Couture Week Fugs and Fabs: Armani

If any of this hits the red carpet, we’re all in for a LOT of complaints about people looking washed-out. Gird your loins.

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[Full Show: The Cut]

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  1.  Adriana

    Fun tidbit: there was a Miss Peach in the Clue Master edition…

    •  Adriana

      And the couture maxi dress on slide 16 is a dream. I can’t wait to see who snaps it up first.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Angela Bassett.

      • Annie S.

        It looks like that purple couture tent that Diane Kruger wore (to the Met Gala, maybe?) a couple years ago. It was a tent, but it was an AWESOME tent.

    • Elfrieda

      Thank you. I wanted to point that out because I am obsessed with all things Clue-related.

    •  Anissa

      Yes! I used to have a Clue computer game and they added some new characters including Madame Rose and Miss Peach who was a southern belle. There also were more weapons (including poison) and rooms (including the stables and a gazebo). Such fun! Maybe they’ll find a way to do an awesome sequel…no that’s doubtful.

  2. Maria L.

    I will never find appealing a collection of garments the color of old-lady underwear.

    • Art Eclectic

      Especially when most of them are paired WITH actual old-lady underwear.

  3.  Stefanie

    All of these look best in the picture where they’re the one that’s blurry in the background – sparkly blob or (washedout) color. Then it gets close and it a mess of fluff and illusion netting.

  4. Deborah Stultz

    I can totally see Cate Blanchett in slide 9: the black with the high feathered collar.

    • kickassmomnyc

      Yes, Cate Blanchett.
      Rooney Mara wouldn’t (maybe couldn’t) pull of the high feathered neck.

  5. nobody much

    blah blah bland

  6. HelenBackAgain

    I like the stripey dress in #10. Minus the silly neck thingie, I could see that on a lot of people and I think it’d look good. Even with it, on a few of them (yes, Perry, and I’m also looking at von Teese).

    The rest, though, these colors, it’s such a world of BLAH. Blah, blah, blah! These don’t even work as editorial pieces not meant to be worn off the runway. They’re all so very very dreary.

  7. Sandra

    When did Armani start making clothes out of used kleenex? Nobody wants to wear dirty snot-rags. And though I sometimes get irritated by things at work, at least nobody has ever handed me a see-through shirt and told me to parade around in it.

  8. Miranda

    Judging by this collection, Armani is a huge ‘Great Expectations’ fan.

  9. H.C.

    what’s with all the furry sea urchin neck/shoulder wear? please don’t let that become a thing!

  10. Katty McNiley Ripley

    “This season, Mr. Armani was particularly inspired by the color palette of cleanning rags and the moldy qualities of vintage lace found in a yard sale at Long Island”

  11. Jessica

    Please make the Kevin Bacon thing happen. PLEASE.

  12. SugarMagnolia

    Is that hair in style now? Because I had it when I was 12 and awkward. It was the result of a bad hair cut and me not knowing how to style thick, wavy, frizz-prone hair.

    • julyol1972

      Lol! I actually really like the hair on most of the models. It harkens back to a particular era for me and showcases their neck space beautifully, so I’m a fan. What I’m not a fan of is the darn culottes that have been popping up all over the place. MAKE IT STOP!!! No one with hips or who is not built like Charlize or Kate Blanchett will look good in them.

  13. Jenz

    The Carrie Underwood one is gorgeous and would look awesome on many a star… I just hope they figure out whatever is attacking the model’s neck and get rid of it.

  14. Vi

    In the thumbnail of slide 4, I thought the model was wearing wings. WINGS! I actually gasped…lol

  15. Sajorina

    I liked a few of these, but I’m IN LOVE with the Rooney Mara dress! So GORGEOUS!

    • Goldfish

      I don’t know about that black neck puff here that they recycled through this show. And I think that lace pattern is actual spider-web pattern. And the full-length is wonky with the top half so I do think there is a mashup there. Amy Adams Family.

  16. Crystal

    Slide 5 is 100% HOLA, LOVERS.

  17. Tessa

    Most of these dresses have absolutely shapeless tops – they look like well used plastic bags. With nipples.

    • G

      Especially the last one that makes the model look like she’s got a spare tire around the waist and a droopy bust. Plus cameltoe!

      I shudder to think how it would look on someone who doesn’t have a model’s figure.

  18. Tamburlaine

    Unlike the Dior show, at least the craftsmanship in these dresses is visible, and the fabrics are really pretty. But what a set of boring colours. I can see why you might show the whole collection in a single colour, so that the details of each outfit become more obvious, but it does make the whole thing very boring to watch.

    • julyol1972

      Maybe if they would use darker models, everyone would be able to appreciate these paler colors and the possibilities on all skin tones. Angela, Kerry, Viola, Rihanna (who has been known to shut it down in a dress from time to time) to name a few, along with Jennifer Lopez and maybe Sofia Vegara, are some of the actresses who could do justice to these colors. If everything coming down the runway washes out the model, then you really don’t get to concentrate on the beauty of the gown and the workmanship involved. Can you imagine if Naomi Campbell or Joan Smalls had worn a couple of these dresses, the result would have been really beautiful.

      Hope this wasn’t too much for a Friday, apologies for the rant – great weekend everyone!!!

  19.  AEMom

    I want to know why there are Tribbles attacking the models in slides 7 through 10.
    Are they angry about all the visible nipples?

  20. Joe Dwarf

    Aside from the Tribble, loved the dress in slide 8.

  21. Laura E.

    Nipplage aside, Slide 6 says Cate Blanchett to me–it’s the pants, which make me think of how Katharine Hepburn was dressed in The Aviator, which makes me think of Cate.

  22. cynicalsmirk

    This collection has a 20′s/30′s vibe to it for me – maybe Gatsby inspired?

  23. tassie

    It’s all very boudoir

  24. Rigor_Mortis

    Still about a billion times better than the Dior and Versace shows.

  25. Christine

    Such an incredibly intricate parade of granny-panty colored FUG.

  26. Angela Brown

    The beige lacy things look like they should be worn by Gozer the Gozerian.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    Apart from the see-through aspect every dress is a winner for me. That it’s all beige or black doesn’t worry me at all, Gorgeous softly lit glamour.

  28. Vandalfan

    I see beige bikini panties are also this season’s must have accessory.