Emmy Awards Fug or Fab Carpet, and then Better Played: Gretchen Mol


I dislike these shoes so much, I had to open with them.

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  1. Mrs. Ditter

    Somebody this weekend…who?…wore those plastic shoes with the bows done in black. Also, what the what with the rampage of buckley belts?

  2. Helen

    Cheap ’80s disco and Laura Ashley schoolteacher. Hated both.

  3. AM

    She is one of my favorite, underrated actresses. She’s pretty, and she’s very talented. So I’m happy to see her getting some publicity. I like both dresses, but yeah, I’d change the orange bow shoes, for sure. They can’t even be that comfy once your feet get a bit sweaty.

  4. Jen S 2.0

    In the red dress photo, she is doing Kate Hudson better than Kate Hudson could ever dream. The shoes are like the worst pair of Jellies ever, but the dress is a great color on her and is pretty and soft, and her face and hair are ab fab. I hate the second dress because it looks like she made a dress out of a Vera Bradley weekender, but I usually am not overly fond of all-over patterns, so you can’t go by me.

  5. Stefanie

    Oh my lord, what is with these terrible clear shoes? Who decided this was going to be a thing? At least in the 80′s and early 90′s Jellies came in fun sparkly colors.

  6. Tia Chocolate

    totally got a whiff of Catherine Zeta Jones from the second shot (if CZJ was blond that is). Those shoes – ugggggh…why for the love of all that is plastic and hole-y?!

  7. pantsonfire

    I share the love for Mol. And I’m digging the second dress big time. The orange dress is just kind of blah for me.

  8. Celia

    I feel like, if you’re going to make plastic shoes, at least shape the plastic so that it doesn’t wrangle your toes in awkward directions.

  9. nicola911

    I shuddered when I saw her in those shoes. I think Louboutin was hitting the pipe with a lot of his current line. I’ve been shopping for wedding shoes and those keep coming up in my online searches and they make me so stabby.

  10. Aria

    I like the first dress and the concept of the bows but hate the execution – plastic shoes are awful and should only be in the form of flip- flops or flats worn to the pool/beach.

    Can’t say I like the second dress at all. blech.

  11. Angela

    Where’s the option to love the first dress but hate the shoes?

  12. anny

    First ensemble: Plastic McMatchyFeet – and clutch!

    Pretty sure we can all make the second one from a “Lisette for Simplicity” pattern.

  13. vandalfan

    I was wondering when you’d get to those plastic be-bowed atrocities. Your suggested switching to gold sandals and bag would make it perfect, with the bright orange. The second dress I like, but not that hair. Not at all.

  14. Emma

    “Imagine if she’d worn this with gold sandals and a gold clutch. SO much better, right?” No! That would have looked cheap. Like a realtor’s trophy wife at a Miami pool party. I actually loved this look, even the bow shoes.

  15. Sajorina

    The 1st dress is too plain, but I dig those shoes! The 2nd dress is AWESOME and I WANT IT! FAB!

  16. Pandakeeper

    Love the print of second dress, hate the style. I like the first one. She carries the color well, it’s simple and I’m in the minority here, but I’m digging the shoes. I love shoes as art. I have a collection of shoes that would make a lot of women cringe, lol.