Emmy Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Kerry Washington


By all accounts, I should love this dress. But I’m just not feeling it:

It’s pretty, it’s flattering, it’s shimmery, it’s ghknya552@$%36yewhsshrkjmzlfdo45eiyhpojnkjv.

Sorry, I just fell asleep on my keyboard. It’s not even that I think the dress itself is boring, it’s that I am bored BY it. I admit to not being the most tremendous fan of Kerry Washington’s in general. I like Scandal well enough, but I also spent a lot of time feeling like she’s having a hard time talking around her own teeth. Or something. She does this subtle but noteworthy thing with her mouth when she’s delivering her lines and I find it really distracting. AND NOW SO WILL YOU. You are so welcome.

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Comments (52):

  1. Jenny

    too skinny!

  2. Cora

    What if it was in a really rich color, like an electric blue or deep deep purple? Something eye-popping but not too bright with the sparkles, which would work with her skin. Even a really coppery brown might work… maybe?

  3. Stefanie

    She looks…fine. And right there is the problem: fine.

    In a previous post you said the sparkly metallic dress had been done to the point where it’s getting boring. I think this is a perfect example. The dress is fine but there is not one thing about it that makes it stand out. Basically, it isn’t special.

    And neither is Kerry Washington. Way harsh, I KNOW. But I dont like her.

  4. Kristen from MA

    I like the dress a lot, but something seems to be missing. I think brighter lipstick and maybe different hair would help (as would better posture – doesn’t standing like that hurt her back?).

  5. mai

    she needs some lip color. the makeup (and hair) is way off.

  6. LoriK

    It’s the hair. If she had done something decent with her hair it would really have helped this look.

  7. Annalynn

    I think long, flowing hair would help with the dress. And some bigger, sparklier jewelry. And a sparkly smile.

  8. Kit

    Objectively, she looks great, and there’s nothing wrong with her styling, either. She just looks filled with ennui – and so, by association – are we.

  9. Crystal

    Sorry, I’m lost. Is talking around her own teeth an idiom, or did you mean literally? Google wouldn’t tell me!

    • Jessica

      No, I mean literally she does something weird with her mouth when she speaks.

      • Crystal

        Thanks for clarifying! Now I realize I should have paid more attention to the original post.

        I think from the neck down she looks fine. Her expression is too disaffected. Smiles make everyone look better!

      • Jane

        I TOO have noted the weird way she speaks! She has full, gorgeous lips, but it’s like they get in the way? I don’t know? She purses them funny or something? I find it super distracting. Especially since she’s soso pretty.

  10. Kristen

    I think the dress is fine, but Kerry doesn’t look like herself! She’s so skinny, I thought she was Padma Lakshmi. I kept looking for the scar on her arm.

  11. Gine

    Better hair and makeup could’ve made this a full-blown win, I think. I understand not wanting to go crazy when you’re wearing a sparkly dress because it’s so easy to look overdone, but the styling is too blah. Imagine how much nicer this would’ve looked with her hair down and curly/wavy.

  12. bambi_beth

    It’s the hair. The hair is so meh. It’s like “I am working to hard at the office and I just needed it out of my way” hair instead of “I am an actress at an awards show” hair..

  13. Katie

    Everything about this is somehow bland. And she needs to keep working on that Blue Steel. She’ll get it some day.

  14. meggiemoo

    I think the proportions are off for her body…she’s narrow in her shoulders, so maybe she needed some extra vavavoom up there.

    Agree about the hair/makeup being wrong.

  15. HG

    Emma Stone is the same way, like she is having a hard time talking because of her teeth. But I like her nonetheless

  16. Sandra

    Was her appearance at the Emmys sponsored by the letter S? Stand the hell up straight woman! Unless, of course, you are physically unable to do so, in which case please accept my profound apologies.

  17. Kara

    Her hair doesn’t bug me but her makeup, particularly her lip color, really does. She has gorgeous lush lips and should play them up. A deep red would have been lovely here.

