Come Out and Meet Us!

We are coming to meet you, Fug Nation! Well, maybe. It depends on where you live. Los Angeles, Pasadena, Brooklyn, Northvale (New Jersey), and Boston? IT’S ON. Please come out and say hello to us at any/all of the following (all might be a little crazy, but who are we to judge?)

The events are:

Come out, say hello, get MESSY and SPOILED, get MESSY and/or SPOILED signed, and ask us all kinds of questions about whatever you want — the site, the books, Brick Berlin, how we feel about the Dallas reboot, etc. We promise you a good time!

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Comments (25):

  1. BooRad859

    Fug Nation Rejoices!

  2. Sajorina

    FugGirls, I live overseas, but I want to go to one of your readings/signings/meet & greets so badly that I’m going to try to get on a plane to go see you at WORD in NY, but, even though you’re in their Events Calendar, next to “Messy” it says “Availability: Not On Our Shelves, Usually Arrives In 1-5 Days”… So, does that mean that I can’t buy the book there for you to sign or that you’ll be bringing the books with you? Do I have to get “Messy” before I get there? Please, explain! I ♥ you!

    • Jessica

      Sajorina, that is so nice of you! We can’t wait to meet you. Don’t worry, WORD will have plenty of copies in stock for everyone to buy when they get there!

      • Heather

        And if not, we will problem-solve it for you. I PROMISE.

      • Sajorina

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m soooo getting on that plane and bringing my copy of “Spoiled” & my single older brother (*ahem*, Jessica, *cough*) with me!

  3. Elizabeth

    As a loyal citizen of Fug Nation since its anniversary in 2007–no really, that was the day I first tripped over the site–I naturally have already read, and LOVED, Messy, as I did Spoiled. I’m so sorry you guys won’t (most likely) be coming anywhere near me to do a signing. But I live in Detroit, and really, you guys would be so blinded and emotionally scarred by all the unfortunate Jessica Simpsom mom jeans around here you would lapse into blind mute comas and never write again. So please stay away! But know how much I love you! A LOT. Your books are officially on my Essential Summer Reading List.

    • Elizabeth

      *Simpson* (It gets hot in Detroit–brain killing bad typing hot.)

  4. Sarah

    DC needs some Fug Girl love!!! PLEASE!

  5. vandalfan

    Your beans SO need to visit Glacier National Park. Swing by North Idaho on your way there.

  6. Heather

    The beans WILL be in attendance at The Grove and Vroman’s. And they love people. Especially if you are holding any sporting goods.

  7. mlaxx

    I’d love to see you guys if you were a little closer to Philly. I wouldn’t wish Camden on the unsuspecting, but CherryHill would be a nice compromise.

  8. Sherri Erwin

    I did a signing at WORD! Super nice staff, really wonderful people. I hope I can make it out to see you there. Best wishes with the tour!

  9. shebrihart

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to contain my excitement that you girls are finally making it to Boston, and that I get the chance to see you IN PERSON!! I’ll be the one hyperventilating in the corner, unable to speak…I apologize in advance for my celebrity-induced dumbfoundedness. :)

  10. Eliana

    I’ve been reading you ladies several times a day since 2005 and I’m so excited to see you in Boston! You’re the best!

  11. wendy

    How about the SF (San Fugcisco) Area Girls?????? Please?

  12. amys

    And once done in San Fug, why not swing up to Seattle where I still need my winter coat in the morning and evening!

  13. Michelle

    Awesome that you’re coming out to Boston! I love the Booksmith.

  14. Teri

    Seattle is still waiting for you! Also, i’m super bummed because I’ll be in NY for a week and am leaving the day before your appearance there!

  15. Nicola

    Just finished Messy and loved it! Better than Spoiled (which I also loved). Come to Canada!

  16. mochaleet

    Haha, come to Manhattan! Brooklyn is so faaaar. BTW the Booksmith is great, there’s a Peet’s coffee right next door so you’ll feel right at home.

  17. corriner

    Come to Canada! We love you!! (and by come to Canada, I mean come specifically to Vancouver, because Canada is, after all, a very big place.)


  18. vhary

    Do I have to dress really well? I’m a little worried about showing up with the wrong color lipstick or something.

  19. LisaJo

    I’m wearing the OPI “I’m not really a waitress” polish on my toes that I got at the Messy reading at Keplar’s last year. What would Max’s color be? And can someone please make Max’s version of happen?