CFDA Awards Fug or Fab: Hailee Steinfeld


First of all, I cannot see the step-and-repeat of this event without hearing it being read to me a la the Swarovski Crystals commercials on SNL. I’m sure the Swarovski people are thrilled that a big fat percentage of people now pronounce their brand as “Saaaaaahbooossssssssseeee crsssyals” and then pretend to fall over. I wish the SNL Swarovski Girls were sponsoring this event, although that would have lead to a lot more bandage dresses, and butt-related injuries for Vanessa Bayer, and probably both of those are best avoided. ANYWAY. Hailee:

There are a LOT of aspects of this that are potentially problematic: that awkward length, the cropped top, the fact that it might be covered in….Faberge eggs? On the other hand, it’s kind of groovy in a Extra At Sally Draper’s Prom kind of way.

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Comments (23):

  1. AJ

    I actually saw via Twitter stalking that Swarovski sent the girls some champagne flutes in honor of the sketch. Classy!

  2. k

    I liked it in thumbnail when I thought there was a sash/belt at the waist instead of skin. I disapprove of the crop top trend, though, so no matter how cute this looks on HER, I have to fug this.

  3. EmilyAP

    The length makes me look at her feet too much. Feet are ugly. Therefore, I hate looking at this.

    • Cristina

      I’d rather look at ankles and feet than knees any day. I’m so glad to see mid-calf and longer skirts these days.

  4. Sandra

    This is an UnFug It Up. Hack a swath off the hem of that sucker and use it to splice the top and skirt together and we might be in business. Though I do still hate that it has its hands in its pocketses, Precious.

  5. Kristen

    If the skirt was just a little sleeker, I think I’d love it. I think she looks cute, and its an interesting look. I just think the skirt isn’t as flattering as it could be.

  6. qwertygirl

    The print looks like Angry Birds to me. Culturally relelvant (although Angry Birds feel like SO five minutes ago these days), but as a print on a “dressy dress” they are somewhat questionable, IMO.

    • Ailatan

      I thought it looked like a vintage style Christmas table settings. We used to have something like that in Un-Christmassy colours.

  7. Vandalfan

    The casual fabric looks better not encrusted with crystals, and this could be a cute if the skirt was a mini and she was at some day event. I don’t think I can buy into a crop top anywhere but on the beach or outdoors.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Agreed, with a short (and better fitted) skirt, this could be cute for daytime.

      As it is, I had to fail it, and only partly because it’s so inappropriate for the event. I also just think everything about the cut of that skirt is hideous, in entirety.

  8. Annie S.

    Do I hate this outfit? Yes. Do I hate this outfit on Miss Steinfeld? No. I think this is a case of the right girl for the outfit, even if that outfit is cracked out – think SWINTON for the teen set, if you will. She’s got the right vibe for something like this; it’s very ’60s free-spirited and nonchalant, and the styling really helps.

  9. Kate

    I think this would be vastly improved with an updo/different hairstyle.

  10.  Courtney

    I think it is age appropriate. She looks very sweet here, even with her modest little band of exposed midriff. Giving her a fab.

  11. SharonCville

    I agree with everyone about shortening the length a bit and I question the crop top (although she seems to be pulling it off), but I must add that One should never match One’s lipstick to One’s outfit. That orange lipstick is not flattering on her– with her coloring she would look SO much better with a wine or berry color (not Hot Topic Dried Blood dark, but something in the red/pink range).

  12.  karacocoa

    I think she looks lovely. I wouldn’t like this on someone older though

  13. Tiffany

    That skirt is awful. I hate the shape. I think the length wouldn’t be so bad if it had a better shape. It looks like the texture of a curtain. It hangs like a block. It appears as if there are dark shorts under the top portion. I bet you could put the skirt on the ground and it would stand all on its own.

  14. Sajorina

    “Saaaaaahbooossssssssseeee crsssyals” Ahahahahahahahaha!!!! I laughed so hard that my mom came to see if I was alright! WIN!

  15. fritanga

    The print looks like tomatoes to me, and while this is a summery motif, it also looks like something Elle Fanning should wear, only with more stiff organza and really weird uncomfortable-looking shoes.