Critics’ Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Famke Janssen

Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no.

Charo’s blue period really should have stayed where history buried it.

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  1. Jen


  2. Mongerel

    I was hoping to be able to zoom in on this, because at this distance I can hardly believe my eyes. Is that…spandex!…at hip level?

    • Heather

      For incredibly annoying technical reasons we had to stash the pics elsewhere today in order to post anything. RAGE. Ahem. Pardon me. Anyway, eventually they will be viewable as normal.

      • Mongerel

        No technical glitch will ever decrease my enjoyment of your website. Thank you for everything you do every day.

    • Karen G

      You never want to wear a dress that gives you visible muffin top! And even if it didn’t, it’s hideous anyway.

  3. Ranee Singleton

    NO. WORDS.

  4. Kit

    Okay, the other day when I said Famke was unrecognizable it was all … crickets…. the addition of the fake extensions makes it even worse than the pics I saw.

    NOW do you believe me FugNation!?!

    (P.S. Heather, you’re up and early today!)

  5. Mouse

    Famke Janssen is NOT pudgy – but this dress is making her side look lumpy! WTF?

  6. bebe balocca

    Yes, the whole dress is bad, but that sheer side panel is horrifying. Her skin looks loose and wrinkly, but I can’t imagine that it is.

  7. Rayna

    You know the phrase, “This is so wrong, on so many levels”? It would appear that phrase was meant for THIS.

    Color is nice, though.

  8. Gigi

    Why am I now craving blueberry muffins?

  9. Art Eclectic

    That’s a great skirt, too bad about the top.

  10. Dee

    also, every time I see her, I think – she is really good-looking, but isn’t that too much hair?

  11. Bebe

    Also, her face looks way too Botoxed. I was thinking she didn’t look happy, but I think that’s just the widest and most sincere smile she can manage with her facial muscles all frozen. Oh, Famke.

    • S

      yes. She looks like she has a toothache. Also, she needs color on her lips. Thought the same thing with the prior pictures of her.

      • Bottle Ginger

        I was going to say that some lipstick would help the look, but nothing can help as long as she’s wearing that dress.

  12. Victoria

    This makes me so sad. I heart her.

  13. Maisie

    OH. DEAR. GOD.

  14. cham

    A few years ago, I used to walk to work in the same area as she would walk her bulldog every morning. It got to the point where our paths would cross pretty often, and we would say hello. She made really adorable clothes for her dog, including hooded sweatsuits, and always looked so gorgeous without makeup, bright and early and all. This is not the same face that I was accustomed to seeing – but mostly I wanted to tell that story about her bulldog’s hand-made sweatsuit. Also, that dress is offensively bad.

  15. Rosa

    This whole thing is just terrible. Where on earth was her ‘get a grip’ friend when she was walking out the door?!

  16. Sandra

    Is she wearing Cookie Monster? That would be terrible. I could just about stomach a Smurf-pelt, but this is very unfortunate.

  17. Spider

    At least the color is beautiful?

  18. anna s.

    Whoa. I didn’t recognize her at all in this. Girlfriend can do SO much better. ‘Lazy Smurf’ is never a good red carpet look.

  19. Taryn

    HOW does a dress manage to make her look fat? Doesn’t she weigh like 60 pounds? Dear god her stylist needs a ditching. Famke herself looks kind of pissed at having to wear this, and I don’t blame her. Maybe her stylist is unionized…

  20. Chrissy


  21. Helen

    This cannot possibly be Famke Janssen. I am just going to refuse to believe it so my head doesn’t explode.

  22. Cati Brenes

    i wouldn’t allow her to walk the red carpet!

  23. PC

    Did anyone else think that clutch was a bottle at first glance, or was it just me?

  24. Lily1214

    This gown is a hot mess starting with the color she doesn’t look great in.

  25. allisankelly

    Can we talk about how she is morphing into F. Murray Abraham? Sometimes it’s okay to get “a little work done”. I’ve seen her red carpet looks for both award ceremonies this week and she is not looking good. I honestly didn’t even recognize her at the People’s Choice Awards.

  26. Akit

    Get this woman a stylist and a makeup artist pronto, she can be saved!!

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