Emmy Awards Fug and Fab Carpet: Bags

People were apparently more interested in photographing these, because they are OUT TO GET ME (except, bags are easier to snap without people lifting their skirts). So to cut down the size of the slideshows, I decided to give bags a whole separate one. You’re welcome, bags.

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  1. Annie

    Is it strange that I love Jurnee Smollett’s large-but-not-extravagant engagement ring and wedding band? How NORMAL of her.

  2. Billie

    I thought the same thing as Annie! I love that it’s so, classic.

    And I loved looking at most of the baubles and bracelets here too!

  3. islandgirl1

    I hadn’t noticed re Jurnee’s wedding and engagement rings, but now I too love. And her beaded bag is my fave of the beaded bags.

  4. Molly

    First shoes, now bags? How did you know it’s my birthday!?!? :)

  5. Squirrel!

    OMG, OMG! Elizabeth McGovern’s purse-tray bears a tiny incarnation of Princess Beatrice’s infamous hat!!!

  6. Rachel

    Heather, I think the upside-down omega on Maria Menounous’ clutch is the Ferragamo logo, isn’t it? Not that I’m opposed to some deeper meaning…

  7. Rachel

    Sorry, Menounos. That’s a tough name to spell.

  8. Chasmosaur

    I’m with @Annie – I loved her simple wedding jewelry, too.

    Thanks for the bag-only post, GFY Ladies. I love looking at accessories. I have a small batch of simple bags I love (including a few of my grandmother’s – very loved ;) ), so I never could see myself with one of these. The only one I’ve ever truly, deeply coveted is that great YSL pseudo envelope clutch the Olsen Twins were carrying back in April…

  9. vandalfan

    Want and want and want and want and RAUCH? and want and want……

  10. Dazie

    What did Maria Menonononous’ dress look like in the full shot? It looks terribly interesting in the slideshow…

  11. Susan

    I love the accessories and shoes posts.

    Wait, Elizabeth McGovern was there!

  12. Annie

    I totally had the same thought about Jurnee’s wedding and engagement ring. But they do have a distinctly Tiffany’s classic 6-prong setting look to them. So despite their humble appearance, What do you want to bet that’s still $40K worth of ice on her finger? Which is still modest by Hollywood standards, but I’ll certainly never have anything that nice on my ring finger!

  13. Sajorina

    I kind of WANT all of them… They’re AWESOME!

  14. Jilly

    I have no idea who Aleksa Palladino is, but I love her for leaving the hair on her arms.

  15. poppy

    I love Loretta Devine’s bag and bracelet, but it isn’t the right green for the dress. I prefer the green of the bag over the dress. And, her fingernails are painted to match the dress, which is such fug for me.

    Can we open a category in Fug Madness for accessories only? Or some other tourney? Think of the fun!

  16. Anne B

    Thanks, Fug Girls, for giving me a closer look at the deets on both Jennifer Westfeldt and Christine Baranski — and helping me clarify that, yes, I pretty much lust after everything both of them have.

    In Jennifer’s case especially. :)

  17. zah

    ew to lea michelle’s bag. just ew.

  18. CJ

    Great post. Like looking at candy. Standouts for me were Gretchen Mol’s alligator bag, the black one that looked like it was from 1910 and the beaded one that Christina Hendricks wore, but (unlike the shoe posts) I would be happy to receivemaker if these! I think Maria M’s bag is Ferragamo.

  19. CJ

    “Receive many of these” …darn my autocorrection

  20. maggie l

    Looks almost like a bastardised Etienne Aigner logo without the little thingie at the top of the A. Hrmmmm! Maybe it IS a secret club! Can I join?

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