Couture Week Fugs and Fabs: Chanel

There is some seriously beautiful stuff in here, and some serious crazy, all frosted with demented clown makeup and oozing head scarves. Karl, you are a delight.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Art Eclectic

    I’ll take #25 please. Without that white whatever in the bodice. Also without the hideous eye makeup that will make me look like my boyfriend just broke up with via text message right after my dog died.

    • currygirl

      LOL! Yes, that makeup is hideous!

      • Other Emily

        It is hideous, that makeup, but for me it’s so over the top that it’s less annoying than the disgusting heavy makeup we saw in yesterday’s posts. Anyway it doesn’t distract me the way it did yesterday. And these dresses (minus the weird sock/spat/boot thingies) are so much more fun and cracked out in a good way.

  2. qwertygirl

    All the ones that look like they’re topped with Hanes t-shirts need to have the Hanes t-shirts removed.

  3. margaret

    The upside of this makeup is the economic lift it will give the cosmetics industry–people will go through SO much more mascara than before.

  4. Mrs. Ditter

    Peep-toe lace bootaloons on slide 19. I thought it was the flu making me feel nauseated, but it may have been the existence of these hideous things.

    • Vandalfan

      Oh shoot! I dig the lace bootaloon gaiters. But not with an open toe. Call me crazy.

  5. Annie S.

    This collection is 80% gorgeous and 20% cracked out. (Hell, even the cracked-out stuff is stunning in a way.) Karl, you are a genius.

    Bring it, Marchesa.

  6. lindsay

    this is beautiful! i am a sucker for drama and man is karl bringin’ it!

  7. Willow

    Florence Welch is going to be all up in this collection like nobody’s business.

  8. Sabina Hahn

    This is 70 shades of hideosity.
    The drama is fake and so are the tears.

    • Fuh Ugh

      Awful. Just awful. I do not understand why Kaiser Karl is so revered.

  9. Lynne

    I mostly love this! There are a few pieces I’d love more if the shoulder / arm embellishments were toned down or removed.

  10. Erin

    “Sweet Jesus. Stay away, everyone. Which probably means Jessica Biel will order three.”
    I just peed a little.

    On another note, I LOVE good florals, so I obviously love this collection (with some obvious pare-downs for normal human wear).

  11. Stefanie

    WHY the t-shirts under the dresses? It’s veering into the land of “Mormon Modest” that the Mormon girls wore in my highschool: Great dresses with t-shits stuffed under them to give them an “appropriate” neck line.

  12. Nancy

    Hate the white t-shirts, I don’t get the point. And I really don’t understand fashion. 90% of this is just ugly, or odd. A few dresses are lovely, I really like some of the fabrics, but the sticking out parts, and Tin-Man accessories, plus the punched-in-the-eye look just don’t make any kind of a narrative. It seems so random.

    Sometimes I think we label “genius” what in reality is “desperate for ideas” and throwing the kitchen sink at every design.

  13. filmcricket

    I can’t get over how 1990s a lot of this is. The fabric and the shoulder and/or hem treatments are the “updates” I guess, but the silhouettes, with a few exceptions, basically run the gamut from Heathers to 90210 to Elaine Benes.

    I am also amused by all the feathers in the hair. I feel like Karl played a lot of Angry Birds when he was supposed to be drawing. And then, like, burst into the workshop and declared “FEATHERS, darlings!” and trailed off to lunch.

  14. MG

    Most of them look like they’ve killed Sirius Black. Yikes.

  15. Sajorina

    I loved most of the fabrics in this collection and loved #3, 8, 13, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 31, 32 and, especially, 30… with a few or major tweaks! I think it’s lovely how they look like they’re walking through the forest, Karl always brings it!

  16. mary lou bethune

    Some of these dresses are ephemerally beautiful. I love the white tight upper bodice on some of them. #30 is gorgeous and I hope we see it at the oscars. Who else will wear these confections? They are not of this world. You all were right on with your choices for selected actresses. I would love to see Helena or Eva in that balloony dress.

  17. witjunkie

    OK, the number one dress is genius – show off my shoulders and decolletage, but cover up my flabby arms? Sold!

    And, I think those might be weird-ass lace sockSPATS. What.

