Dance Fug

Behold Shoshana Bush, of the upcoming parody, Dance Flick (with Damon Wayans, Jr.* Literally, she’s both in the movie with him and he’s standing next to her here).

I hope the Wayaneseseses, in their infinite wisdom, are parodying films other than Save the Last Dance,  despite what the commercials for this movie imply, because, frankly, I think the emotional wounds from that film are perhaps still too raw — nine years later — for me to fully be comfortable with laughing at it.

I am, however, completely at ease laughing at Shoshana’s pants. They are a joke, right?

*In my Friday daze, I totally forgot to add the “Jr.” to Mr Wayans here earlier! While Damon Senior is aging well, I think we can all agree he doesn’t look THIS young. Thanks for the helpful emails!