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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Twelve

Today! Wills and Kate went to something called The Royal Easter Show, which best as I could figure out — please help me, Australians! — is somewhat like a really really LARGE county fair here in the US, full of livestock-shearing exhibits and people’s prize-winning pumpkins and whatnot. I actually love those parts of the fair: the livestock and the jams and the pies. The Los Angeles County Fair has an entire exhibition of tablescapes, and it is tremendous. I also have a friend who once cooked a literally prize-winning pie, which is just the best. In other words, this seems fun and also it led to some excellent photos, as you will soon see. A TON of people came out both to see them — Richard Palmer, who writes for the Daily Express, said on Twitter that it was anticipated to be something like 150,000 people — and presumably also to look at some truly glorious gourds. They they visited a children’s hospice (where Kate gave a speech) and hit the beach to look at a life-saving demonstration and also a surfing exhibition (or a swimming race? Something racey/swimmy/surf-y). Many a demonstration/exhibition/unveiling on this trip.

OUTFITS: Kate wore a white dress by Zimmerman, an Aussie designer (I learned this from the Duchess Kate blog’s twitter, HRH Duchess Kate. I have to say that the community of Kate Watchers on Twitter is very smart and helpful and friendly, and it’s been really fun tweeting with them throughout this tour). I really am into this dress. I would totally wear it to my casual summer wedding — and event that is, at this moment, totally fictional. It actually might be my favorite thing she’s worn all trip so far, at least in terms of being both new, and An Outfit A Normal Person Could Wear. Not that you teal Emilia Wickstead-wearing fashion plates are abnormal.

Footwise, she’s wearing her OTHER pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges (the Minx) –  this info per What Would Kate Do?’s twitter, and which I recognized from the South East Asia tour. Dammit, Kate. You are not helping me with my wedge addiction.

As for William, he wore a grass skirt and a coconut bra.  By which I mean he wore…drumroll...a blue suit. In fairness, this particular blue suit is extremely nice. Apparently at some point in the day, they went home and had lunch with George, and while they were home, he changed, and so it is William who actually has more than one get-up today, while Kate does not. Wonders will truly never cease.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Eleven

William and Kate’s first full day in Australia involved meeting with victims of a terrible and deeply destructive brush fire near Sydney — I know everyone has great sympathy in these instances, but as a Californian, seeing brush fire and earthquake victims in consecutive days also makes me feel a whole lot of empathy, and having all these feelings is just so strange — then planting a tree with the Girl Guides (I wish we called them Girl Guides in the US, because it’s so alliterative and I love alliteration), watching people rappel, taking in a seriously majestic vista, lurking in trees, laughing in cars, and the most important thing of all: WILLIAM DID NOT WEAR A BLUE SUIT. Just a blue blazer. I am mildly concerned about his pants, but we’ll discuss. One thing at a time, William. 

Kate is wearing DVF, which I identified all by myself, to my own great personal pride, at basically precisely the same moment everyone else figured it out, which meant that I got to watch with my own two eyes as the stock on DVF.com sold out completely. I timed it, and it took eight minutes for all but one size to sell out, and that one size went shortly thereafter (which I noted on Twitter, and which has since, to my delight, been picked up by the Daily Mail, although they implied it had sold out everywhere, and I do think you can probably still track it down elsewhere if you really try…. for now.) Designers have to be praying to the deity of their choice that Kate wears them, for real, because $$$. And I myself am not immune. I successfully stalked a pair of Kate’s wedges on eBay AND I bought a blazer that she owns (not the more recent double-breasted Zara, another one) a while ago. I mean, I legitimately needed a new blue blazer. I really, really did. But…yeah. Well, it’s the middle of the night. When better to confess these things to you? Just please tell me I am not alone in this. CONFESS YOUR PURCHASES. ENABLE ME.

And now let’s talk about those pants.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Ten, Part II

Part one involved puppies and George and bracelets, and then we moved from New Zealand to Sydney, which involved more George, but no puppies. As you will see, both Kate and Cheeks (as they call him over at What Would Kate Do? It’s VERY APT INDEED) have changed; William has not. Just once, Wills,  I want you to pop out of the plane in a pale blue seersucker. Come on. Make an American’s day. I’ve very supportive of you. It’s really the least you could do.

Before we get back into it: I must note that one of the reasons this trip has been so fun for us is that a lot of Fug Nation hails from all over New Zealand and Australia, and getting all your reports from the road (and getting to chat with y’all on Twitter and here on GFY when I am up in the middle of the night) has been really awesome. (I told you this tour is making me soft. Don’t worry. Some asshat will wear a coffee cup bra and I’ll snap right back.)