  18. amys

    This photo looks like a Padma and Halle mashup, but sadly, I’m not feeling it. I like the dress though I do think the straps look a bit heavy. I can’t see Kerry’s shoes, but I think I already dislike them based on tiny pointy toe.

  19. Sajorina

    I LOVE THE DRESS, but it is underwhelming on her, which is a tragedy of biblical proportion! This dress was meant to shine, but sadly it’s not doing so, and neither is she!

  20. sharmania

    Personally, I think she talks that way because she’s saddidy.

  21. Erin

    Something is off. I didn’t see her on the red carpet, but from this pic her faces looks kind of like Skeletor or something. bad hair. I think the cowl-neck thing on he rdress makes it feel very 90s to me.

  22. Laura

    She has Smug Face, which is Bitch Face adjacent. My grandmother had a sparkly silver sort of chain maily cigarette case thing that clasped at the top and looked EXACTLY like this dress. I don’t hate the dress, really. I wonder if I’d have liked it on say, Amy Adams, with different styling. And another color would help too, even champagne instead of silver, though I am also tired of nude tones.

  23. Chriss

    This dress was made to be seen in motion. Just standing there, she’s just okay, but walking out on the stage she looked fabulous.

  24. Mads

    Finally someone else has noticed the mouth thing! I could never quite put my finger on her mouth thing and now I have so thanks. I’ll also be able to think of nothing else when I watch scandal on my laptop tomorrow. The dress is pretty but boring. She has the same face my kid makes when I force her to go to weddings and other such fancy events.

  25. Liz

    I think the dress looked better in motion and when on tv. It’s stunning and fit her beautifully, but her hair and accessories were lacking.

  26. Helen

    I like, and I approve of the minimal styling with it, letting the dress speak for itself.

    Her pose is weird and I don’t know what’s going on there. If she looked relaxed, confident, and happy, and weren’t twisting herself (including her face) into strange shapes, I think most criticisms might be more along the lines of, “It’s just too bad she wore THIS at the same event where Lucy Liu wore THAT.”

  27. Elbyem

    Right on, Helen. It’s that “female cyborg from T3″ neck angle that throws this whole look off.

  28. Nancy

    Really, really unfortunate hair-do. Better hair might’ve helped overall.

    I wish there were a photo of her in this not standing all twisty, like she’s trying desperately to make it interesting.

  29. Vandalfan

    … the heck? What on earth would you change about this? She’s perfect.

    • mochaleet

      Agreed Vandal. That is a very hard style to pull off for the larger hipped gals such as myself, so I admire how amazing she looks in this tough silhouette. I bought a similiar style dress in Italy once, so tragic, I feel like a blimp in it, even though I am pretty small. Also cowl neck is awful, but again, she is working it.

  30. Miss Louise

    I’m with Vandal – I think she looks lovely and the dress is gorgeous. Only one small thing: I like the idea of her hair being back to create an elegant look, and she has the face for it, but think the execution here, with that oddly-placed side part, is slightly lacking. Otherwise, she’s understated to let the dress shine.

  31. Elle

    The dress is lovely. Kerry Washington does not look well as in just before the beautiful heroin dies of consumption.

  32. janet siders

    I’ve always had a problem with her mouth and the way she talks. She and Robin Givens. I’ve always thought maybe they had big braces and that’s how they learned to talk around them.

  33. MaryAnne

    The way she talks has always annoyed me as well – I’ve never been able to get past it to figure out if she is actually a decent actress or not. But she is very pretty, and I think the dress is too.

  34. Lily1214

    This sequined gown is much better than the green one on Ginnifer Goodwin.

  35. Mary Urech Stallings

    Too long. Don’t they have any alteration shops in H’Wood?

  36. Michael

    The dress is too long for her…it looks like it’s swallowing her legs up. She either needs higher heels or a shorter length. If one of these two things were done the dress would be amazing. I love the neckline and the torso. The makeup is great…the hair is fab.