike so many other dresses, I like this from the waist down, loathe it from the waist up. When I turned to the Emmys, she happened to be presenting, and all I saw for a good 5 seconds — before I even registered who she was — was the weird lumpy square this makes of her torso. The boob spacing is bizarre and the top doesn’t fit (and her poor posture also did her no favors). I also wish it were darker or lighter instead of Cinderella blue.

    But the bottom is pretty.

    • Tamburlaine

      Yes, I agree totally with this (though I think the colour is really pretty on her).

  32. Emma

    I think the dress is pretty, but I am SO OVER the skimpy strapless bodice look. This needs yanking up a good couple of inches. Strapless dresses need to fit really well in order to stay up and not look trashy, but few people ever get this right. She’s just revealing way too much cleavage to be elegant.

  33. Leigh

    When I first saw her in 500 Days of Summer, I pretty much fell in love with her character. Then I watched other films of hers and realised SHE DOESN’T ACTUALLY ACT. She just plays herself in everything. Now I’m over it, and still harbour a little resentment towards her for the time I copyed her haircut and ended up looking like Meatloaf with a fringe while she looks so great.

  34. Jeanette

    Do you remember how Cameron Diaz once teamed turquoise jewelery with a raspberry coloured dress. Well Zooey should do the reverse and have a necklace or earings in that raspberry colour (like her lipstick) to go with the ice blue.

    Also Zooey please cut your fringe/bangs. A someone with a cowlick and thick sometimes unruly wavy hair I feel the pain of a bad ‘do’.

  35. Katie M.

    I think that Tom and Lorenzo summed up this look best: “Hipster Snow White”

  36. Helen

    Weirdly, I think the problem is that it’s too Zooey Deschanel.

    Time for her to start changing things up from “quirky,” and go a little more sophisticated.

  37. NinaTR

    It’s divine, end of story. What’s with all the ‘dressing like you’re thirty’ comments? This look is classic and timeless. No one would have ever taken Grace Kelly to task about her look. If anything, she’s channeling the sophisticated 50′s and 60′s. if I had the money, I’d copy her wardrobe from top to bottom!

  38. Jennie-Suz

    I really liked the dress, even if it is a tad predictable for Zooey. My problem with it – and MANY a dress at the Emmy’s – was that it looked to be seconds away from releasing the hounds, so to speak.

    So, for me, it was soo close.