DGAs Well Played, Anne Hathaway


This may prove to be controversial. But I just love it. This might be the first time I’ve said that about Valentino in at least a week. Possibly because it’s a Valentino from last year, but whatever. Call this a Valentine to Valentino.

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  1. Rayna

    OK, GFY Jessica, you sold me. It IS shiny, and it DOES have pockets, and those are two huge things with me.

    But in general, I don’t much care for the Zuul dresses. And yet they keep coming back. :-P

  2. cynicalsmirk

    I think this the best she’s looked yet this awards season. Beautiful. I want it. I also want somewhere to wear it, LOL!!!

  3. Heather Henderson

    I think she looks so good in this dress – very sophisticated yet not overly mature.


  4. Jules

    I would like it better with a simple black belt.

  5. CJG

    Lovely. Oh, yeah, and she looks good too.

    One of my favorite looks for her in a while. Nice and simple and easy breezy. Though she had her hands crossed in front of her waist or her hands in her pockets in a lot of pics. Hmm…

  6. ErinE

    Do we still think she’s pregnant? i think probably… but this also shows that the uber-poofy SAG awards dress was so unnecessary. She just needs a skirt with some volume and a pattern.

    • Ellen

      I definitely do. This dress has done nothing to dissuade me of that notion.I’m pregnant now, and this is exactly the kind of non-confining dress I would love to wear.

  7. Snoskred

    I loved this dress when I saw it but now that I look closer at it, I notice that there is a large satanic sheep which starts in between Anne’s cleavage and works its way down her abdomen. It has eyes, ears, and a mouth.

    Can you see it now? :)

    If you zoom in for a closer look, the sheep turns into some weird kind of insect. It might be a spider, I am not sure.

    I still like the dress, just not keen on the creatures which jump out. It is like one of those colorblind tests or weird art where you stare at it for a while and then realise it is something totally different to what you were looking at initially. And there might be more creatures, too. I’m kinda scared to keep looking in case I find more..

    • Sue

      GAH! I see it!

      • Snoskred

        And there is a barbie doll head about crotch level.

        Right down the bottom, there is a renaissance fair tent with wings.

        Somebody stop me, I can’t stop looking! ;)

      • Vandalfan

        Gosh darn you guys!

    • Callie

      I really loved this dress, although now I can’t unsee the satanic sheep I’m not sure I covet it anymore.

    • DeeKay

      I’m going with “large satanic goat” not “sheep” b/c I see horns, and the flaring nostrils and open mouth and the ears look more goat-like than sheep-like to me.

      It’s like one of those Magic Eye books, remember those??

  8. Kit

    I totally want that dress, I would look super cute in it and I have lavendar suede court shoes that would go with it ALREADY so clearly, meant to be.

    I am starting to want a pixie haircut too* – but more Hailey Berry than… whatever is currently happening on Anne’s head.

    (*am re-thinking given the invevitavble horror of growing it out. Of course, I could always just have a pixie cut for the rest of my life – much like the aforementioned Ms. Berry…)

    • Cristina

      Heh, what’s currently happening is her starting to grow out her hair. It really is not a fun thing to do. You just have to accept you’re going to look at least semi-terrible hair-wise for quite a while.

  9. Sue

    Also, the sheep-goat appears to be wearing a pink hat.

  10. mary lou bethune

    The fabric is miraculous and elegant, like Hugh. Anne looks ab fab and happy and what more do we want? She seems to be relaxing earlier in her huge career arc than say, Kate W., Julia or Nicole or Halle who seemed so desperate to get the dingy looking role and then the Oscar.
    She looks beautiful..

  11. Helen

    Heh, I do see the Satanic-looking sheep, but I still think this is lovely. Easy, comfortable yet dressy, great colors for her, beautifully fitted.

    And I think the satin shoes are terrific with it!

  12. ChristieLea

    Hmmm, looks like that despite its cuteness, she’s growing out the pixie cut, no? It’s a…smidge…too…long. While I can understand her wanting to grow it back out, I kind of hope she trims it before the Oscars, as it’s a tad too poofy right now.

  13. Inés

    Am I the only one noticing that Hugh Jackman’s only affect his face and neck? His hands are a way more reasonable color!

    About the dress, I like it, despite the Roschard-like pattern.

  14. moody

    It looks like the recycling triangle is printed right over her lady parts.

  15. Stefanie

    Love it. Bring it to me Keymaster. Bring it to me now.

    And she is so knocked up. Good for you Annie.

  16. anne p.

    I wasn’t terribly impressed with this till I saw a closer view (w/ Jackman, middling distance), and suddenly I was completely on board!
    This happens fairly often, doesn’t it:: In the actual settings where these things are being worn, they don’t live in a static view, from a red carpet distance … They’re being worn by people in motion and being ‘experienced’ mostly by people who are nearby.
    (Sometimes, in fact, I’ll give a thumbs-up to a dress I don’t care for that much, just because I imagine the fabric, etc. would feel awesome to be wearing!)

  17. llism

    Like the dress, she looks good, but as always, I come down firmly on the “no” side of satin shoes.

  18. Mair Mair

    A heartbeat. That’s how fast I would wear this dress.

  19. fritanga

    Sorry. Granted, I’m an avowed Hathaway-hater, but this dress has a Zuul-factor, or at least a Shub-Niggurath Goat of the Woods-factor, going on top and bottom. It is not pretty (but at least explains all those undeserved acting awards).

    The color is not good for her skin tone (she looks very reddishly pale), the not-quite-cap sleeves do her arms and shoulders no favors, and she should have worn some sort of hose because her knees look…chapped.

    Generally, I don’t understand this trend for “not-quite-figural-oh-my-God-is-that-SATAN-on-her-crotch?!” prints. Is this subsumed dark deity worship on dresses an actual thing?

  20. BrownEyedBetty

    The fabric improves greatly from slide #1 to slide #2, IMO. I like it! And I love the midnight blue shoes with it. Totes Adorbs, A-Hath.

  21. Halo

    I absolutely love this dress to the point I’m giving the satin shoes a pass. If they were matte, the look would be perfection, but it’s close as-is!

  22. Erin S

    The dress and makeup are lovely, but Christ… the Krasinski hair strikes again!

  23. Laura Del Toro

    I’m going to rain on the love parade.
    I find the fit unflattering and the pattern been-there-done-that. The shoes I will ignore, because otherwise that road leads to palpitations and pearl-clutching..
    Get her to a competent tailor and maybe I will re-evaluate.
    Also, she hasn’t looked as gawky-thin as this since her first Princess Diary. Les Mis is over, you can eat now.

  24. Elle

    Setting aside my perception that Anne is homely and annoying, I really hate the dress.

  25. Jane

    I find her insufferable and phony, the movie star version of Rachel Berry and every other annoying drama club girl, so it pains me to say this: that’s a lovely dress and she looks beautiful in it (although, as another poster pointed out, it’d be even better with a black belt).

    Prediction: she is knocked up and will announce it to the world during the cringe-fest that will be her breathtakingly insincere Oscar acceptance speech.

  26. Vi

    I see an elephant a butterfly and a ladybug. If it is meant to distract from a possible ‘anticipated event’, it’s working! She is carrying it of, tho.