Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Dianna Agron


Before I show you what Dianna Agron wore to the Emmys, let’s take a look at her from last time we saw her.

There is hot messitude at work. It looks like she went surfing, then burned her hair in the toaster oven. So I’m pleased to say that this part, at least, improved on Sunday:

Suddenly she looks a lot like Elizabeth Banks, which is neither here nor there, since it’s not like Elizabeth Banks is a hideous she-beast to whom you should never compare anyone but your worst mortal enemy. But, she is at least cleaner. What of this dress, though? It gives her a case of Reversocranialism, which is a word I just invented for when your head seems to be on backward and suddenly your boobs look like your shoulder blades. And when we back out…

… the draping seems less romantic and more just like a crinkly mess that can’t decide how to negotiate the terrain. I will say this, though: I am shocked — shocked! — that Agron was not among the masses who wore nude-colored princessy gowns, so the mere fact that she’s in a bright hue is kind of the answer to our repeated banshee calls for boldness. Can I get behind this execution of it? I’m not sure. Probably not. I need you guys to either pull me back from the ledge, or shove me off it. Although in that scenario, if you agree with me, then I’m dead, so… perhaps I need a new metaphor.

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  1. Carolina Girl

    Why do these women insist upon wearing satin to red carpet events?!?! Don’t they know that, unless they manage to rent a bus and stand all the way to the venue, it’s going to be a wrinkly, crinkly mess when they get there??

  2. Willow

    it photographs a lot better than it looked on the TV, I quite like it, I’d prefer more of a plunging neckline though

  3. CH

    Her hair and makeup are divine, but her unironed dress bothers me. It’s like she and Katie Holmes got together for a competition to see who could mess blue up more.

  4. Mary

    Satin + Sitting + SATAN.

    Nobody in the history of time and fashion has made satin work for any female body other than a bride who gets cocooned in it 2 seconds before she walks down the aisle. NEVER.

  5. Leanne

    I like the before, toaster-oven hair.

  6. Caitlin

    This is a dress for Dianna Agron’s grandmother, I’m afraid. Not for her mother, for her grandmother. It’s just so matronly.

  7. marshmallory

    I love the color and I actually kind of like the top of the dress, but the bottom looks baggy and crinkly and just messy. Her hair looks like a grandma’s.

  8. Kris M

    I like this! It’s not perfect, for example, I think a slightly lower neckline would have been more flattering, but the colour is so pretty and so is she. And I can get over lap wrinkles more so than the rest of the readers I guess…

  9. Kat

    Maybe she’s making a play for Meryl Streep’s role in a remake of Death Becomes Her?

  10. Chasmosaur

    To be fair on the “before” hair, if you look at the Glee promos, it looks like they messed with her hair for the show. If they intentionally fried it, it must have been hard to deal with.

    As for the Emmy dress? Loved the color on her, but too, too old.

  11. Kaitlyn in Bookland

    I’m still iffy on the dress, but the color looks amazing on her. She is such a pretty girl!

  12. Sara

    The color is exquisite…. the cut is tragic.

  13. A.J.

    I am just attracted to TARDIS blue things, so I love this.

  14. crimsongoat

    That hair is really bad. Too much going on – blah highlights, roots and I don’t know what/who chewed off the ends.

  15. The Other Molly

    Why do celebrity women, who make oodles and oodles of money,
    refuse to get their roots done?
    I just don’t get it.

  16. Chris

    If ever there was an argument for “the evils of satin” tag, this is it.

    That said, props for bright colors and doing her hair. Admittedly, if it were SWINTON doing reversocranium, we’d be all over this like Heather on a ham sandwich, because SWINTON. On the other hand, the fabric itself is diabolical, and AGRON (the only time I will refer to her as such) is most definitely NOT SWINTON.

  17. Arolem

    Heather, I’m afraid you’re going to have to jump, but never fear! Your loyal fugistas will be here below to catch you.

    The hair and makeup and the blue are all lovely. I don’t mind the lap-wrinkles so much (although Mary, “Satin + Sitting + SATAN:–I adore you) but the draping effect is for a much softer fabric. Please take the designer out and flog him/her. It looks like her dress didn’t arrive, and a frantic stylist grabbed a satin bedsheet up and stapled it together behind her neck, and screamed, “Go! Go! Go!”

  18. Lisa

    I wasn’t crazy about this dress until I saw the back — not that that made me crazy about it, but the fact that it’s essentially backless with a tie holding it on her made it more bearable.

