Collette Fugfe

Dear 2011:

When you go — and you WILL go, you jerk, and I will CACKLE as the wall calendar hits you in the nethers on the way out — please take this with you. And all its brethren, progeny, and ilk. The world, and we suspect someday Colleen herself, will thank you. Assuming we ever bother speaking to you again. I will NOT sign your yearbook.

Best wishes, or at least wishes,


P.S. Don’t even THINK about trying to turn 2012 against us or else we will somehow make you keep Kris Humphries and at least two of the Real Housewives.

P.P.S. But thanks for Stefon on Weekend Update. He did help.

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  1. Anne B

    and you WILL go, you jerk, and I will CACKLE as the wall calendar hits you in the nethers on the way out …

    RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I have been showing this bastard of a year the door for weeks now. I can’t wait to hand the thing its fascinator and see it go, trailing foot-eating pants, leg curtains, jumpsuits, and Visible Undies as it leaves.


    • elle

      Yep, and it can take the Duchess of Cambridge and Pointless Pippa with it too. Bugger off, 2011 AND DON’T COME BACK.

  2. SearchCelebrityHD

    She is HOT!

  3. Melody

    Where is the crotch on this? It looks almost as awkward as the Bieber pants the other day. How do people WALK in these things?!?!

  4. vandalfan

    Can 2011 take sheer leg curtains and hoof shoes with it, too? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

    This is made from cheap cotton quilting fabric and is possibly six sizes too big.

    • GingerLover

      Yes please! Goodbye to leg curtains, hoof shoes, shooties, “Baggy Crotched Manpries” (that’s you Biebs), 99% of all strapless dresses, and whatever the hell you call that monstrosity above (jumpsuit?).
      I am however laughing as she looks about to trip on the hem.

  5. Sajorina

    Is this Christina Applegate’s anorexic wax figure? Geez!
    Good Riddance, 2011, I won’t miss you & your fugly fashion trends at all… Don’t let 2012′s door hit you on your way out!
    P. S. I’m with Heather, thank you for Stefon… And, that awesome trip to NYC to see Tori Amos in concert!

    • Anne B

      Seth Meyers: And Osama Bin Laden …?
      Stefon: I hate that guy.

      I <3 Stefon. :)

      • Sajorina

        Ha!!! I love him too! I can imagine him saying: “The best new club in town is GoFugYourself where everybody wears caftans, jumpsuits, formal shorts, hooves, fascinators, feather earrings, mullet dresses, sheer skirts, underwear as outerwear & Cosby sweaters! You can always count on seeing Bai Ling, Aubrey O’Day, Amber Rose & Taylor Momsen there! There’s also a VIP area where members of Fug Nation sit in rockerchairs and have drinks while yelling at club goers! It is all the rage, Seth! *wishes it was true*

  6. Big Noise

    The color and print are interesting, and look fairly good on her — maybe if were a dress instead of The Jumpsuit Of Death?

    • NYCGirl

      I was thinking the same– it might be okay as a dress (and sans that humongous belt).

  7. shebrihart

    I would prefer that 2011 take with it ALL the Kardashians.

  8. Sosha

    It would be totally fab as a dress!!! I hate these jumpsuits!!!

  9. G

    Scrolldown fug. The top half is nice, if a bit dull, but below the waist? Awful.

    • Corntree

      I totally agree that this is a scrolldown fug. I thought, “Why are they fugging this?” until I saw it was PANTS. Blegh.

  10. anny

    Who is this? (I often rely on the tags for clues, and there isn’t one …)

    • yeahandalso

      my guess is somebody named Collette or Colleen, I don’t think they are too sure either LOL

  11. Hot Sales Blog

    I don’t like it, REALLY uncool look!

    ALMOST half THOUSAND FASHION posts already!