Emma Fugson

Oh, Emma. The good news will ALWAYS at least be your face, and that is a wonderful genetic advantage to have.

The bad news is, in no particular order: The peeptoe-wedge-bootie-thingies, the baggy pants, and the crop-top (I blame Lily Collins, I’ve decided) that looks like a combination between an angel food Bundt cake and high-fashion football pads. Please, please wear this as a wide receiver on a full-contact Fashion Week charity team called the Angel Food Bundt Cakes, made up of starlets who will be taking on editors of a team called the Wintour Squash, coached by Anna and quarterbacked by A.L.T. I would watch the hell out of that. Please wear a helmet.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Laura

    It looks like she’s shrugging. Which is kind of appropriate.

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  2. Alicia

    If those are tear-off pants she could be a very naughty choir-girl strippergram.

  3. Brenna

    I know the most offensive thing should be the top, but I’m most offended by the pants – they’re so baggy badly hemmed at the bottom.

    • Bianca

      Agreed. The top-bandeau-cape-thingie is seriously bad, but the pants are just…WORDS.

  4. Caro

    She looks very uncomfortable in that horrible outfit.

  5. Mair Mair

    That “top” is truly one of the most bizarre articles of clothing I’ve ever seen. Honestly, what was the thought process that went into designing it? However, while it’s true that the pants are weirdly baggy at the bottom (or possibly just too long — I can’t quite tell), I find them otherwise inoffensive. Not fabulous, but not terrible.

  6. ohsohappy

    Not a fan of any of this but my complaint is that the top seems to have a, dare I say, “formal” feel to it because of the cape thing. The bottoms and shoes are completely casual.

  7. mue

    It looks more like a dickey padding a football player might wear.

  8. Michelle

    I quite like the pants/shoe combination, which probably puts me in the minority. But the top is not cool.

  9. Renee

    I *might* like this if she had paired it with a fitted skirt since those pants just look sloppy. I like the Kristen Stewart version from last year more.

    But gold star for stepping outside her box!

  10. Lynne

    Full Contact Fashion Football, must include Kaiser Karl as a cheerleader, preferably with his cat.

  11. simply_readd

    What happens if poor Emma wants to hail a cab?! How do you raise your arms in this atrocity?! And too-long, too-wide pants make my blood pressure rise, they just look so clumsy and unkempt … altogether awful!

  12. Gigi

    Her facial expression is almost selling this. She gets credit for that, but is still running a deficit because of the general awfulness of the entire ensemble.

  13. HKS

    This whole look is bizarre and unflattering. And even though she’ll look like Jeannie from “I dream of…” I think that shrug should be removed and possible destroyed.

  14. AM

    I don’t get the outrage(?) at the pants. They’re just pants and shoes. I don’t think if you say those in person you’d think anything. Now the shirt–I just don’t understand it on so many levels, from the color, style, lack of fabric, comfort level, and general weirdness.

    • Bianca

      Personally, I think that bandeau top is WEIRD (not in a good way), but those pants are UGLY, like…dated and unflattering. They are two different shades of fug.

      • Guerra

        The top is a fashion risk, I think people can appreciate that. The pants are just black pants, which is why they are so bad. Wearing nice black pants that are cut and tailored nicely should not be hard.

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  16. LoriK

    Did she look at herself in this and say, “Yes. This is exactly how I want to look today”? if so, why?

  17. Sajorina

    WHA? Oh, honey, NO! I honestly feel disappointed! None of it works, so I’ll just look at her face!

    By the way, I also would watch the hell out of that game!

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      Speaking of her lovely face, that is a LOT of make up. That blush seems really severe and dated to me.

  18. naryasign

    That is a badly designed top, but still, Emma can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Cat

    Emma makes some interesting choices, but this is pretty awful. The pants are killing me because they’re not hemmed properly, and the top just looks super awkward and uncomfortable.

  20. cilla

    This is the second GFY post I’ve read today where someone is hawking something. Please go away.

  21. Edith

    You’ve got it wrong. Anna Wintour is the QB, ALT is the entire offensive line.

    Also, this is RIDICULOUS.

    • Vandalfan

      “Wintour Squash” just slayed me!

      Dollars to donuts says we can blame the dumb top on Stella.

      • deee

        I also wanted to blame this on Stella so I surfed around to get some proof. Unfortunately, we can’t blame this on her. E Online says that the lovely and flattering pants and shoulder pad combo is Balenciaga.

        • Edith

          It fits her *far* too well to be Stella. It’s profoundly weird, but Balenciaga clearly fitted it to Emma, and it isn’t crazy unflattering. It’s not ATTRACTIVE, but it doesn’t make her look twice as wide as she is, for example, as would surely be the case with Stella. In fact, the more I imagine what Stella would have done with this idea, the more I like THIS version.

          • Vandalfan

            Good info to know, thanks. I’d have guessed Balenciaga for sure if it had been made of leather.

  22. Goldfish

    In Kindergarten, at Thanksgiving, we were given a big roll of white butcher paper and instructions as to how to make the white collar-thingie that the pilgrims wore to the first Thanksgiving.

    This is what Emma Watson is wearing as a top, on the red carpet.

  23. Antof9

    Flying Nun + Leeloo Multipass

    She has odd fangirl tastes.

    • Erin

      I, too, see The Flying Nun. It’s as if Gidget went surfing and needed a towel, so she used The Flying Nun’s wimple.

  24. J

    I have to say…I actually really like this. I wouldn’t WEAR it, but I think she pulls it off somehow. I am a bit worried if she has to raise her arms any higher than they are now though – how attached are the sleeves to the bandeau thing?

  25. BrownEyedBetty

    I think she’s just messing with us.

    • Electric Landlady

      Looking at her face again… yes. She is totally messing with us.

  26. Daenerys

    WHAT is with that top? Did someone actually get paid to design that thing? I don’t even think it can properly be called an article of clothing. Looks like something you’d find in the housewares/hardware/automotive section.

  27. TonyG

    Hmmm….regarding her face. The make-up here is kind of what you would find on a ventriloquist’s doll. No?

  28. Rose

    All I can see is formal football pads attached to a bandeau top.

  29. nobody much

    haha – a cape bra. Just no.

  30. Claire1

    Can’t stand the top….but….
    if those pants were actually the right length and paired with sandals….I would dig them. They’re interesting…. the buckle is a fun detail that got lost in the fact that they’re too long….They SHOULD cuff….but just a touch.
    *I* would wear them with a simple white tank, a bracelet, and some simple white chuck taylors and to the movies….and it would be FAB.
    oh…..now I kind of want them!!

    • Claire1

      Looking more closely at them, they resemble the sleeves of a man’s shirt….with cuff links…
      which only cements how much I REALLY want them.

  31. Alli

    This is uniquely horrible. I still love Emma Watson.

  32.  HelenBackAgain

    Wow. EVERYTHING is wrong with this! It’s a “what not to do” lesson.

    Even the color is lousy.

  33. Julie

    It’s like bandage with wings.

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