Critics’ Choice Fug or Fab: Michelle Williams


I love Michelle Williams, but you heard it here first: I think she’s going to make a surprising run in Fug Madness. I don’t think she’s going to WIN it, but I think she’s going to go farther than anticipated, especially if she wears something crazy to the Oscars. But! We have six whole weeks before we even need to worry about our Fug Madness pools. Let’s stay in the moment — or, last weekend. Close enough:

Do I love it? No. Do I think it’s an improvement over her Globes dress? Yes. Do I wonder why she’s been looking just a hair off everything event she attends lately? Uh-huh. Does it seem to anyone else like she’s been wearing a lot of bodices that weirdly compress her boobs? I can’t answer that for you.  Do you like this? TO THE COMMENTS!

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Comments (86):

  1. Brittney


  2. Dorothy Snarker

    I think I’d like it if it were a cocktail dress. It’s a step up from the Golden Globes disaster.

  3. maureen

    You know…don’t hate on me for saying this, but I really, really dislike this hairstyle on her. While I love a short pixie cut, I just think she looks much better with longer hair. Her features are too big or something for the short hair. That being said, the dress is just kind of ‘meh’…she has so much more potential! (see: yellow dress of yore)….


    Reminds me of my grandmother’s tablecloth. Don’t get me wrong–it was a gorgeous tablecloth. Find this incredibly gorgeous woman some clothes that flatter her petite frame.

  5. e.gail woods

    Isn’t this the gown that Penny Chenery wore to the Derby Ball?

  6. squeeziee

    I haven’t liked anything she’s worn for the past few months. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever liked her style – I cannot bear the twee look. Looking at the dress objectively it’s actually really quite pretty, but on her it’s sending me to sleep.
    Also I STILL get confused between her and Carey Mulligan who dresses in the same overly-cute way.
    I’m gonna go and get changed out of my cranky pants now.

  7. Heidi

    I would like it if it were shorter…or longer all over….with a different neckline…and different shoes mayhaps.

  8. Kristy

    Better than her Globes dress but still sad. I also kind of feel like the top half of the dress is a bit aging and doesn’t entirely go with the bottom half of the dress.

  9. Meghan McNally

    This is monumentally boring, and not in a safe way. And she CAN look so stunning. Shake this funk off, honey!

  10. Dee

    Wow -so close and yet so far…does she have a new stylist -everything she’s worn lately seems one or two notes off. And it is like she knows it too -because she is not really “owning” any of it -KWIM?

  11. Lina

    You know, if it were all tea length instead of tapered, it would be pretty. It wouldn’t really be event-appropriate, but it would work. Trouble is, she’s too petite for the tapered hemline to do anything but draw attention to how small she is. If you put this on a woman with an Amazonian frame, we would all be going “wow, your legs are nine miles long”, but MW is not that woman. And this dress manages to hide AND draw attention away from her really lovely assets (face and upper body), which is a shame.

    OTOH, I do like the silver-white mix. I think she could wear that really well in a gown with a somewhat deep neckline, tiny waist, and a straight hem.

  12. Lucille

    Not fug but very meh.

    She’s been so boring and dowdy lately. I don’t care for it.

  13. Jenn

    It looks sort of bridal, but it is better than that Globes atrocity.

  14. Willow

    its like a wedding dress for an elderly woman who met her husband at the old age home and just decided to get married because they didn’t have a lot of time.

    Just me?

    Thought so.

  15. eee

    When’s the last time we saw her smile with teeth? I think that’s what’s been bugging me about her face lately. It’s not the pixie cut making her features look off, it’s the fact that she never smiles with teeth.

    As for the dress? The scalloped hem is the nail in the coffin of bleh.

  16. Roy

    The fit is wonky, and the mullet hem doesn’t help. It just seems to hit her in all the wrong places.

  17. Brian

    I know she took a ton of crap for her Globes dress, but this one is the real disaster!

  18. LT

    I like her, but I just can’t get down with a mullet dress.

  19. Bella

    If this was one length, say right above the knee, and more fitted to her body, it may look better. But it would not be a knockout. Too much dress. Even the shoes look big.

  20. Rose

    Is she maybe dressing a little “off” because she’s carrying extra weight for the Marilyn role, and just doesn’t know what to do with her new frame? Can’t really figure out anything else that would cause it.

  21. Cecily

    It would have been so pretty if the scallops had just uniformly gone ’round the hem. That extra draping does nothing for the dress. Bummer.

  22. Ines

    scrolldown fug. and the color doesnt work for her. not at all. and that yellow hair…

  23. Dorothee

    I actually really like it.

    I also agree with a previous poster that I don’t actually think her haircut is flattering. I know she’s all hipster and all that, but I don’t think it suits her.

  24. sharjem

    ugh. it’s so 6th grade dance, i think.

