Critics Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is so, so adorable, and I love all the stuff they’re giving to the press about her and Dakota’s sisterly relationship and how they steal each other’s clothes.

But I need to know: Is this the dress version of one of those Anne Geddes posters where the baby has petals stuck to its head and lives in a flowerpot prison?

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  1. Smackattack

    I love it. A) I think the color is beautiful on her, and b) the detail work in the flowers is stunning.

  2. Sajorina

    OMG, I hate those unnatural & weird baby posters! This dress actually looks like my 95 year old grandma’s shower curtain, which is FUG! Actually, I could totally see Drew Barrymore wearing it!

  3. xtine

    i think if she weren’t doing that weird pose it would look tons better

  4. maggie

    I actually think she looks wonderful–playful and childish and pretty and fun.

  5. Sophia Loren

    Different hair. A low knot at the neck, I think.

  6. Anne B

    No, I’m not in love with the dress either.

    What I am in love with is the way she’s wearing it. This is a kid, and I’m old enough to remember real kids (who were waaaay older than I was at the time) dressing in down-market versions of this. They were happy, and sure of themselves, and pretty.

    Did I mention they were happy? They were.

    Long live the Flower Child, even a latter-day version of that, even when the Child is wearing actual flowers trapped in illusion netting, which these could even be.

    You GO, Elle. Give ‘em Peace.

    • pidget

      Agreed! (Even if I do have sartorial quibbles). It’s refreshing to see someone actually appearing to enjoy herself. Why rain on her parade?

  7. amys

    I think I’d adore this dress if the flowers weren’t golden. Gold and mint don’t do it for me. Other than that, she’s adorable and wears the heck out of it.

  8. heironyms.

    Aw, I actually really love this dress! On her, anyway. Don’t know if too many other people could carry it off. And she looks so pretty and happy and natural!

    Agree with you about those creepy baby photos, though. Shiver.

  9. anne p.

    Lovely gown, esp. on the younger set. No problems with it on a pale person, though I think it Miss Fanning’s skintone is just a little too pink for it.

    Too bad about the hair, way too bad.

  10. Rachel

    I’m not sure how, but I think she’s pulling this off.

  11. Esmom

    No! It’s fresh and age-appropriate and a little bit quirky. Those novelty baby photos, on the other hand, while quirky, were not nearly as appealing as this dress.

  12. Tessa

    It bears repeating: you Fug Girls are hilarious. Your description was succinct and incredibly witty.

    I look forward with great anticipation to the Golden Globes fashion.

  13. amy

    This is ridiculous. I love it! I love her in it! Be young, have fun, wear a silly dress.

  14. granny

    It’s a great dress and she looks great in it.

  15. Jen

    I just love that she’s confident and obviously having fun with her fashion! I can overlook just about anything ugly if the wearer has a grin like this.

  16. Audrey Jo

    I do love her, her attitude and dress. The colors suit her nicely, and she is a pretty young girl. And I would be kind of mad at you fugging this – but you totally redeemed yourself by raising a voice about A.G. UGH! babies

  17. vandalfan

    The sleeve cape-overlay thing’s a bit stiff, but she’s a little sweetie and is having fun with fashion. Her hairdresser, however, should be shot at dawn.

    • Rubee

      Agree! The dress line would have look more fluid had the shoulder/ bust overlay been shorter… let’s say not down beyond the flowers’ embroidery. The hair looks a bit undone but the overall effect is lovely, as if she couldn’t wait to be coiffed to go out and show off her new dress to the crowd. She’s so enjoying herself!

  18. Moon Clementine

    By the time she got to Woodstock, they were half a million strong…

    Have fun, no fashion regrets and enjoy being a kid.

  19. Halo

    I don’t care for this look, but I’m totally fine with kids and their crazy fashion experiments as long as I don’t have to see a lot of underaged nakedness. So, she’s cool with me!

  20. Lina

    I’m so pleased to see her dressed to look 13 instead of 30. The dress is twee as anything, but if you can’t wear twee dresses as an eighth grader, when can you?

  21. The Other Molly

    Oh God, it’s such a fruitcake dress.
    Alas, as long as people gush over such Fug and cheer it on, it will still be around.

  22. Mahastee

    Love it. Also love her genuine smile.

  23. megan

    sorry but this dress is ugly no matter how happy she looks about it. I do like the mint colour though..

  24. VanDee

    God knows I never did it when my mum told me too but, Elle honey, brush your hair!!! It makes you look sloppy. Although I go for this in principle, the execution is off. It’s a no from me.

  25. ChaChaHeels

    That is one ugly shmatta.

  26. ChaChaHeels

    I’m sorry, that was just very blunt. Let me be grateful this dress is not being worn with thick strapped white plastic platform sandals. Which would be its natural accompaniment.

  27. Robertina

    Oh but she’s so adorable that… who cares?!!!

  28. Jenna Horko

    I’ve seen a pic of her just standing straight and posing in this, and gotta say: it looks way nicer like this, with her being all little kid/flower child giddy with it.

  29. Brenda

    @Sajorina I thought it WAS Drew Barrymore at first glance.

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