Fugger: Tilda Swinton

Fug or Fab: SWINTON

Now that model Coco Rocha has the sassy short hair, I kind of want her to bleach it and play SWINTON in a biopic, which would probably have to be called SWINTON with a tagline that reads, “SWINTON.”

And y’all know I love SWINTON. But this is underwhelming me. Her hair looks great, but if she’s going to swaddle herself in silver sheeting, then I want more makeup impact. Something funky needs to offset how blah the gown is. And yes, like with all things SWINTON, the longer I stare at this picture the more I am tempted to change my mind and say, “Oh, SWINTON, you charming rogue,” but I think I’m going to make myself stand my ground. That thing has as much shape as the Tin Man’s torso.

So is it FUGTON or FABTON?

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I was just reading an article over at Lainey about SWINTON’s new movie, and she notes that one of her readers emailed to note that SWINTON is almost always wearing some fancy version of pajamas and IT IS TRUE. To wit:

This outfit is like Swinton was looking at her fanciest housecoat one morning in her ethereal tree-house, as the two suns on her planet dueled with one another for supremacy, and thought, “…I can do something with this. SOMETHING AMAZING. Something other than drinking my morning coffee and communing with the alien overlords.” It’s kind of great. It’s exactly what you want to be wearing when you’re talking to a crystal.

Speaking of housecoats:

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Cannes Fugs and SWINTONs: SWINTON

Better late than never, old friend.

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Well Played, SWINTON

My favorite part of this pic is the wee Bowie picture in the background. Never have they been so close and yet so far. (She is, of course, in his new video, and attended this opening of a V&A exhibit about him “impersonating him in his absence.“)

All I know is, if this is SWINTON doing her best Bowie, a) she should impersonate him always, because she looks amazing (even with just very slightly too long pants) and b) I want her to do Ziggy Stardust next.

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I just assume this is what she wears when she emerges from her pod every morning.

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We Need To Talk About SWINTON

I’m running out of headline options for her: If I were to pull our usual “fug” word switcheroo with her, I think half of Fug Nation would rise up and unseat me, and I am WAY too lazy to go find another chair.

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