CFDA Fug or Fab: Olsen Twins/MTV Movie Awards Well Played, Mila Kunis

I offer you this photo as proof that the Olsen Twins ARE detachable. Which may disappoint Justin Timberlake, if he started dating Ashley (allegedly) in the hope that it was a two-for-one deal. Ashley seemed unusually cheerless on this night in her stumpifying dress, which MAY be attributable to what her supposed fling was up to the night before in California. AND with a girl who knows how to dress for her height. Tough break.

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  1. Carolina Girl

    How is it that Mila Kunis always looks so cute? She has one hell of a stylist!

  2. Peggy

    Ashley gets a pass. The color is lovely, you can actually see her, she doesn’t look like a grandmother, and overall it’s summery and cute. MK is a definite no-no-no. The two together equal an iffy vote. One yes, one no.

  3. Erika

    They actually look sort of, almost….normal. Kind of. But WTH! is going on w/ JT and Mila? Is this supposed to be some joke about the wardrobe malfunction? B/c it’s giving me hives just looking at it.

  4. Kelsey

    “Palming Justin’s timbersnake…”
    Thank you from the depths of my heart.

  5. Sara Jane

    Mila looks sensational (glossy hair!) but this schtick with JT screams of ‘see our lame movie’ desperation.
    And I think the Olsen’s look fine , actually. I think that’s just because they’ve looked so awful previously. I reckon they probably have some form of body dysmorphia, with all the hiding under shapeless clothes.

  6. TTbelle

    Mila is awesome. I barely notice who’s it cupping her boobs in those pics.

    I predict the Olsens will hit their stride in their 30′s.

  7. The Other Molly

    For the love of God, will someone take these wee twins aside and quietly explain to them that they KNOW NOTHING about fashion.
    I really think they should turn their attention to designing for their line of troll dolls.

  8. megs283

    I just realized that Mila sort of looks like a dark-haired Olsen twin.

    And for the love of God, where’s Faith Hill screaming about respecting someone’s man and not grabbing his crotch just cuz you feel like it? Not that JT gets a pass either… thank God I’m not dating a celeb… I’m way too uptight for that scene!

  9. Gigi

    It’s cool if JT cups your boobs in your bedroom, not on stage. Mila may look good, and I covet that skirt, but I’m with Sara Jane: just say no to desparate celebrity schticks.

  10. Anne B

    “Bring it on down to Olsenville.”

    I just love you so much. <3

  11. Chasmosaur

    If the dress was hemmed, Ashley’s dress is actually nice. Great color for her and very simple. MK does look healthy, but completely crap outfit.

  12. Brianne

    I kind of adore Mila Kunis more and more every time I see her out. She is so adorable, and you’re right about the skirt. Also, that last picture is absolutely my favourite. “Yeah, this happened. What of it?”

  13. Eliza Bennett

    Seriously inappropriate, Mila.
    P.S. :Where do you shop?

  14. Kris

    I’ve never been a big JT fan, but this didn’t really help… Grow up and keep your teenage hormones in check.

  15. Beth

    I must have gotten old at some point recently, because I saw these pictures and thought, 1. “I’m way over anything having to do with Justin Timberlake,” 2. “Kids watch these things?” and 3. “Since when is this appropriate in any public setting?” Nevermind the Olsen twins, who are just trying to stay relevant; I would punch a guy, even a friend, who decided to cup my boobs out of “friendship.” That’s for doctors and significant others, and not in public.

  16. Maura

    Those photos are JT and Mila are hilarious. The expressions on her face are cracking me right the hell up.

    I think the less said about the Olsen twins, the better. Those girls never had a chance for a normal life.

  17. Kary

    Mila wins — hair, outfit, makeup. Everything.

  18. Tracy

    I think JT and Mila doth protest too much. Their chemistry in off the charts. I saw them on Ellen, and they practically couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

    The Olsen twins? Seriously, what is wrong with these two? They always look horrible. They need a stylist, stat! They are young, pretty and rich. Why can’t they actually dress like that?

  19. EmSpeaks

    I’m with Beth.
    As for the Olsens…yawn.

  20. vandalfan

    If Mila is under age 18, her dad should beat the living snot out of JT for that. I’d be inclined to deck him myself, but not just for inappropriate touching, for his entire career and existence.

    But I digress. Mila’s skirt is darling, and if MK swaps with her, I could forgive her resplendent Jacket Du Grande Dame. Ashley is not wearing an unhemmed bridesmaid’s dress, she is wearing the LINER of an unhemmed bridesmaid’s dress. Still, it’s a color; she’ll pass. I really do love their handbags, but not here. Clutches, please. There are so many cute ones these days.

  21. Evalyn

    I have to say the twins look good – I mean, skin and color both at the same time! However, I still can’t tell them apart.
    Mina is very cute, and that skirt is stunning.

  22. Lina

    Mila looks great, but the schtick is annoying. To me, JT is sort of like the gum on the bottom of classroom desks. It’s inevitable and a little gross and predictably off-putting…and yet it would be weird to find a desk without gum stuck to the bottom.

    The twins are what they are, and it would be weird for them to suddenly start wearing clothes that reveal their shape. Going out dressed in giant tents at least gives them some physical privacy — because you’re totally right: they don’t need to flaunt their bodies for attention; they already get entirely too much of it. Also, it’s great to see MK looking so healthy.

