Could Be Worse, Lindsay Lohan

I actually don’t think this is THAT terrible. Will I ever stop secretly rooting for Lilo to Get A Grip?

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  1. Clarence Beeks

    Hey! She showered! Her lips….she was so pretty, and just HAD to mess with her face. The dress is okay, don’t like the shoes.

  2. Corriner

    Best Lucille Bluth reference! That just made my day!!!

  3. Corriner

    (re: the dress: ‘I don’t understand it and I won’t respond to it.”)

  4. PB

    Wasn’t she recently committed to lock down rehab for for relatively long period of time (i.e., longer than than the two weeks since she was last out in public)?

    • Stefanie

      She doesnt go until May… she refused to go until after Coachella.

      • PB

        Sure must be nice to be a celebrity. She has something like 20 strikes against her, and she still gets to dictate the terms of her confinement.

        • ChristieLea

          Which is why I have zero sympathy for this awful girl. Just go away Linds.

    • Sasha

      Yeah, but her rehab starts at the beginning of May, I think.

      The phrase “worse than Charlie Sheen” can only be employed when comparing him to Andy Dick.

      • Sajorina

        Come on, Andy may have his problems, but he has continuously looked for and gotten help for them; unlike Charlie, who has been forced to get help and still acts as if nothing is wrong with him! Andy is a great comedian and a father of 3! I’ll always root for him!

        • Valerie

          You mean Andy Dick, the serial genital exposer? I’ll stick with Sheen, thanks. If Sheen can stay sober long enough, I think he could be a good influence on LiLo. I adore her, I really hope she Gets A Grip soon.

          • Sajorina

            Like I said… Andy has his problems, but he’s still a great comedian and a father! And he really tries to do better! I consider Charlie an entitled brat!

  5. hb

    Yes Corriner!!! best comment!! love it!

    I have to disagree Heather, I think the shoes are aggressively wretched, with the poking out big toe…yuk!

    She also needs to chop a foot off the extensions and put the boobs and bra strap away already

  6. Stefanie

    I actually like the dress. Too bad she trashed it up with the exposed bra straps. Although, maybe I should just be thankful she’s wearing a bra. The hair is…better than it has been? The shoes suck. Her lips suck.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree. I would wear this dress! The extensions, though, are a world of no.

  7. Suzie

    Anyone notice the back hair looks shorter than the front?

  8. Cass

    That is the best I’ve seen her look in ages. There’s still terrible things, like the extensions are awful and what the hell did she do to her lips, but from the ankles up, I would not run screaming if I saw this person in public. I don’t even care about the bra straps. And I like what I can see of the bracelets.

  9. Aria

    I didn’t even notice the bra straps. The dress is okay but really dislike the shoes. Not wild about the braids and she def needs to cut some length off her hair, but she looks all right. I do advise staying far away from Charlie Sheen though. If anyone is going to take her under his wing, it needs to be Robert Downey Jr. because he has shown that he could stick with sobriety/normalcy. CS has been sober/sane for about 5 minutes.

  10. AM

    I SO wish she could find a good hairstylist and doctor who didn’t want money so badly and could help her see that her natural hair and lips were so much cuter!

  11. val.

    She still doesn’t look good, but she looks way better here than she has in any other recent pics I’ve seen of her, so at least it’s a start!

  12. Mel

    She looks higher than a kite. In the first picture, I love the hand reaching out to pull her along — maybe trying to keep her from embarrassing herself even more with the wonky wink and a grin pose. But hey, her teeth look great!

  13. Bianca

    Mmmm. It *could* be worse, but this is pretty bad.

  14. Montréalaise

    Apparently she showed up 40 minutes late – not the best way to show that you’re ready for a comeback.

  15. Fifie

    Her lips remind me of those wax lips you used to be able to buy as a kid and wear as a joke.

  16. Anna B.

    To be fair re: Andy Dick, he’s clean and sober now. It almost looks like he’s giving her a pep talk in that photo of them. I just want everyone to be healthy!

  17. pantsonfire

    I think the dress would be fine on someone whose super power is to magically cheapen and trashform (meaning = to transform into trash) every single thing she touches. She’s the Trashformer, I guess.

    I like the shoes ok; we’ve seen them a few times before on other people, and I’ve always weirdly liked them. It’s weird because I used to hate shoe-booties as a rule, but eh. My thinking on the subject as evolved somewhat.

    But, is the dress navy? Are the shoes black? If so, that is horrible. Maybe it’s just my monitor.

