Zoe Saldana

The Guardians of the Galaxy Take London

Apr 25, 2017 by Heather at 7:00 AM

Chris Pratt Joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Apr 24, 2017 by Heather at 1:00 PM

Zoe Saldana Guards The Galaxy Like a Traffic Cone

Apr 20, 2017 by Heather at 7:00 AM
I love the color, actually; the rest, we should discuss. Read More »

Stars Range From Fine To Yikes in Victoria Beckham x Target

Apr 4, 2017 by Heather at 2:00 PM

The First of Many Oscar Weekend Parties

Feb 24, 2017 by Heather at 11:30 AM

Golden Globes 2017: The Guccis

Jan 10, 2017 by Heather at 9:00 AM
Or at least, the big ones: Felicity Jones and Zoe Saldana. Read More »

Zoe Saldana Wears a Monse I Don’t Hate at the AMAs

Nov 21, 2016 by Jessica at 2:00 PM
This feels vaguely patriotic. Read More »

Fug or Fab: Zoe Saldana in Gucci at the LACMA Art + Film Gala

Oct 31, 2016 by Jessica at 12:00 PM
Because this event always happens on Halloween weekend, I appreciate it when the celebs give a nod to the joys… Read More »

What the Fug: Zoe Saldana in Rodarte

Aug 31, 2016 by Heather at 10:00 AM
Let us spin the Wheel of Rodarte once more. Will we get "cute and lively day dress"? "Kitchy themed gown"? Read More »

Fugs or Fabs: Zoe Saldana and the Star Trek Gang

Aug 23, 2016 by Heather at 1:00 PM
This photo amuses me, and it's not because of the Vulcan greeting being universally dispensed. I… Read More »

Well Upgraded: Zoe Saldana in Burberry

Aug 19, 2016 by Heather at 11:00 AM
Ooh, it's a nice Friday. First we get Emily Blunt, and then Zoe Saldana shows up all coolly competent. Read More »

Fug or Fab: Zoe Saldana at the Star Trek Beyond Premiere in Givenchy

Jul 21, 2016 by Jessica at 8:00 AM
Zoe has skipped all the Star Trek Beyond premieres to date -- although she's been doing plenty of TV and… Read More »

Met Gala Well Played, Zoe Saldana in Dolce & Gabbana

May 3, 2016 by Jessica at 7:30 AM

Mildly Played: Zoe Saldana

Nov 20, 2015 by Heather at 12:00 PM
This is so very simple: It looks great on her, and I like the little lacy bonus… Read More »
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