CFDA Mostly Well Played: Solange

Reach back to, say, the poncho cloud. Did you ever envision a time when Solange consistently would be more right than fright? And yet here we are.

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  1. McLisa

    Cute. And it’s not strangely velcro’d to her underwear.

  2. CJ

    Solange is so pretty. I think I’d be into this if that dress were a tiny bit shorter and she was sans two rings… and the one ring was on the other hand? I like the bracelets.

  3. Leah

    I still own the lucite heels I bought circa 2002. I was pretty sure I was the sexiest woman on the planet.

  4. ccm800

    head to to – encased in plastic and all – LOVE this.

  5. Ines

    first plastic shoes i love from heel to toe!
    not so much the bag with this

  6. katkin74

    I think I can even get behind the shoes on this one. I didn’t do a close up so maybe that’s my bad, but the whole outfit looks really great on her, even the shoes.

  7. Kat

    ” plastic shoes are Satan’s tongue-scrapers”… Brick Berlin, is that you?

  8. Eliza Bennett

    I love all the accessories, AND the dress. My groovy mom totally wore those exact things. Every time I see a pic of my mom before she got married (40 years ago! I can hardly believe it, or that she waited nearly 15 years to have ME) I scream, “WHY didn’t you keep your CLOTHES?!” Will no one think of the children? So….Solange, please keep this dress in case you have a daughter, or to hand down to Blue Ivy. We know she won’t want to wear her mom’s purple gorilla hair dress.

  9. Lina


  10. Kate

    Love the dress, don’t love the bag. At least not with this. Plus it looks like the kind of clutch you literally have to clutch so hard your fingers are sore. I need a handle or a bag small enough to hold in a hand, or it’s not worth it.

  11. lori

    I think she nailed this. Plastic shoes and all. In the second picture – they really work well together. Tear – she makes me proud…. who knew???

  12. WhooflPomp

    Really now.. Love the dress, purse, and shoes…

    Please, someone, do something with her hair.

  13. dawn

    agreed. Dress and purse are lovely- hair is whackadoo.

    • Art Eclectic

      Yeah, I only had eyes for that hair. Girlfriend needs a new coif.

  14. PD

    Her hair = natural slash awesome. Not remotely whackadoo… Well, maybe a little whackadoo but without all the pejorative-ness.

    • fiatluxury

      agreed: i love a natural ‘fro and solange’s is HOT.

    • Kara

      Word. That’s how her hair comes out of her head. No flat-iron, no weave, no wig. (I KNEW the hair she was sporting at the Met Ball was a wig.) I think she looks great.

  15. Cranky Old Batt

    I was going to diss the plastic shoes for cheapening this until the last photo where you can see the polka dots are plastic doohickies anyway.

    I don’t like the handbag with the dress. The plaid vs dots is okay but the colors are meh to me.

    But the cut of that dress is dead on perfect for her.

  16. The Fugger

    I’m still not ENTIRELY on board with her hair – mostly because it seems uneven.

    I don’t know whether she needs a trim (A TRIM, not to chop it off) or to grow it out. I will say though, that as a black dude who’s let his own hair grow out: She looks 100x as awesome as I would with that length.

    • Katharine

      I like the unevenness. I feel like it makes it more of the moment — a neatly trimmed big natural is so 1970s, no? This looks just very cool and flattering and undone yet glorious and she owns it.

      Also loving the yellow, and even the shoes with this (trying not to think about toe sweat), but agree with others above that the clutch looks really impractical and useless and uncomfortable to hold.

  17. Jessica

    I love her hair. I wish it were on my own head.

    I mean, it wouldn’t work on me. But still. I love it on her.

  18. Shiitake

    She looks fantastic in yellow.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree….love the dress!

    • Heather

      Yes! I always envy Ladies Who Can Wear Yellow because I am not, nor ever will be, one of them. She looks great!

  19. Nancy

    I normally agree about plastic shoes, but based on these photos, I think these look really good with the outfit.
    The bag is cool, but not with this dress.

    • WithoutaK

      Agree 100%. I am actively TRYING to hate those shoes but they work with the overall look. And I love that purse but not with this dress. It just seems like too much going on.

  20. Maretha2

    I hate plastic shoes … except these, with that dress. It just works. She looks incredible from head to toe.
    And I deeply covet this dress, even though I have neither the coloring nor the shape of Solange to pull it off.

  21. Caroleena Stantonova

    Her hair could use some refinement. That dress makes me think of bubble wrap–and I love to pop those thingies.

  22. vandalfan

    Love the bubble wrap dress, and I’ve always had a soft spot for clear plastic heels- so sue me! I would prefer the nifty bag with something cream; it seems to kind of clash with the stark white details of this dress.

  23. jenny

    Is that dress made of the thing that keeps my daughter from slipping in the tub? Except sparklier?

  24. shannon

    her natural hair is gorgeous – maybe the ends could be cleaned up a bit but i love how it highlights her amazing bone structure. damn. those knowles girls have some badass genes. is there any way i could have a biological child with one of them? no? ok, we need to get on that, stat.

  25. guerra

    omg I LOVE this! just all of it!! and normally plastic shoes are terrible but these are so cool. Shes becoming quiet the stylish lady

  26. Sajorina

    I love the dress, the shoes, the jewelry & the amazing clutch… Everything is AWESOME! Solange, on the other hand, not so much! Still, FAB! *The only FAB I’ve ever given her*

  27. Elite Model Bcn

    Solange is just amazing in that dress and the jewelry. Love it!

  28. ChaChaHeels

    Maybe she’ll turn out to be the Tasteful sister.

  29. Ms.A

    This dress looks like a bathmat. I want to love it, but I can’t.

  30. Softwear

    The dress is really flattering. The clutch is fab. But do they work together? I think they might be having a fight.

  31. Helen

    The shoes remind me of something I saw on a stripper friend in the ’80s, which you’d think would be good because she was my friend, but no. And I think the purse (I am not sure it is intended to be a clutch – my bet is, there’s a chain or a loop handle tucked inside it that is really meant to be used), while very attractive, does belong with a different outfit.

    However: Love the dress, love the hair, she really works that deep V in a non-potential-nip-slip way, which is a neat trick all by itself, and yes, she looks fabulous in yellow. I even like all the bracelets and rings together. She’s come a long way! Taking it as a whole, I think this looks terrific.

  32. Kit

    Love the dress and OMG her handbag is to DIE for. So. want. *sobs*

  33. sarah

    If there was a most improved fug madness, she’d win it hands down.

  34. mimi

    Going natural is the best thing she’s ever done. Maybe the hair chemicals were the fug source before. This is lovely–except for the jarring purse. Can’t handle the print on print. Can’t.

  35. Sasha

    I was under the impression that having natural hair does not give you a free pass to allow it to go all wonky shaped. If she would just trim it so it looked more deliberate I think this look would be glorious.

  36. d.j.

    Love the dress and purse – and really hate the hair!

  37. gigi

    just wish she’d moisturize better — she always looks so dry… natural hair is frigging awesome, but when it looks like it could blow off your head in a strong wind like a tumbleweed, meh…. perhaps she’s doing some kind of ‘contrasts’ concept… beautiful girl tho…. so much more than her sister