Emmy Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Sasha Alexander


Unfortunately for Sasha, half the problem here is the backdrop.

And the carpet. I mean, HBO did about everything it could to make sure it would grab you by the throat and shake you and maybe choke you a little until you start to hallucinate that they are your one and only network. So it’s very, very hard to tell whether I like Sasha’s dress. All I can see is that HBO it is flowery HBO fronds and blossoms HBO explosions unflattering HBO pinwheel HBO bubbles with the HBO migraine skirt.

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Comments (23):

  1. Penny

    too many loud prints on what looks like polyester this season. Exhibit A: Kelly Osborne http://gofugyourself.com/fugshion-police-2-08-2011; Exhibit B: Keira Knightley http://gofugyourself.com/fug-or-fab-keira-knightley-2-09-2011/a-dangerous-method-photocall-68th-venice-film-festival, Exhibit C above.

  2. The Other Molly

    I’m so glad I don’t pay for HBO.
    Their background and carpet are revolting.

  3. yeahandalso

    She was my third favorite Witter after Pacey and Jayne Lynch (who was totally Pacey’s mom)

    I like the dress, would like it see it on a different background to be 100% sure

  4. Sajorina

    I don’t like the dress… it doesn’t fit her well! But, her hair and makeup are beautiful and flawless! She is so pretty that this is missed opportunity!

  5. Annie E

    I think the dress itself is beautiful but it doesn’t fit her. Bummer.

  6. JillB

    This is reminescent of Grace Gummer’s outfit. In fact, I thought this young lady must be a spawn of Streep as well.

  7. Anne B


    I feel like somebody Michael Bay-ed me to death. :(

  8. Katharine

    The background is so insanely psychedelic that anyone entering its orbit will be sucked into a wormhole – is this HBO’s version of a test pattern?

  9. Lina

    Her hair looks fantastic. The dress is…a little twee around the shoulders, maybe? The cap sleeves with a crew neck look so juvenile, which she totally isn’t. I don’t hate the print, but I think it might be better suited to separates or a cocktail dress instead of something so very long.

  10. Miranda

    I actually like it.

  11. Rose

    Curious to know what you ladies thought of Lena Headey’s dress. . .

  12. bams

    She looks like a can of red bull

  13. Mongerel

    I’m used to “tuning out” busy backdrops in these kind of photos by now, so the HBO stuff doesn’t really bother me. This dress is unattractive all on its own merits, starting with: It looks like she had to wade through knee-deep water to get here.

  14. yvetterene

    LMBO @bams!!!! I can’t really tell if I like the dress or not. I can’t focus on it long enough to tell. My eyes keep darting all over this picture because there is SO much going on.

  15. Robb

    Shorten it.

  16. Susu Paris Chic

    All the essential colors are there!
    Susu Paris Chic

  17. Megan

    Same colors as a can of Red Bull- I’m getting cross-promotion syndrome. Watch HBO!!! Drink Red Bull!!!

  18. PM

    I actually like the dress. And well, the hair and make up is flawless. Stupid HBO though, is making my eyes bleed. It’s a red carpet, not a night club’s wall for God’s sake!

  19. vandalfan

    It could fit her better, wider and shorter in the bust., but I love the color and sheen. And hat’s off to the test pattern comment. Kids these days don’t remember how, after Johnny Carson said goodnight, the TV stations would play the National Anthem and show a cheesy clip of the US Flag for three minutes, then go off the air until the Farm Report at 5 am.

  20. Paul

    The dress is okay but she is stunning. Kinda makes you disregard the loudness of the backdrop and just focus on her face.

  21. KK

    This should be an unfug it up. I like the print, but I think the dress would be 100% better if it were either (a) shortened or (b) sleeveless, with a belt or something. So nice to see Sasha though! Don’t see a lot of her on the carpet.

  22. Anna

    @bams (“She looks like a can of red bull”)


  23. Esmee

    The backdrop & carpet (not least because of the colours!) make it look like this is a pic (and therefore also: dress) from the 70s.