Fugger: Susan Sarandon

Fugs and Fabs: A Variety of Events from the Tribeca Film Festival

So much to discuss, not the least of which are Katie Holmes’s new bangs. (Can we also talk about this rumor that Tom Cruise is dating Laura Prepon? Scientologist matchmakers at work!)

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Fugs and Fabs: AARP’s Movies For Grownups Awards Gala

Well, that event name is  a real mouthful. Also, do people really want to attend an event sponsored by the AARP? It’s not the sexiest organization in the universe. So many questions, you guys.

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Susan Fugrandon

SUSAN: Hey, Thelma.

GEENA: Hey, Louise.

SUSAN: You look… my GOD, woman, were you always this tall?


SUSAN: Lucky.

GEENA: I know, right? And… were you always this… doily’d?



SUSAN: I’m just kidding. I have no idea what is happening on my body right now.

GEENA: I was going to say. Your head is outstanding, but from the neck down you look like a third-grade teacher whose class tried to trap her inside snowflakes of homicidal doom.

SUSAN: Well, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time.

GEENA: But… I mean, are you wearing… a garment, of some kind, that hides your Sarandon? Or is that just a long shirt with… what is happening?

SUSAN: Geena, seriously, I don’t know. I play ping-pong now.

GEENA: I see.

SUSAN: And that’s a gateway to beer pong, so basically, you’re lucky I’m not curled up inside a Solo cup right now.

GEENA: It might be a better fashion statement.

SUSAN: Whatever, Thelma. You are wearing a mud puddle.

GEENA: Have you ever gone as Susan Saran Wrap for Halloween? I just have to ask.

SUSAN: Hop in my car. I have a cliff I’d like to show you.

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TIFF Fugs and Fabs: What We Missed

Apparently, there were 288 films at Toronto this year — one LESS than last year. So why does it feel like there were 600 MORE red-carpet screenings?

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Fugma and Louise

Listen, I love Susan Sarandon as much as the next ping pong/Rocky Horror/baseball/vehicular tomfoolery/nun aficionados.

But I am not at all convinced that is actually a dress. More like she decided she hated what she was supposed to throw on over it, so instead threw it out and continued along her merry way. And while I applaud the first part of that instinct, and often wish much of Hollywood would echo it, the second part is where I stumble. It’s a SLIP, Susan, not a solution.

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