  23. Cookie

    I can’t believe these two have a line of handbags in the 5,000 mark, minimum! look at em…they look like 9 year olds who have raided their granny’s wardrobe. Woeful, woeful looking. They need to be told they are too short to wear these overwhelming, long outfits they look like weird little midgets from some weird island someone discovered and they are being paraded around for the public.

  24. Lisa K

    I wish the Olsen’s would go through an Audrey Hepburn period, they are so tiny, find a good tailor and embrace her!

  25. Heather

    Mila is way over 18, so we’re good there, vandalfan. She’s actually 27. Although her dad might still want to beat the snot out of JT.

  26. wordphreak

    WTF? Who the hell does JT think he is? And why is she putting up with that? This kind of behavior teaches boys that it’s okay, and it most definitely is not. I want to cut his hands off.

  27. Mary

    You know, I was going to ask for more details about the JT/Mila pix (where the hell are they? are they taking questions from the audience while they fondle each other? in what POSSIBLE context would this be funny/cute/even mildly ok?) But on second thought . . . never mind. I just don’t care.

  28. CJ

    Mila looks utterly gorgeous. I covet her skirt, though I would have to wear it two sizes bigger and at least 4 inches longer. For those who are wondering why these two are groping each other, they are promoting their movie about being “friends with benefits.” Didn’t see the skit — could be funny or gross. I’ll have to check it out.

  29. jnadreau

    Wow – the Olsens have ankles! Alert the media! Now if we can only get them to smile, and stop wearing their grandmother’s clothes.

    The public groping makes me way too uncomfortable. However, I do covet Mila’s skirt.

  30. molly

    correct me if i’m wrong, but i think mary kate is the one in the dress. ashley is in the gold jacket. i’m only saying that because mary kate’s face is generally the one that looks like it’s been…altered.

  31. molly

    or maybe i’m wrong! now i’m not sure.

  32. Kris

    I really can’t give the Olsen twins a “fab” just for making it up to “barely passable”. It would be like giving Taylor Momsen a “well played” for throwing on some sweatpants with her bustier. Only one of them made it to “eh”, so the twin total is still fug. As for JT and Mila – how long is it going to take MTV to figure out that its attempts to seem shocking and edgy only make them look desperate?

  33. Annie E

    I am totally also a fan of Ashley Olsen and Justin Timberlake hooking up/dating/getting married and having babies. Both the twins look fine. Are the Kunis/Timberlake rumors so rampant that they warrant mocking?

  34. kathy

    olsens are always fug – half goth, half pixie equals all pathetic

  35. kathy

    mary kate is the one that looks most like an olsen twin

  36. aly

    Sad. Kunis went from cool/ indie chick to attention whore/slutty/Hollywood dime-in-a-dozen girl.

    Is this what happens to anyone that makes it in Hollywood? I thought she was all against all of that she is just like any Paris/ Kardashian party girl slut.

  37. Erika

    Is it just me, or are the twins reversed? I thought that the twin with the lighter hair and less mopey face was Ashley. I saw the picture and thought that Ashley was in the jacket, and MK in the dress.

  38. Sajorina

    OMG, Heather! “Bring it on down to Olsenville” & “Timbersnake” had me laughing out loud!

    I like what Ashley is wearing; it’s soft, delicate and very un-baglady-like! But, Mary Kate looks like my mother wants to look for my wedding and she’s in her mid 60s! Both of their shoes are nice, though!

    And, can I have Mila’s skirt delivered to my front door in my size? Thank you…

  39. Anna

    Ashley’s shoes are foul early nineties bridesmaid throwbacks. The kind of thing you can pick up in any charity shop in the UK. Their outfits? Can’t even be bothered, it makes me feel depressed just looking at them both.

    Some of the above comments have to have been made by twelve year old virgins, JT and Mila are taking the piss, it’s funny, it’s not serious, and it’s not assault, get a grip.

  40. Jessica B

    I’m with Anna. I can’t believe nobody mentioned Ashley’s shoes. I wore similar ones to my junior prom. In a year that started with a 19.

  41. Kyrsten

    I think Ashley and MK dress the way that they do as protecting self from all of the scrutiny from the tabloids that they have received their entire life. I wouldn’t be surprised if both twins dressed in much more form fitting clothes when they are at home or away from the prying eyes of the media. Remember all of the comparison photos when MK was accused of anorexia? I really think this is her way (with her sister’s support) to say eff you to the media. If they can only see her face, then there is nothing to say about her body except the baggy clothes.

  42. vandalfan

    Whew. I’m feeling a little better about Mila’s dad. That schtick is contributing to the general coarsening of public conduct, and partially serves to encourage horny old European bankers to molest hapless, hard working housekeepers. It’s uncool, and disrespectful. See Also: Momsen

  43. Becky

    Palming Justin’s timbersnake…

    Best caption line EVER. I love you for this.

  44. Jess

    I don’t think that MK looks good here but I think Ashley looks great, minus the awkward hemline. I like the colour of the dress and the yellowy tone of the shoes and the necklace. I think Mila looks nice yet boriing. At least the Olsens are something different to look in a sea of same, same. Re: ‘the 12 year old virgins’ comment above. The thing that annoys people about stuff like this is that it’s always women who get grabbed at and sexualised as a joke. It’s never the other way around. Even if they both thought it was funny, it gets really tiring to see.

  45. Bessie Hsu

    The jacket ages her about a good 20+ years…….