  18. Claire

    Huffington Post said she “stunned” the red carpet. Meh. Maybe they were stunned she didn’t show up looking like a train wreck. I don’t think it’s as bad as it could have been, but its still nowhere near good. The dress looks cheap. That being said, she looks nicer than usual. That winky face though. She is my age and the amount of plastic surgery is ridiculous. LOL on the Lucille Bluth reference. She could be a young Lucille. Even though Lucille looks better than Lindsay.

  19. lindsay

    i’m with Jessica in secretly rooting for this girl. i mean, go watch the parent trap and mean girls and try not to love her just a little bit.

    • pantsonfire

      I never saw that newer one. For me, the original with Hayley Mills is un-friggin-beatable. It kills me when I make a Parent Trap reference and, without fail, people think I’m referring to the Lohan version. It’s almost like they don’t know that it is a remake. Which is a travesty.

      • Katy

        What kills me is when I make a reference to Lottie and Lisa, the book that The Parent Trap is based on, and nobody has heard of it. It’s one of the great children’s books of all time.

  20. kickassmomnyc

    Girl needs frontal support. Someone must introduce her to brassieres and built-ins.
    She looks loaded and the dress looks cheap.
    Such a waste.

  21. Sajorina

    There’s 3 things I know for sure:
    - This is a good outfit when you compare it to everything else she’s worn lately!
    - I will not see this movie!
    - I will never stop rooting for Lindsay, and also Andy Dick, to get a grip!

  22. vodka gimlet

    Lindsay looks used up. It goes to show that all that abuse catches up with a girl since she isn’t even 30 yet. I don’t know how she does it (love the Trashformer comment above), but everything she wears looks like she just rolled out of an unmade bed that is covered with dishes, full ashtrays, dirty clothes etc. etc.

  23. anonymoose

    Foot nets, Heidi/Rapunzel hair, and blotchy spray tan! HaHahahahahahahahahaaHHAA!

  24. Sabrina

    I was stunned by how young she looked in that first photo. And then I remember it was because she IS that young; I’m just so used to her looking like a 40-year-old currently starring in a Dynasty remake.

  25. Ceece

    You know, I root for her to get a grip, too. Yes, she’s gone off the rails. Here’s hoping she’s taking some kind of turn for the better. And I think she looks pretty here even if I don’t totally love everything.

  26. Claire1

    The winking photo will haunt my dreams…’s like my kiddo’s Dollar Tree Barbie became animated….

    That said, picture two isn’t bad…..but she’s become a douche magnet. I mean…she always has been….but they’ve all been her “yes” people…… Andy Dick and Charlie Sheen will chew her up and spit her out….That’s not a rabbit hole, honey. That’s a badger den.

  27. Dazie

    What conniving sleazebag thought it would be a good idea to toss Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan in close proximity of each other? Someone who has both of them in their Celebrity Death List for 2013?

    I wish people would just stop. STOP. Stop trying to make money off the crazy. Let the crazy alone.

  28. Zulk

    Yeah, she’s looked worse. But she has WRETCHED taste in shoes.

  29. Helen

    Okay, bad shoes and hair, but I like the dress on her, and it fits well, and I’ve become inured to exposed bra straps over the last several years. They really should’ve been basted in to the dress straps, but it isn’t a big deal. That’s the kind of fine point I expect from a consistently much better dresser. Lohan Scale: Pretty Good.

    And I’m relieved to see it looks like the cheek fillers are wearing off, though unfortunately this is balanced by what looks like new lip filler. Oh Lindsay. YOU ARE SO PRETTY NATURALLY PLEASE STOP IT.

    I had no idea Lohan was such an incorrigible flirt. It makes sense, when one comes to think about it, but it worries me. This is not the kind of attention she needs to help her get herself back together. I’d like to say I think either man appears avuncular in response, but they do not.

  30. Mongerel

    Aggressively wretched is the phrase I have for her hair, which was obviously sold by someone who grew it for years, then was harvested on the freaking hair market, and gorilla-glued to this person’s scalp after being processed, permed, and custom dyed to spec. It is time to shun this disgusting practice.

  31. fritanga

    Decent, somewhat boring dress which will probably be shredded to bits before it’s returned to the stylist/designer. Hope Charlie will foot the bill for this one, too.

    Lohan is a lost cause.

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  33. brookemopolitan

    I want Lindsay to get it together. Drew Barrymore needs to sit her down for a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and give her a firm talking to.

    She actually looks semi decent here. I’m shocked too. All her good bits stayed inside her clothes. I think we need to count that as a victory