Fugger: Zoe Saldana

Recent Fugs and Fabs: Zoe Saldana

Nope. Nothing to see here at all.

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Not So Casual Fuggerday: Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan at the Guardians of the Galaxy Photocall

Zoe Saldana, rumor has it, is annoyed that the press is speculating on her pregnancy (which, dude, if you were just our neighbor down the hall, we’d ALSO turn to our husband and say, “hey! Zoe Saldana in 11A is totally pregnant, right?” It’s human nature) but I think she should spend her spare time being DELIGHTED that she looks so pretty at the moment:

Even if she had to layer the dress she was originally planning to wear over a slip, for modesty purposes now. (PS: Thumbs up on the shoes, Zoe. Karen, I’m not sure what’s happening on your feet, exactly, but the rest of you is a treat. Carry on.)

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Well Played: Zoe Saldana in Valentino

I think this is one of those dresses that can be twee and irritating on the wrong woman, but totally charming and fabulous under the right circumstances and “subtly quasi-concealing a pregnancy” is very possibly one of those circumstances.

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What The Fug: Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton

Actually, let’s begin with a perfectly regular outfit, from Zoe’s Instagram feed:

Zoe Saldana Instagram pregnancy

After weeks and weeks of midriff-nonspecific clothing, this tucked-and-tight Monique Lhuillier sure seems tantamount to making the announcement everyone has been speculating is coming. And I mention that first, because knowing it somehow makes this second outfit FUNNY-awful in addition to just awful-awful:

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Not So Casual Fuggerday: Fugs and Fabs at the Step-Up Inspiration Awards

Sometimes people are somewhat confounded by a daytime event.

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Cannes Fug or Fab: Zoe Saldana in Etro

I want to like this. It’s weird and loud, and I always want to give the benefit of the doubt to things that are not flesh-toned nighties.

But every time I look at it, the top tricks me into thinking her boobs are migrating south for the summer. And I don’t think the Migratory Patterns of the Two-Breasted Saldana are something we should be studying right now.

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