  25. Katie Starfish

    I love it but not the hemline. A straight hem, cocktail length, sans hem beading (but leaving it on the bodice) would make it lovely.

  26. Dee

    Too twee.

    (Say THAT five times fast.)

  27. sarah

    The scalloped edge, mullet length is really what sinks it.

  28. mepe

    I just don’t get it… has she changed stylists? Is she depressed? Is this her mature “mommy” style? She use to be so cute and stylish and always put on an interesting show for the red carpet but this awards season has been so blah…not stylish, not cute, not funky, not even class. What’s the storey??

  29. me

    I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t like the pixie cut she’s got going on – every time I see a picture of her it bothers me. I think it is because she doesn’t do anything with it, and she really doesn’t seem to be working it at all. It’s just on her head – it’s shiny, clean, etc but there’s no movement or texture. Add to that all of the twee little girl dresses and she just looks like an oversized kid dressed for church (and not in a good way)

  30. mege

    I also do not like the cut/color of her hair on her… or is something happening with her lower face? I don’t know. She looks so much older than she is, and so much frumpier than she should.

  31. TonyG

    What Cecily said!

  32. Bambi Anne Dear

    Is she afraid of showing her teeth? Lately she’s been doing this unattractive closed mouth smile. Like she’s not actually having a good time.

  33. Rayna

    So close. I would totally LOVE it, scallops and all (I love scallops – now I’m hungry) if it were ONE length, preferably the tea length.

    This mullet business has got to go. Aren’t its 15 minutes up yet?

  34. Joni Woodhead

    i wish the length of the front was the length of the whole thing, and id even allow it to be scalloped instead of straight cause it matches her style ( just not mine )

  35. Joni Woodhead

    I also dont like her in that short haircut … it works much better on Emma .. someone above thought it might be due to her features being too large and i would agree

  36. Bob Stanley

    I’m going to put her in the She’s Such A Good Actress And So Like-able That I’m Going To Give Her A Pass On Her Styling. If she looks good sometime it will just be icing on the cake.

  37. Jill

    It looks like my Aunt Marcia’s wedding dress. She just needs the wide brimmed hat-veil (that’s right, a veil that’s also a wide brimmed hat)

  38. Shannon

    Personally, I hate the pixie cut on her. Twee pixie cuts look good on tiny young girls with fine features (see: Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan). She is a mom to a school age kid, and while she is petite and certainly small, she is more curvy petite than slight and willowy petite. She has fuller facial features also – full lips, round face and cheeks. The hair is just not flattering. The super-platinum color was also bad, so at least she’s getting a little more color into the picture…

    …because she needs to wear something other than white! Girl, pick a color. Something other than a color of butter. And if you are going to wear cute little twee dresses (which j’
    adore, love me some Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade), pick ones that consider the fact that you have boobs and hips.

  39. Bird

    I’m afraid I think she got a face lift. Is that possible?? Something’s not right anymore.

  40. Pearl

    Color, please! Stop the 70s prom madness. This is so meh.

  41. nora

    she is unsuccessfully channeling mia farrow in rosemary’s baby lately. fug.

  42. vandalfan

    She needs to mix it up more. I’m tired of her twee ’50′s throwbacks. The bodice is Butterick #2407, and a scalloped mullet hem? Just… no.

  43. Andrew S.

    this would be better as a shorter dress on a different person. heh.

  44. Melissa

    I think thus would be cute-a-rama without the train, but that is also kind of the problem: too cute, all that gamine stuff can be as irritating as constant reiteration of hotness. Nb. obsession with gamine-correctness may explain the boob-squashing.

  45. Alicia D.

    I like it, especially the hemline. She can really pull off anything, imo. I sorta really love it.

  46. Jen

    No matter how cute the person in it. I cannot and will not sign off on a mullet dress.

  47. lc

    The top looks too small and the bottom to big – who made this dress????

  48. MrsWright

    Can someone please tell her that she is not Mia Farrow….

  49. fritanga

    A slight pull-back from the Mega-Dumpiness, but only slight. The hemline looks like mid-90s drapes, the kind you looped over a rod in a, well, drapey manner.

    Why is she still using a stylist who hates her so? Everything she’s worn lately accentuates her somewhat thick middle and flattens down her boobs in a horrible manner. And every dress is in some awful washed-out color. Isn’t Williams still under 30? 35? Why doesn’t she cut the “ironic Brooklyn hipster” look for something flattering and pretty?

  50. NYCGirl

    I like it, but I think it could use a bit of color, maybe in the form of a waist sash.

  51. Kyasarin

    If this were a cocktail dress with the same detailing around the hem, it’d be adorable. As is, though, it’s kind of weird.