  18. glee

    I am meh about the rest of the collection, but that last dress is genius! Any tall lanky actress with je ne sais quoi to carry it off. OMG, Zoe Saldana. Or Charlize Theron. Or Geena Davis, but she doesn’t go places anymore. Maaaaybe Rooney Mara (who may have je ne sais quoi, but looks like she has no joie de vivre).

    • Melinda

      I see SJP going for the last one. (Which doesn’t mean she should, just that she seems to like things that are too voluminous for her.)

  19. Esme

    Are they dead? Or hookers? Or dead hookers? And the ones wearing the lace legging/stocking whatevers look like they’ve misplaced their sheep.

  20. Lisa

    All I can see on #17 are tampons.

    • terri

      #17. Tampons! Yes!

      I was going to say popsicles. Or sperms. Aaaand…stopping now.

  21. Sallie T

    But what does Choupette think of all this? If there is such a thing as retroactive reincarnation (which sounds like the premise for an unholy Christopher Nolan-meets-M. Knight Shayaymalan mashup, actually) I want to come back as Karl’s
    feline soul mate, drink Diet Coke from a Baccarat fingerbowl miraculously rescued from the Romanov’s death bunker, pee in a litterbox filled with sapphires hand-ground to sparkle dust by extremely tall interns and psychically transmit cryptic space-cat epigrams from Edward Gorey’s gardener to his Karlness forever. Or at least a week.

  22. ceecee

    Most of this looks like Pride and Prejudice as interpreted by the Muppets

  23. Pouncer

    I am shivering at that makeup. All the models look like zombies who are about to lunge for the front row while droning, “BRAINZZZZZZZ!!!”

    Some of the dresses are gorgeous, though.

  24. Kat

    My bad – looking at these after having seen slide shows of the Elie Saab and Alexander McQueen collections gives me fashion whiplash. Did Karl find an old trunk full of 70′s teatowels whilst rummaging through his attic?

  25. sdk

    I feel like this is how a lady version of Karl would dress.

  26. Ann

    Except for the weird open-toe legging things, I really thought most of those were very beautiful. Exactly what haute couture should be…accessible enough where you can imaging wearing some of it, but when reality kicks in you realise that you don’t have the funds or occasions to wear any of it!

  27. Lauren

    I will of course be naming my new band Tinman Bootaloons.

  28. jeanette

    Those poor models are suffering for art – surely the theatre makeup and the lace leggings will bring on nasty dermititis?

    • G

      And do they ALL have really poor posture, or is it those weird things hanging off their heads making it look like they are slumping horribly?

  29. Sandra

    Now we know what Miss Havisham’s bridesmaids were going to wear.

  30. CJG

    I know many of your may disagree, but personally, I think Karl Lagerfeld is f**king with all of us.

    I think this is an ego game he is playing, seeing how truly bizarre and unflattering he can make clothes to see if the multitudes will still fawn all over him and say he’s brilliant. The craftsmanship of these garments might be the best in the world, 50 embroiderers at Lesage may have gone blind creating all of that beadwork, and, yes, they all have coveted Chanel labels in them, but I think maybe 4 pieces from this collection are wearable and flattering to a human body.

    Throughout his career, Karl Lagerfeld has created many drool-worthy collections have made women look sensational and chic, but this collection… this collection just seems like a very expensive episode of Candid Camera to me. I am genuinely curious at how much of this collection will actually sell, and if it does, will his clients be asking for these designs as we see them here or will they be asking for modifications so they won’t look ridiculous but can still say they are wearing Chanel.

    • LG

      I agree! Unflattering and old-looking, without looking “classic” or chic at all. The only aspect of these clothes that I actually like is the material itself (the lace, the patterns) and these aren’t a reflection of Lagerfeld’s design aesthetic as much as a reflection of the access that House of Chanel has to the world’s best pattern-makers.
      And those lace legging/tight/boots–oh, the horror! When a 6′, 100-lb model looks like she has cankles, maybe it’s time to ditch that idea.

  31. remi

    the things on their heads are SO distracting from the rest of it.

  32. Alexa

    Two thoughts… What’s with the tee-shirt under every dress? And…


  33. Lily1214

    Some are gorgeous and some not so.