Comic-Con Fugs and Fabs: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev continued her Reign of Adorability at Comic-Con this weekend. Sure, she didn’t go to the EW party (or, at least, didn’t walk the press line), but she still brought it with this dress:

Seriously, so cute. I just want to wear this and twirl around in it. You guys know I can not resist a good ladylike day-dress. Too bad 90% of my life only requires me to make sure I take off my pajamas every now and then. On the other hand, I’m hella lazy, so maybe the universe is in balance after all.

I’m less enamored of Nina’s other Comic-Con outfit, although I think she looks great from the waist up:

I actually don’t HATE this — I’m not 100% opposed to shorts on a hot weekend day at a casual event (hell, I’m wearing shorts now, in the press-filled pressure cooker that is my living room) — but I wish she were wearing sandals. Or even Converse. What do you think?

[Photos: Pac Coast News]

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Comments (38):

  1. Carol

    Sandals or a cute pair of espadrilles would have made this a winner.

  2. Kate

    I guess they’re intended to be worn together, but the top and shorts together bug me the most about this outfit.

  3. Liz

    The most amazing thing about her looking so cute was that the cast had been filming that night/day until 6:30am in Atlanta. She’d washed off the blood, climbed on a plane, and went straight to Comic Con.

  4. Miss Wix

    the boots are chic! love stripes with florals!

  5. HelenBackAgain

    The boots are fine with me, but I do not think the designer should have mixed those patterns in the outfit. Total clash with one another.

    GREAT dress.

  6. valueofaloonie

    Love the red/black dress. Love, love, love.

    Am less wild about the weirdo shoes, though.

  7. qwertygirl

    I don’t like the shorts. Not crazy about the boots, either. The shorts look like she was wearing them while she was painting several different rooms bright colors and got a bit sloppy with the brush. I might like them better with a solid top. The boots just need to go, because they just don’t go. And you kids need to get off my lawn. *sigh* Yes, I am a bit staid.

  8. Sajorina

    I love the 1st dress! It’s soooo CUTE and feminine! And I like the 2nd outfit, but I would’ve loved it with flat sandals! And, she repeated the purse… How normal of her!

  9. Beatrice
    • HelenBackAgain

      Those are some ugly shoes. I think I like the boots better. Or the sandal shown on the model.

      The outfit doesn’t work for me either way, but it’s definitely better with flats.

      •  Carolina Girl

        I don’t mind the shoes, but not with those shorts. The outfit as styled on the model was a lot cuter. The red & black dress is really cute on her, tho.

    • Sajorina

      I like it!

  10.  TaraMisu

    The dress is adorable, she looks great! The shorts though….. not a fan of them nor the boots. Yuk.

  11.  Goldfish

    Actually, that second slide, I’m okay with it from the knees up. I mean, I don’t want to see it at the Golden Globes. I don’t even want to see it at the People’s Choice Awards. But it’s cute for Comicon. I mean, some people there are dressed as Chewbacca. She’s doing fine. Except for the footwear.

  12. joe

    she was wearing heels. really cute metallic pink ones.

  13. Rebecca

    I need both outfits and her personal trainer.

  14. Big Noise

    Love the dress. Love the striped top. Could do without the shorts — they look like high-waisted granny panties. I might have loved them in white.

    HATE the boots — didn’t Judd Nelson wear those in The Breakfast Club with a bandana tied around one of them? Great hair and great gams, though.

    • HKS

      Everything you said + a million. Particularly regarding the shorts. They seem really unflattering, but maybe I would like them more in white and not that awful pattern.

  15. Jules

    LOVING those shoes in the first pic. I seriously need those in my life.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I like those, too. And they work great with the dress, and would also look good with lots of other things. Those could be worn with anything from jeans to a medium-dressy kind of dress, and all points in between!

    • Claire1

      Me too!!
      They are a huge improvement on the past couple years of hooves. These actually look like shoes….

  16. Emily

    I just got an e-mail from DSW that said “Which boot look is your favorite for summer?” None. None of them. Who wants to wear boots in the summer?!

    • HelenBackAgain

      Well, it depends where you live… and what you’re doing.

      Like, here in the American Southwest, I mostly wear sandals, but if I want to hit a walking trail, I NEED boots. Scorpions, spiders, snakes, stinging grasses and other plants (some toxic), and, of course, these:

      That one’s on the small side. They run up to about the size of an average hand. Found one in my house the other night! That’s okay, I didn’t need to ever sleep again anyway…

      So yeah. Boots.

  17. Cynthia W

    Sigh… I just want her legs. Well, I’d take the hair, too.

  18. googler

    That first outfit is so cute! It’s also probably really happy to be on Nina Dobrev.

  19. Tiffany

    I love the first dress. Love. Love. Love.
    The second outfit is ok. The stripes and florals are a trendy look that I like, but I am not digging the boots. The pink pumps she wore on the red carpet look better, but still not what I would have gone with.

  20. pidget

    I am just jealous of how very pretty she is. The red dress is lovely, and the shorty combo isn’t my favourite, but she’s so young, pretty and happy that I find myself not really noticing much else.

  21. Gary Davidson

    I don’t think that the top and shorts go together at all. Also I am seriously tired of boots with shorts.

  22. Guerra

    She is really an amazing dresser. She’s like the younger version of diane Kruger

  23. Bottle Ginger

    I never would have realized how large Nina’s feet are, if she hadn’t worn that first pair of shoes.

  24. CoCo TheUntameable Wine

    love the dress..that second outfit just looks weird on her. I like it on the model in the link provided by Anna…but her body idk is just too long in the middle for the those pink heels though..almost makes me want to wear pink.

  25. sarah e

    It’s cold for too long in many places, boots with shorts in late July just looks sweaty.