  19. maryse

    i think this dress is too old for her.

  20. cc

    She looks like someone misted glitter frosting between her boobs.

  21. :paula

    This girl looks like completely different people depending on how she does her eye makeup. Up top she looks like Reese Witherspoon playing the lead in Smile When You’re Miley: The Miley Cyrus Story; down the bottom, you’re right, she’s a minor Banks.

  22. sandra

    Ugghh. The color is straight up fabulous. The fabric, shape, and fit look like the walk of shame on the morning after the prom.

  23. Shannon W.

    I’m confused. Were all of the Glee women told not to look too pretty, sexy, or successful. If so, way to take one (or in the case of Diana, Lea & Heather 3) for the team. This is my all time favourite colour for absolutely anything. And I think Diana is a stunning woman. And yet I am left completely Meh.

  24. Chelsea

    I voted for this is amazing, which I mean, with the exception of the wrinkly-ness. That’s not cool. The rest I love!

  25. Jess

    The Reversocranialism is reaaaaallly freaking me out! Her head really does look like it’s on backwards. eek.

  26. vandalfan

    Color! Very yes. If the sleeve-strap-shoulder area was adjusted to fit better, and drape draped down more in front for a better neckline, it’s a winner. I can forgive the vicissitudes of satin in this deployment. But roots, very no.

  27. Tara Misu

    Amazing color, UUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH to satin! I hate the wrinkly creases at the lap area. Not sure I like her hair either, but it’s better than the toaster oven hair from the previous picture. Yikes.

  28. Sajorina

    I love everything from the waist UP, but nothing works for me from the waist DOWN! The hair is pretty, the makeup is beautiful, the color of the dress is great and her earrings make her green eyes pop! So close…

  29. ortenzia

    She better find herself quick because it does seem like she’s doing a stint as every pretty blonde already in Hollywood…

    The whole dress makes me curious abut the back but the color is amazing… that’s colorwheel blue in all its perfection.

  30. Angela Brown

    I think the looks totally cute in that first picture! Sure, the hair is a little messy, but it kind of gives her a casual, beachy vibe that plays nicely with the absolutely gorgeous makeup. Wow, the eye makeup in that first picture is super sexy – trying to figure out right now how to replicate it.

  31. Leone

    The color is great but the dress itself isn’t doing her any favors. Between the dress and the hair I think it looks too mature for someone so young and pretty.

  32. LibraryChick

    It’s an ugly bridesmaid dress, but at least the color is pretty. Roots or not, the hair is an improvement. For those who were asking why someone would not get roots done, I have read about some stylists who say darker roots can be used (on occasion) to help create the illusion of more lift or dimension. I don’t really know. Having walnut brown (nearly black) hair means the only roots in my future will be gray, and I doubt they will be helpful for much of anything if I ever decide to color my hair.

  33. Emma

    Dianna Agron looks SO AWESOME as Quinn, the perky, peaches-and-cream, naturally blond cheerleader. I think she needs to accept that she’s at her best when she’s exactly that, and stop trying to be edgy.

    Everything I just said also applies to Hayden Panettiere.

  34. Jules

    I’m old fashioned and love royal blue satin, and so happy to see so much of it everywhere!
    If I was the star I’d say, “Sure, it’s crinkly but WHO put those wrinkles in it? Me.”
    I mean, it’s not like they’re going to wear it again…

  35. Kara

    The colour’s lovely but it’s a terrible unshapely wrinkly mess.

  36. elle

    This was a delightful 50′s cocktail look until it was ruined by that ridiculous train. I am so tired of the excessive fabric dragging across the ground trend because it says things about our society that are just not true. We don’t have resources to trash for effect, we aren’t fashion victims. This silhouette would have been trim and dramatic as a column. And Diane A is just so cute.

  37. Squirrel!

    Chris: Yes, whatever happened to the Fug category “The Evils of Satin”?

    Lovely blue, but I think it’s actually too bright for her delicate coloring. Style = no.

  38. Robertina

    She looks sooooooooooooo old!!! and boring, Jane Linch shold be wearing this… (not that she is boring -at all!- but it would be age apropiate!)
    And yes.. the reversocranialism… awful!

  39. Sarah

    I was thinking about it, and I think that the reason she looks so much like Elizabeth Banks in this shot is because her eye make-up is done just like Elizabeth Banks always has hers done.