Emmy Awards Best and Worst

The time has come for you to go to the polls and VOTE. Who was your best dressed Sunday at the Emmys? Who needs to go back to the drawing board before the Golden Globes? Please do weigh in.

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Comments (35):

  1. Stefanie

    Best: Tina Fey. Lady made a statement. Keep it up!

    Worst: Ashley Judd. Also made a statement. A very very bad one.

  2. Jade

    I would like to vote for Kiernan Shipka for Best, but that is not an option in the poll.

  3. Lucille Austero

    Can we have a worst dressed head vote? On the other hand, what’s the point? Whats her face with the shiny Heidi braid might have thought she was a contender, but then ASHLEY JUDD SHOWED UP.

  4. Tasha

    Tina Fey just inched it for me, if Leslie Mann didn’t have her hands stuffed in her pockets in all the photos she’d have got my vote.

  5. Sarah

    Just had to say that the text for the Kevin Costner slide made me laugh. I also cannot see him without thinking of that song!

  6. Bubba

    I love, love Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress, but that sourpuss face ruins it for me. So I voted for Leslie Mann, whose dress I also loved. Portia de Rossi for the worst, for sure! That was brutal.

    • Dani

      I voted Portia for worst too… but then I was scrolling through the results and realized that while I was devouring my meatball sub I had totally forgotten about how terrible Ashley Judd looked! Maybe it was self defense.

  7. Lynne

    Harry Shum’s jacket is too small on him. It’s distracting.

    Also, Max Greenfield is dreamy.

    I have an eternal soft spot for Kelly Osbourne and her hair-matching dress because she’s one of the rare celebs who actually looks like she’s having fun with all of this. “Look you guys! I get to wear this dress at a fancy party! Isn’t this awesome!” Attagirl, Kel. Keep it light.

  8. RebekahMacd

    Leslie Mann for my best dressed. She’s a ray of sunshiney warmth and it’s fricking cold here in Scotland now so I needed that. Worst for Portia. I think she was temporarily blind when she chose that. Ashley Judd just cracks me the heck up.

  9. Carol C.

    I loved January Jones’ dress, but haaaaaaate how they styled an extrordinarily beautiful woman into THAT.

  10. Kris

    Padma inched out Tina Fey for me, because Tina never looks quite comfortable, but I did absolutely love her dress.

    Portia was a no-brainer!

  11. mojo

    Jimmy, the guy who sweeps up.

  12. BitterKitten

    Ugh! I scrolled down too far and voted Tina Fey as Worst! NO NO NO! Take one of those 7 votes off. She was BEST for me!

    • Margaret

      Auuugh, I did the opposite and didn’t scroll down far enough, accidentally marking Lena Dunham for “best” instead of “worst.” Oops! Hopefully more people will vote Tina Fey for “best” – if she loses by one vote, I’ll be so sad.

    • michelle

      I did the opposite and voted Thomas Jane for best instead of worst. Would have gone Tina Fey for best as well- obviously need more caffeine!

  13. Corriner

    I know she probably won’t win, but Jena Malone’s dress + the worst shoes of all time definitely got my vote for worst. That thing gives me an eye twitch!

    Tina Fey for Best. Girlfriend has never looked better! Hot Mama!

  14. Jules Winfield

    Why isn’t Olivia Munn in the “worst dressed” list?

  15. AmandaD

    I don’t understand how Jeremy Davies isn’t winning the worst dressed by a landslide. The dude looks like he raided his 5 year old son’s closet for the vest and possibly coat, and then rolled around in several dumpsters (where he may have also picked up those shoes).

  16. Kara

    Portia de Rossi for Worst, no question. She looks awful. That particular photo of Kelly Osborne (who I cannot stand) does her no favors though – she looks kind of insane.

  17. suzanne suzannadanna

    Where’s Peter Dinklage on your list? He’s pictured on tomandlorenzo looking fabulous in his perfectly tailored tuxedo.

  18. TonyG

    I’m surprised Thomas Jane isn’t picking up more “Worst” votes.

    Best Dressed? Tina Fey all the way!

  19. Kristin

    I am curious why no one has noticed that Jennfier Westfeldt is clearly wearing an engagement ring on her left hand. Seems like a big deal (a celeb gossip big deal…not a “actual reality” big deal)….and the Internet is SILENT!

  20. Domino

    Ashley Judd’s cukoo-cukoo hairdo clearly deserves the fugtastic honor of worst dressed, however…I had to vote for Jeremy Davies. As a men’s clothing buyer, I am offended on behalf of all of menswear by that grown man stepping out in a baby’s formal vest! I feel sorry for the wee little ring bearer who had to go vest-less to his aunt susan’s wedding so that this jackoff could make some sort of statement.

  21. Kit

    Jessica Pare for best, a tie between Heidi Klum and Edie Falco for worst. I ended up going with Edie because that hair is simply unforgiveable!

  22. Amy Farrah Fowler

    Re Chandler Bing, I think what you meant to say was, “Could he BE any tanner?”

  23. KS

    Jessica Pare for best dressed

    Worst dressed is hard, man. Portia, Zosia, Kevin Costner’s open shirt, Lena… so much fug, so little time.

  24. Mmmm

    Write in for best: Benedict Cumberbatch

  25. Sajorina

    BEST→ Kat Dennings… Head to Toe FAB! PERFECTION! ABSOLUTE WIN!!! My other favorites: Lucy Liu, Tina Fey, Ginnifer Goodwin, Nicole Kidman & Leslie Mann!

    WORST→ Zosia Mamet… So much FUG!!! Also, Kristen Wiig, Michelle Dockery, Julie Bowen, Julianna Margulies, Glenn Close & Morena Baccarin!

  26. pidget

    I’d like to add a few categories:

    1. So-close-est – Kat Dennings (awesome but for a tummy-pooch of misbegotten fabric)
    2. Most improved – Mayim Bialik (she can look awful, but looks great here, and just went through something scary so bonus points and recognition awarded)
    3. Most egregious genetic goodness throw-away – January Jones – need I say more?
    4. Most I don’t care what you’re wearing, you’re great – tie between Glenn Close, Bryan Cranston and Harry Schum Jr.

  27. Emma

    There’s something really comforting about voting for your best and worst and finding everyone agrees with you. Like world peace just might be possible after all.

    I was torn between Jessica Pare and Leslie Mann for best – I chose Jessica Pare purely because I’m slightly undecided about the bodice on Leslie’s basically amazing dress, and I also felt like this was the awards ceremony where classic, understated elegance won out over splashy Hollywood extravagance (ahem *Julianne Hough* ahem).

    The worst was easily Ashley Judd or Portia De Rossi for me. I went with Ashley Judd, because I think she needs the wakeup call.

  28. Mara

    Is it me or is Sofia Vergara’s waist getting a bit broader? She used to have such an hourglass figure but now she looks like she’s inching towards square.

    Mind you, I’d still kill for that body.

    My best dressed is Mindy Kaling. That dress is gorgeous, the color suits her better than anything I’ve seen in the slide show and her make-up is awesome.

  29. SharonCville

    You completely left out Melissa Rauch, who is not only one of the best things about Big Bang Theory, but also would get my vote for best-dressed! She wore a fantastic color (emerald green), impeccably tailored, proved that short women can look long and lovely, and that those with impressive shoes can still wear dresses that cover the girls and still look hot (ahem, Christina Hendricks and Kat Dennings). Google yourself a picture and tell me I’m wrong!