Couture Week Fugs and Fabs: Armani and Valentino

We REALLY only got these in tiny drips, and I don’t entirely know why, but let’s enjoy what we can. The whole shebangs are available here for Armani Prive, and here for Valentino.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1. forchange

    I don’t ever comment on the models, ’cause this is fashion and all…. but holy smokes, the Armani model is obviously anorexic. It’s really hard to concentrate on anything else.

  2. forchange

    p.s. I was referring to the 4th and 5th photos.

    • rowynn

      I agree. The caption says she is trying not to sneeze or trip, but maybe she’s just trying not to faint from malnutrition. I know models have to be slender, but yikes. She is so thin she makes the clothes look bad.

      • Timberlina

        Was thinking the same. We should never be comfortable with corpses-in-waiting walking down the catwalk. I thought things might’ve been getting better, but these two shows have proved that wrong.

  3. Vandalfan

    How much “designing” is really necessary to produce a red, strapless A line tea length with some embroidery? The floor-length one I can understand, but the cocktail length one is something you, or I, or the next door neighbor could come up with.

  4. gryt

    It’s all in the quality. When you see true couture garments up close there really is no comparison.

    • Vandalfan

      I’m afraid this is about as close as I’ll ever come, this and Vogue magazine. *Le sigh.*

  5. Claire

    “Happy Valentines Day! I built you a love fence!” This just made me SO HAPPY. That’s all.

  6. maryse

    i enjoy a black fez.

  7. Mouse

    This is the Keira Knightly collection. Seriously.

    (Also, I agree with above posters – while we’re not supposed to comment on genetics, the size of model in the 4th slide made me gasp!)

  8. Mrs. Ditter

    Slide #1 made me laugh out loud…the model’s expression is priceless.
    I had to stop looking after slides 3, 4, 5…just shepherded a close family member through a tough battle with anorexia and these bodies are hitting too close to a personal hard spot.

  9. anabels

    #15 I’m getting Diane Kruger, but it could just be because the model has a similar face!

  10. MegoPachego

    For some reason, I’m finding the “I love you fence” problematic. In my mind, it yields two raisons d’ĂȘtre: 1) to keep you the eff out 2) to trap you in my creepy love nest, my precious. Either way, I think it can be argued that the builder of an “I love you fence” either takes luxurious sarcasm baths nightly or perchance needs to reconsider her tactics of praying her captor Stockholm Syndromes it up.

  11. Cathy

    I want the Armani hat — fezzes are cool.

  12. Pouncer

    The Valentino collection is mostly hideous. I cannot even. What happened, did his spray tan addle his vision?

  13. Sajorina

    From Valentino, I loved #11 & 14! And, the shoes at the Armani Privé show are TO DIE FOR!

  14. kk

    I’m really picturing Rihanna in some of the early ones – maybe #3-4? She preens in those slinky/dramatic/voluminous things.

  15. ccm800

    Dear Fug Gals – Are you told enough that you are loved? I love you. You crack me up! Thanks!

  16. Lily1214

    These are beautiful I think, but they only look good on the models themselves.

  17. Lily1214

    I really like these but they only look good on the models themselves.

  18. witjunkie

    I loved the Armani ones. Please someone wear these so I don’t fall asleep at my Oscar party.

  19. Elizabeth

    When I saw slide 1, I immediately though of this Project Runway dress:

    Surely the first time a haute couture gown has called to mind Project Runway and not the other way around, no?

  20. jellybean

    may i just say how RELIEVED i am to find out that someone else removes pants under skirts/dresses in the fitting room only if it seems like the garment could be a keeper? and to be completely honest, even if i *get* to that exalted point, i mostly leave the pants pooling over my shoes. and yes! it is indeed because i resent getting dressed more than once a day.

  21. cdid

    #16 is Mia Wasikowski, I think. Where is she? Mia?

  22. mepe

    I don’t understand why you keep picking TV actresses and B-listers (Miley Cyrus)…shouldn’t we be focusing on the Oscars and who from that group might actually get to wear these dresses?