Come and Fug It

In case you were wondering if Selena Gomez and The Biebs were back together or not:

She is wearing his pants.

[Photo: Splash]

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Comments (20):

  1.  Carolina Girl

    And they look stupid on her, too!

  2. Lizzy

    Please make it stop!

  3. margaret

    Pillsbury dough boy nightmare

  4. Nanny

    I can’t even believe how stupid those look.

  5. Other Emily

    I just…I can’t. I’m so terribly fond of Selena Gomez, and this is causing me so much pain. So much PAIN.

  6. Squirrel!

    Bieberpants were on So You Think You Can Dance this week. Uuugggghhhhh.

  7. PeggyOC

    If the Ooompa-Loompas had a Smurfette, she’d look like this.

  8. Mrs. Ditter

    Maybe she’s…making fun of him? We can only hope.

  9.  Mel

    No. Just…no

  10. Nora

    Unless you are a Mountie, there’s no excuse for hip balloons.

  11. CC

    Horrible and hilarious. Why are they so tight at the bottom?

  12. mary lou bethune

    Together they may have enough talent to fill a thimble? But together they have gallons of bad taste.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I have no idea whether or not Gomez has any talent, but if she does, it does not include the ability to choose attractive clothing.

  13. Tar Heel Gal

    Oh, surely these must be pants they use a hair dryer to heat shrink on celebs or, er, whoever, and the hair dryer died before they got finished! Surely?! Why would she carry a brick in a pocket for a performance?!! She seems to have lovely hair in pics here on GFY….

  14. Chris P




    Also: WORDS.

  15. nobody much

    also words. and fug madness, I know I have to wait until March, but Selena just made top seed in my book.

  16. Stephanie

    These are not pants… I don’t know what they are, But they are not pants.

  17. Claire1

    I wish she would dress like she interviews. She’s so poised and sweet and a little edgy…. You know she’d be fun to spend time with, but don’t cross her….
    NOW…..she needs to look at whoever hands her these clothes and remind herself that she is Selena Friggen Gomez! And maybe…. talk her friend, Swift into trying on the Bieber pants while she throws on something sparkly and full skirted….

  18.  hillary l.

    And thus her Fug Madness campaign begins.

  19. TonyG

    This is hilarious. It’s like an alien is trying to escape from her hip.