  52. Amy

    YES. I don’t know where she found so many dresses that are simultaneously boob-crushing and baggy/droopy/dumpy/sort-of-unfitted through the torso. This one and that godforsaken daisy dress kind of remind me of the costume closet at my old figure skating club – if there was a year we had enough money for new year-end carnival outfits, we fit those outfits to that year’s soloists and then spent the next two decades squeezing every last penny out of those dresses by squeezing every last body shape and size into them.

  53. guest72

    There are many comments about stylists (whether she has one, a new one, Julianne Moore needs one and so on). I wish the GFY authors would talk more about this. Very sensitive comments were made about that Australian actress (in the movie with the word ‘animals’ in the title?) and that she probably did not have access to the same stylists that A-listers do. So, how does that work? Who are the top stylists? Who are top stylists with no taste? Because surely Michelle has one. Can the bad taste of the actress override the advice of the stylist? Inquiring minds want to know…

  54. Annie

    What is up lately with Michelle and the boob-squishing, unflattering waistlines and necklines? Makes no sense. Bring back the yellow dress.

  55. Sean Jungian

    When it comes to Michelle Williams, lately I feel like y’all are going to demand my Fug card back so you can rip it into tiny pieces in front of me, toss them in the air, and just give me a disappointed look while pointing to the door. Like you can’t even say anything to me. Why? Because I LOVED her Golden Globes dress! LOVED IT. When I saw her on the red carpet reading your liveblog I said to myself, “Self? Aw yeah, the fug girls are gonna LOVE that one. Even though there aren’t any sequins.”

    And…..I like this one even better. To me, both of these dresses are very whimsical-feeling, very sweet and pretty and down-to-earth, without being too hippie-dippy. And I like her short hair (although I am undecided about whether I like the dye job).

    I dunno, guys……I never have this much of a discrepancy between my opinion and yours – slight disagreements yes, but never to this extent.

    In my defense: I live in North Dakota, where it has been winter for about 3 years, and where we are experiencing temperatures in the negative teens and twenties. SOOOO……I kinda think I might like these dresses just because they are so evocative of spring. Okay? Does that excuse my dissenting opinion? Maybe I’m just so beaten down and sick to death of cold and snow that any hint of springtime flowers has made me throw all sense out in a Pavlovian frenzy. FORGIVE ME PLEASE! I’M COLD!

  56. JanetP

    Finally, something I like on her! Looks great around the shoulders and neckline, and I have to admit I like the detail running along the hem. Not a fan of the shoes, though. Oh well. An anonymous Internet critic can’t have everything.

  57. Julia

    No! It’s too bridal. And it makes her to washed out.

  58. C

    1. Better than her Globes dress.
    2. Still not flattering enough on a beautiful woman.
    3. A couple of comments have noticed that she’s gone up a few sizes, maybe? And maybe, if I had, I’d be starting to wear things that don’t look as good because I’d be afraid of showing off the different body shape. The equivalent of ‘my fat shirt.’
    4. When in fact she’s GORGEOUS and should wear things that show off those curves rather than trying to hide them. Instead of crushing her boobs.

  59. maria

    I think I agree with C on all points. Particularly her gorgeousness and the wish that she would embrace it.

    I too wonder whether she’s had a little weight gain and possibly even lip=plumping for the Marilyn Monroe role, and whether this explains her not looking quite herself lately. And? Maybe? Grief? Sometimes it catches up with you later.

  60. S

    What is it with all the wearing of either ugly colours or pale colours that wash her right out (like this) lately? Had this been tea length and lined to sit out a little more, with a better fitted bodice, more flattering neckline and a prettier colour, it would have worked. So basically it needs to be an entirely different dress! Also, she looked much nicer with longer hair (just cause you are a mum doesn’t mean you should cut your hair short!) and she really needs to have a nicer dye job to flatter the colour of her skin more. This is slightly better than the globes dress but on the whole a really big MEH. A shame cause she’s such a pretty girl.

  61. Nicole

    She has totally gone up a few pounds and is refusing to let her clothes out, or go up a size! She isn’t huge by any stretch but her body is changing and she is absolutely refusing to accept it. Sorry kiddo but you aren’t pulling these too-tight bodices off now.

    Sorta dressing like Rachel Berry from Glee, “somehow she dresses like a toddler and a grandmother at the same time”

  62. Rebecca

    This dress is an emotional roller coaster. After liking and disliking its disparate components, I have too settled upon wishing that the bodice was a little less ill-fitting prom dress and a little more strappy/flirty to go with the soft ruffles at the bottom.

    Also the mention of the ensuing Fug Madness made it feel like it was almost Christmas for a moment. YES.

  63. gryt

    It’s completely pointless.

    Also, not a fan of the hair.

  64. WendyPinNJ

    Do I like it? No, not at all. The color is all wrong with her skin to start. Looks like a really bad prom dress. And what wrong with a little cleavage–or something. She’s young!

