CMA Awards Fug Carpet: Lauren Alaina

I don’t have a problem with the dress itself, although holy cats, that is more makeup than a young thing needs.

But that necklace is CRAZY. It’s like a ten-ton lapping tongue. It looks like the kind of thing someone on a TV shopping show would describe with a lot of words like “diamante” and “emeraldiste” and “rubyite” before amazing you with its $99.99 price tag.

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  1. Kate B

    It’s part of the dress, no? It looks like a jeweled halter piece that’s attached to the front there.

  2. Lauren

    It is a necklace, or a part of the dress? A bedazzled halter-esque sort of thing?It almost looks as though it splits apart at the back. like straps, rather than coming together as a necklace would. Either way, it’s just as over the top as all that slap on her face. Remember Homer and Marge and the makeup gun?

    • Lindy

      That thing is part of the dress; it’s the halter.

      That girl is 17-years-old! Seventeen! The makeup and hair styling choices make her look 35! That’s a crime against youth.

      • pidget

        Really?!? Still a teenager? Someone should be held accountable for this, and not allowed to be so mean again. She’s probably lovely under all that stuff and stiffness.

        I do love the swirly warm red, though. Perhaps a total re-do in the same fabric, making a modest but fun swishy mini to show off sparkly shoes… and with loose hair and gentle, beachy makeup. Why pave over a lily?

        • Rowynn

          Yeah, I like the tomato-red dress, and even the halter thingy isn’t bothering me too much, but… yikes! If anyone but you guys told me this was a photo of a teenage girl, I just plain would not believe it. I’d have said 35 if she’s a day. Wow.

      • Laura V


        I. I was surprised when she was called “a young thing” in the copy because from the pic I’d assumed in her 40s.

        Girl, whoever is doing your makeup HATES YOU.

  3. Tamburlaine

    It looks like a part of the dress, to my eyes. I like it.

  4. Tracy L

    I too am pretty sure it’s part of the dress. A little over the top, yes, but i like it and the rest of the dress. Although the dress could be hemmed a bit shorter. Agree too she is wearing too much foundation makeup, and she could lose the earrings. Overall, the dress is a win for me.

  5. Emma

    Part of the dress or not, the bejewelled part is ugly, and the makeup is horrendous. Waaay too much bronzer with too-pale ashy concealer, blue eyeshadow and red lips: she’s drifting into Tammy Faye Baker territory.

  6. Audrey

    I’m fairly certain it’s part of the dress…

    The dress itself is kind of prom-y but not out of this world bad. The make-up is a miss, I agree.

  7. Alle C

    I’m agreeing with the rest of the Nation and saying that I think it’s part of the dress. It’s a totally understandable mistake, though, as you usually don’t see crystal-encrusted cleavage nooses anywhere other than beauty pageants or midwestern proms.

  8. Anita

    Another vote for “it’s part of the dress.” Also, according to Wiki, she’s only 18. Between the dress and the styling, she looks old enough to be her own mother, and then some. Love the color of the dress, though.

    • Mair Mair

      18? She’s only 18? Holy cow, girl. Trowel off the makeup and enjoy your youth. It’ll be gone soon enough.

      • jean

        18? She looks about forty. That is a shame. And so wrong of her team if she has one. But she does have a lovely smile and seems happy, so good for her.

  9. China

    Yeah, I’m hopping on board the “it’s part of the dress” train — it definitely forms the keyhole. That said, I wish it weren’t.

  10. Vandalfan

    The jeweled neckpiece is a part of the dress, but it shouldn’t be. It’s too thick and heavy and clunky, and the color does not look right under the lights with the pretty fabric. A plain red strap of the same fabric would have been better. And with that makeup, I though she was 40.

  11. Lauren

    It’s def part of the dress but I am breaking ranks and saying I love it!!

  12. Sandra

    The dress is wearing the young lady. Her homework is to write “I will not wear anything that makes me look twice my age” 100 times.

  13. Stefanie

    Umm…the color is pretty. (Hurray for saying something nice!)

  14. amys

    Mary Hart looks GREAT! I’ll ignore the giant bejeweled tongue and spackled makeup, but goodness, does anyone else feel the need to mentally hoist that bodice up a scooch? At 18, no need to be so low.

  15. ChristieLea

    Sweet discount Halloween candy, this girl’s a teenager?! She looks like a 40-year-old society matron.

  16. katkin74

    I watched her on American Idol and she was very cute, slightly chubby and really down to earth. I’ll bet she’s genuinly having a good time, but it looks like the fame engine may have gotten it’s hooks in another one. She does have WAY too much makeup on – she’s very cute under all that on AI. Why can’t they just let people be who they are?!

  17. Linda Brinkley Noble

    Sorry, dress is bad, too-looks like a couple of sets of orange satin sheets…

  18. Bonnie Klein

    17 and looks like Nancy Grace. Pregnant Nancy Grace. In some sort of pageant. I need to stop. It keeps getting worse.

  19. ringthing

    Whether it’s a necklace or part of the dress, you had me at emeraldiste and rubyite. Snort.

  20. Helen

    If the – I’m going to guess crystal? – neckpiece were just scaled down, so that it was about half the thickness and breadth we see here, I think it would be a delightful touch of whimsy. Earrings, too, just remove the lower half.

    And obviously this poor girl needs to fire her hair/makeup person or people. She’d have done far, far better to just undo that hairdon’t, wash off the spackle, and go bare-faced. At her age, she can probably look fabulous in just a little mascara and lip gloss.

    I think the dated highlights style is another thing that’s aging her. I remember that look from the ’70s.

  21. Sajorina

    By this look I gather that she’s 41, a former Miss Alabama, and is desperately trying to hang on to her glory days! Sad…

  22. Anna Svahn

    I agree, the “necklace” is part of the dress and a bad part at that.

  23. Karab

    Hair, makeup, dress all too old for her. I honestly thought she was around 50. I had to look her up online to see if she really was a youngster.