Claire Fuglien

Well, at least she’s still trying things…? Unfortunately, for whatever reason, what she’s trying put the song “On The Wings of Love” into my head and now that’s all I can see or hear.

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  1. nobody much

    really? another naked dress? yawn.

  2. Nanny

    I hate it. And the back of it makes her spine look like she’s an alien, like in Species or Falling Skies.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes! The spine really freaked me out.

      And that all the embroidery is on the slip portion… isn’t that kind of a cue that nothing you’re wearing counts as an actual dress?

      • Vandalfan

        Third-ed. Quite spinal, there in back. And the nude liner hanging down below the hem, and vestigial long sleeves, double ick.

  3. vittles

    This dress reminds me of the dresses from the 90s that were basically printed pantyhose fabric worn over slip dress. Anyone else remember those? I loved mine and thought it made me look so cool and chic.

    Also, her braid is a different color than the rest of her hair. This is most apparent in the front shot.

    • vittles

      I should have added that is did not actually make me look cool or chic. I just thought it did.

      • O

        Yep. I had a version of the 90s dress, except instead of pantyhose fabric over a slip dress, mine was crochet over a slip dress.

    • JessicaAZ

      Oh yeah, I had one of those in the 90′s too. it was nude with a black overlay — my Dad freaked out when he saw me wear it!

  4. Stefanie

    I must have bonked my head last night because (other than the back, the shoes and the ruffle at the bottom) I like this.

    • O

      I like this, too. And, I don’t mind the ruffle in the front shot. (I dislike the ruffle in the side shot). The shoes are awful, though.

      • CakesOnAPlane

        I feel like I could like it if it were just one dress and a color. And different shoes. And hair.

        • Aphy

          Cakes, that’s what I was thinking. If the liner were a beautiful blue or green tone, I think this dress would have been much better. I still hate the shoes, hair and back detail, but with a color it wouldn’t be quite so ick.

    • Kate

      I like the underlying dress, at least from what I can tell. Was it supposed to be pair with the sheer overlay, or not?

    • Elle

      I looked at the first picture and thought why are they always complaining? She looks nice-maybe not great but at least OK. Then I looked at the other pictures.

  5. Jenny

    It looks like she painted her living room white, used the overdress as the dropcloth, and spilled. And the back looks like her spine has been opened up and we are seeing backbone.

  6. Celeste

    One of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen!

  7.  HelenBackAgain

    I do really like her earrings, rings, and that gorgeous mother-of-pearl clutch (heavy on the covet, Faddah).

    But, in addition to the other heinous fashion faults committed herein – bracelet sleeves mean bracelets, darnit! That’s what they’re FOR.

  8.  Courtney

    This is really bad. I wasn’t even convinced that it was a bird at first glance. It looks like an awkwardly placed splotch to me. Those shoes, I just don’t understand. Everything looks so strange and uncomfortable.

  9. MKKS

    I HATE THE SHOES. They look inspired by a Pier 1 hammock inspired by Gray’s Anatomy.

    • MKKS

      Wait, I don’t know if I made myself clear enough about how much I HATE THE SHOES. STABBY FLAMES OF SEETHING FIRE WORDS WORDS WORDS ALL THE FUG GO-TO’S ON HOW MUCH I HATE THE SHOES I HATE THEM THAT MUCH. I hate the shoes.

    • scone

      The shoes make me want to vomit.

    • Sajorina

      I think I like the shoes as much as you hate them!

  10. maryse

    i think the shoes are beyond hideous. i would use gross. but the dress doesn’t bother me. she looks pretty.

  11. Sandra

    Why didn’t anybody tell her that her slip is hanging out below her hemline?

    (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s supposed to be a design feature; it’s really just dumb and ugly)

  12. Dazie

    I like the heels and soles of the shoes, but holy hell. What is holding them on her feet? Nightmares and bondage gear.

  13. Kate

    I suspect I wouldn’t care about the shoes either way if they were paired with a denim miniskirt and a spaghetti strap tank top like the 90s intended.

  14. Kristen from MA

    This is sort of a cheap-ass tacky version of the stunning Temperley dress that Duchess Kate wore in the south pacific. The ice blue one with the white lace overlay. This dress is as ugly as Kate’s is beautiful.

  15.  amys

    A crime against nature.

  16. Cynthia W

    The shoes and, well, the dress are terrible. She’s looks awfully saucy in the second and third pictures though, so, while I hate her outfit, I really like HER.

  17. Jeanette

    The bird’s head and beak are in a very unfortunate spot…. Actually ‘Unfortunate’ is an apt word to describe this mess. Well except for the shoes – which require a thesaurus of hate.

  18. Sajorina

    I don’t understand it, but I don’t hate it for some strange reason! I just find it interesting! Plus, the shoes look like sculptures and I love art, so I’m totally intrigued by them!

  19. esther p.

    yeahhhh …. NO.

  20. Franziska

    It reminds me of a straight jacket from the back and something mouldy is eting her alive from the front. Those shoes…. my eyes, my eyes!

  21. Cutebutnerdy

    I like this. I would wear it. The shoes are awful.

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