Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Julianne Hough

I feel like Julianne Hough really has trouble getting her makeup right sometimes.

Of course, her makeup may have been the least of her mistakes. But in general I think it’s bad form for your face to match and/or be glossier than your dress, especially when said dress was hastily assembled in a cupboard by a handful of industrious mice who thought she was going to her dojo’s Black Belt Ball.


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  1. Edith

    I actually like the dress (that keeps happening, oddly), and love the color on her IF her makeup were better. The makeup makes her look sweaty and flushed, and her hair is just not working with this.

  2. AIMEE

    she looks a little like Jen Aniston here

  3. Clara

    I think the dress is lovey, it fits her well, her boobs don’t appear squished, and shes not poking her knee through a big gap in the skirt. All good things in my estimation. I agree that her face is too shiney, and maybe her hair could be different. but overall better than some!

  4. Jennifer

    i also think the dress is pretty on her – and def more interesting than what she usually picks. hair and makeup could have been better.

  5. Bella

    Love this dress. Could have better hair and makeup, but she looks pretty.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    Oh my god NO! I screamed when I scrolled down. Those mice need to be fired.

  7. Sarie

    I don’t like the this. It looks like the bodice is inside out and but instead of taking it off and turning it around they just warped her in some leftover tulle and a ribbon and called it good. All this happened right as she got home from the gym and she didn’t have time to shower or do her hair.

  8. Joy

    I feel like if the inside of the dress/fold over at the top and a less reconstructed belt were done in the gold and the rest of the dress were the rose, the dress would be amazing. Still wouldn’t help the hair and make-up but the dress intrigues me and is so close to being great.

  9. Jamee

    The dress has some cool things happening on top but the color is just gross. Maybe a different palette and a completely different bottom/skirt. And the makeup is dreadful.

    Forgive me for saying this but her face looks a little…puffy. Has she gained a little weight or is that fillers? If that 22 year old is getting fillers I’m going to SCREAM. I hope it’s just a bad angle and/or bad makeup.

  10. Carol

    “Industrious mice” … I am absolutely reeling with laughter …

  11. Billie

    If she would’ve lost that thin layer of tulle over her abdomen and kept the smaller black belt, this would be a millions times better .. oh, and to actually have her hair and makeup done and not get dressed in the gym loccer room after the marathon spin class.

  12. KimB

    There’s a lot to like about this dress, but I am confused. Is it vintage? The top seems discolored compared to the skirt. Is that on purpose, or was there an accident with the spray tanning gun?

  13. Christopher D

    Oh no, no, no, no, no!
    First I saw the top a a wee bit o’belt (ok thinks I)
    Then I see the whole belt, which looks like it’s on top of another solid belt (pick one and just maybe thinks I, the solid one methinks)
    Then I see her feet have been eaten by a shiny pink meringue that won’t let her go (oh dear thinks I)
    Then I see how shiny she is, Iscrolled down too fast (and I think why bother, she didn’t.)

    BUT I will give the dress/her this. It fits up top just fine. she has breasts, but they are sitting right where they should, she looks like she can breath, but there is no peril of a costume malfunction, and I’m not wondering if she owns stock in a boob tape/glue factory. So if you must gfo strapless check this out and duplicate the fit.

  14. Sandra

    I kinda hate the insert on the bodice. It is very nearly the same as her skin tone and with the pink bits around it, at first glance it looks like there’s nothing there.

  15. Sajorina

    I HATE IT! I hate the dress, the hairdo and the makeup! And, I have a feeling her shoes are black… EW! I would like to introduce her to two things very dear to me: good taste and pressed powder!

  16. vandalfan

    From the neck down, very nice, if the black tulle obi was removed. I’m again with Christopher, for a strapless, pretty good, and better than most.

  17. Mahastee

    I have no idea who this lady is, but I like her dress.

  18. CranAppleSnapple

    Is the bodice some kind of Salute to Labia?

  19. Chris

    Is the bodice some kind of Salute to Labia?

    And all the male, heterosexual citizens of Fug Nation stand at attention.

    I would have liked this better in like green. But I said the same thing about Mayim Bialik’s dress. And probably something else. Which probably would have resulted in Heather and Jessica putting up a poll for green.

    But…I dunno. Pink with her coloration isn’t doing much for me. That shade of pink, anyway. And clearly her makeup is being done by Paz de la Huerta.

    The black obi doesn’t offend me. Make of that what you will.

  20. Lina

    At least it’s unusual? That said, I didn’t recognize her at all…which is probably not the effect she was after.

  21. Kristi

    She looks like Sami from Days here.

  22. Veronica

    Amazingly, the dress doesn’t make me immediately wince. Bits of its construction I find interesting, though it’s definitely less than the sum of its parts. I agree, however, that her makeup artist needs to back away slowly from the shimmer and blush.

  23. Khurram

    The Pics was AWESOME.

  24. Zed

    To my surprise, I find myself liking this. This is largely due to the way she wears it – it fits really well, she’s not crossing her legs, it isn’t creased from sitting down, she’s standing straight but relaxed, she’s smiling and looks pretty. Everything would be great if she’d used a powder puff before having her picture taken.

  25. Hel

    I kind of like its Asian vibe.

  26. sally

    The dress is great, color and all, on someone else. This is certainly a textbook example of colors unbecoming a lady.

  27. whatintheworld

    I have said it many times PLEASE FIRE YOUR STYLIST…I have worked with Julianne and she is much prettier than she looks on the RC…she should be young and modern looking but she always look like a matronly old woman.

  28. Kim

    Funny – i thought she looked better than she normally does. At least the dress is better than her usual hookeresque type outfits.

  29. The Other Katherine

    This probably looked fantastic in person. Not so much in photographs, though.

  30. Annie

    I agree with whoever said it looked like she’s had her fAce pumped full of fillers. I don’t know what’s going on in Hollywood but apparently there are plastic surgeons wandering around telling young women that they need lifts and tucks and fillers. Does no one look at their full face in a mirror? Are they all just looking at little lines? It’s very sad.