Fugger: Stella McCartney

London Fugshion Week: adidas By Stella McCartney

Between you and me, I actually like Stella’s line for adidas. I thought she did a great job on Great Britain’s Olympic uniforms, too, so it’s possible that athletic gear is really her sweet spot. I’m mostly just sharing these with you because the stuff they put the models through is deeply amusing. These poor girls.

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Fugs and Fabs: An Evening Celebrating With The Global Fund

I am sure “The Global Fund” is a worthy cause — Colin Firth is at this event, and I firmly believe that everything Colin Firth does is wonderful and just — but it keeps reminding me of this:

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Stella McFuggney

Well, at least she wore her FORMAL mechanics jumpsuit to hang out with Anna.

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Fugs and Fabs: The British Fashion Awards

In which Stella McCartney wears something so terrible you…well, you might not be that surprised anymore. But trust me: it’s BAD. Other people look surprisingly decent. At least one person was kinda naked. So, you know: THE USUAL.

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Fugla McFugtney

Why is Stella McCartney the WORST?

The sad thing is, this isn’t as bad as some of her recent (and former) offenses, but still. Look at it. And further: If you are the DESIGNER and you can’t even make your clothes fit nor flatter YOUR OWN SELF, why does anyone else trust you? What grisly naked pictures of which celebrities are tucked away in her office safe?

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Stella McFug

This is for those of you who thought I had lost my mind in giving Stella McCartney props the other day:

I like this pattern, but as deployed it looks like she got mauled by wallpaper last seen in an episode of The Love Boat. MY GOD, the things that wallpaper has seen.

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