Kate’s dress is Roksanda Ilincic, which is a pretty au courant choice; we just saw Anne Hathaway and Jessica Pare and Shailene Woodley wearing her. It’s nice to see Kate in something a little more unusual (the yellow is, of course, apt for Australia), and she was smart to wear a frock that wouldn’t blow up over her head. I do think they’re both slightly miserable without sunglasses — it’s so bright there! Not to mention the fact that everyone…well, you know.

UPDATE: I’ve added more photos since last night. IF YOU CARE.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Ten, Part I

Today (so far) involved puppies! William holding George! And bracelets! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME, ROYALS? I cannot take it: THOSE ARE MY THREE FAVORITE THINGS. Anyway, it was W&K’s last day in New Zealand (which has looked so lovely; I really want to visit and I can’t wait for our fictional Fug Nation Wine Cardigan and Bracelet Retreat), and they popped over to the Royal New Zealand Police College and took a stroll through the Civic Center to meet and greet people — including, I believe, our own Fug National Lipstick Librarian, from whom I hope we get a full report! — before heading over to the airport to fly off to Sydney. Australia promises a reception at the Opera House and at LEAST one more outfit today alone, so I will be posting again about that at some point (probably quite late in Los Angeles, for our now traditional Midnight Post).

Here, Kate is wearing her Rebecca Taylor suit  — all blue suits for the royals this morning, all around! – which we first saw back in 2012. Taylor is from New Zealand, so that’s a nice farewell nod.

UPDATED: The final photo now courtesy of our own Lipstick Librarian, who had an excellent vantage point!

AS ALWAYS: Our complete coverage lives here; if it seems like you missed Day Nine, it’s because they had Day Nine off and presumably spent it sitting around eating  Twizzlers and playing with the baby.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Eight

Today, Wills and Kate went to Christchurch for a memorial service in honor of the victims of the devastating earthquake the region suffered in 2011 (and from which it is still recovering, from what I understand), then to open the Visitors Center, then to play some cricket, then to lunch at the Wigram Air Force Museum, where they also unveiled a memorial. This trip has had MANY an unveiling. Unlike yesterday, which brought FOUR COSTUME CHANGES and so much canoodling, today we had but one ensemble, but also people trying to whack balls with cricket bats.

With that, here are your Kate Credits: The suit is Luisa Spagnoli (which, according to What Would Kate Do, she also sported when they signed the book of condolence for Christchurch in 2011, which I have to believe was an intentional choice), the bag is her trusty Mulberry clutch and she’s also wearing her Episode heels, I THINK, which she also wears ALL THE TIME, so they must be comfy. (Do I need some?!? No, Jessica, my god. Get a grip, woman. You have got to get a grip. Also, I don’t think they’re for sale anymore. Which is good. For me. Although she has several other similar…no. I must be strong!)  As for W, William is in…A BLUE SUIT I KNOW SIT DOWN I AM STUNNED ALSO. Well, why mess with what works?

These two have tomorrow off, which means that sadly I will not be updating you in the middle of the night — I actually secretly enjoy getting to update you in the middle of the night, and not only because it means I get to chat with our readers on the other side of the world more than usual — but we’re back on the next day for MORE SHENANIGANS.

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Well Played: Kate, Wills, and George’s Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand, Day Seven

There was a plethora of activities on the Wills And Kate New Zealand Tour of Many Delights And Wardrobe Changes today: Church! Children’s Tag Rugby! Wine-tasting! Getting on and off planes! White-water rafting of a sort! All of this AND loads of speculation because William made an off-hand comment that could have been interpreted as implying they were going to have another baby soon. I told you they loved New Zealand.  (I seriously just think he said that because they are all loved up right now, as you will soon see in this slideshow, if he even said it as reported. Even the Daily Mail doesn’t think she’s pregnant right this second — she did taste some wine, and got on this crazy white-water rafty thing, and as we’ve been yapping here for months, it seems highly unlikely she’s get pregnant before a trip as exhausting and wine-taste-y and raft-y as this one. But Twitter was atwitter, which is always fun. We love speculation! Also royal babies.)

Anyhoooooodle, they kicked the day off going to Palm Sunday services, then coached kids tag rugby, where William’s team won — avenging his brutal yacht loss, presumably — and then they jetted off to drink wine and white-water-raft (kind of, it was like a….Speedboat Extreme and it looked both totally fun and somewhat ridiculous, and holy god Queenstown is SO PRETTY, I want to go to there). There were a variety of wardrobe changes, and also sunglasses and hats and gowns and jeans and life-jackets and an excess of gazing at one another, so strap in because this thing has, like, everything you like.

Finally, as always, you can find complete coverage of the tour here.

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