Fugger: Sharon Stone

Well Fugged: Sharon Stone in Traver Rains

Some people might look upon Sharon Stone in wings, posing in front of a tree Beelzebub (Treezlebub?) hiding on a branch, and think, “Well, THIS is a piano picture. FOR ME.” Sharon Stone, however, is probably thinking, “Don’t tell, but these are usually just my Tuesday wings, and that’s not even the best Treezlebub I’ve seen this WEEK.”

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Your Afternoon Chat: What You Wear on the Plane

Let’s look at all these celebs getting on and off planes, and talk about travel wear.  You guys know I love talking about packing, and I also love articles about What To Wear On the Plane. I will read every single one of them. (I spent all morning reading this post on Into The Glossabout Joan Didion’s packing list.) Literally, I don’t care: you have an article about wearing things on a plane/packing for a trip, I WILL READ IT. So, let’s talk Plane Wear Hints and Packing Tips and The One Thing You Always Put In Your Carry-On and all that stuff. My own personal rule is just that I have to bring a scarf or a sweater because I am always really, really really cold on a plane/in an airport. I own like nine random pashminas that I have bought in airports across the world. I once spent like $40 on a fleece blanket in the Austin airport because I was so cold. And yet I am surprised every time this happens.

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Fug or Fab: Sharon Stone

The Summer of Stone continues, and I am on board:

Keep Memory Alive's 19th Annual 'Power Of Love' Gala

Because shouldn’t Sharon Stone be swanning about obscure charity events in a caftan? And shouldn’t that caftan have a creepy, possibly-possessed tree on it, giving the entire look a vaguely-threatening but also totally-out-of-touch mien? Oughtn’t she pair that potentially-evil caftan with wacky Bono-esque glasses? Isn’t the only thing she’s missing a martini? YES.

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Fugs and Fabs: Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

PLEASE let this week be ushering in The Summer of Sharon Stone.

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Tony Awards Viewing party WTF YAY Carpet: Sharon Stone

This is so hilarrible that Jessica and I actually clapped our hands and squealed when we saw it.

sharon stone

It’s a bodysuit under a backless sheer dress, and the gown part being ONLY on the front of her chest is what really makes this transcendently amusing. It genuinely feels like she is possessed. By a younger Noted Kook with nudist tendencies. Do we think she and Lindsay Lohan are having a Freaky Friday 2 moment? Is “Lindsay” off somewhere on a yacht in a skintight laced-up Cavalli telling stories about Michael Douglas, and that time a dragon tried to eat her husband, while “Sharon” frantically calls Oprah? Will this, too, end in an uncomfortable liplock with Chad Michael Murray?

Then again, the better question: If LiLo and Sharon switched bodies, would anyone actually even notice?

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Fugs and Fabs of the Rest: amfAR Inspiration Gala

Okay, fine, I’ll say it: Not much inspiration here!

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amfAR Fug Carpet at Cannes: Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli

This dress is freaking me out a little. Her head looks great, the color is nice on her, and it MIGHT have been fine with adjustments…

… but the belt is freaking me out, in part because I can’t actually TELL if it is a belt. I don’t THINK her body is really shaped like that, so it would make SENSE that it’s a belt with weird fake-flesh panels, but…. it also looks sometimes like skin, and if it IS skin, WHERE IS HER BELLY BUTTON? Doesn’t that seem like it’s the wrong size to be obscuring it? I just… where did it go?

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