  65. Ondine

    This whole look is great. Not every gal in Hollywood has to look and act like a smoking hot piece of a$$. This is a refreshing look on a beautiful woman. I hope this trend takes on. There will always be appealing harlots but some of us prefer a more refined and natural beauty on a woman.

  66. mim

    me like michelle and dress

  67. Matilda

    Oh enough already with these dresses… they’re all the same. Beige and boring. Jeez, how old is Michelle Williams? 85?

  68. Elise

    I actually like this, except for the weird hemline. I think if the hemline were normal, I wouldn’t mind the scalloped edge (although I do agree it is a little tableclothy). Her hair looks divine here. Perhaps there is a bit of boob squishing in the dress, but overall I think she looks very pretty.

  69. witjunkie

    I thought this was quite cute and not completely unflattering. I prefer any dress not be a mullet, but I can handle them much better when it is a soft or rounded edge like this (a pox forever on the squared off ones).

    And somebody mentioned her lips…I had wondered the same thing, if she had plumped them up, but I’m not familiar enough with her to know. They look out of proportion to her face. And I too wish she’d either spunk up/spike her hair somehow or let it grow out. She looks like a 7 year-old boy on picture day.

  70. Lady Satan

    I can’t see this girl competing in Fug Madness, really I can’t. She’s just so … blah. All these pale washed out colours on her pale washed out self. No way she can keep up with classic Fug Madness divas like SWINTON. Not even close.

    And does anyone else have an uncontrollable urge to scream “stand up straight!” every time they see her? Seriously, wimpy posture in wimpy clothes – I can’t stand it.

  71. Lazycat

    When I opened this page, a Google Ad for ice skating dresses appeared right next to Michelle’s photo. All I’m saying is, there is a surprising resemblance, especially in the bodices…

  72. Redd

    It’s too bad…she’s so pretty, and that short ‘do is great, but that dress makes her look like someone’s long-lost Auntie.

  73. The Other Molly

    Forget what she’s wearing.
    I am just plain sick of seeing so much Michelle Williams on this site.

  74. Heather

    I am not entirely sure why you think we feature more of her than anyone else — it’s cyclical. Michelle Williams is currently out there promoting movies and/or her nominations on the awards circuit. We can’t help who is on the red carpet. We haven’t given her a preponderance of coverage, certainly not more so than anyone else who’s been doing the same number of PR appearances. I’m confused by your repeated anger on this topic and sort of at a loss for how to help you through it, except to say that i’m sure once the Oscars have passed she’ll take a break.

  75. Lisa

    I actually like the cut of this dress on MW. Lately everything I’ve seen her in looked like something a fourth grader would have worn in the 1970′s. She seems to be short-waisted and this dress doesn’t show that. Yet sadly, it does look like a tablecloth.

  76. Colleen

    Well, I’m not crazy about this and I actually sort of liked the GG dress and Michelle likes to go bohemian, so….

    But, I’m almost thinking that almost everything she’s worn to publicize “Blue Valentine” has been a variation of a white wedding day dress and that’s the whole “happy” center of the movie — this improbable and doomed wedding. That’s what I’m thinking.

  77. Kristen from MA

    Horse hooves made out of satin are still horse hooves. And here she wears a mullet dress that accentuates the hooves. FAIL.

    (pssst, Michelle, can you say ‘Manolo Blahnik?’)

  78. Alexandra

    She’s just wearing “mommy” dresses… I don’t understand why she’s doing this to herself.

  79. BJ

    this 60s mod, twee, bustline does not suit, no. michelle is not twiggy. she’s curvy and short through the waist. that being said, it’s nicely fit through the waist. my problem starts at the hip. a more fitted cut through the hip would take this from ‘forgivable’ and ‘child bride’ to ‘sexy’ and ‘modern’. i would even give her the mullet hem because the beading is so pretty.

  80. Porschia


  81. Madeline

    It all has to do with her posture! She has the hunched-shoulders-don’t-hit-me look going on all the time and it makes anything she puts on look bad. Stand up straight girl and settle your shoulders down.

  82. melbournegirl

    I fear she may be in the hands of a cult
    what else could explain the super modest dresses and the weird choir boy bleached hair…………… her!

  83. Allisooooon!

    I don’t so much mind the “mullet” length, just the compressed boobs as she said and that hair. Short hair is flattering on her, but not helmet-esque, WTF-brassy short hair.

  84. sema4

    Between them, Lina and Melisssa above said it all. The dress is a tablecloth, the mullet hemline is a mistake, and the hair and the boob-flattening are, as suggested, probably an attempt to present as adoarble and gamine and 19. No.

  85. Kristi

    I think she’s gorgeous and so is the dress.

  86. Stacey

    I actually really like it.