Fugger: Shailene Woodley

GQ Man of the Year: Fugs and Fabs of the Ladies

If anyone here has seen Office Space, know that the first several dresses in this slideshow are the PC Load Letter of my soul.

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Fug or Fab: Shailene Woodley in Temperley London

It’s great to be young and have invincible skin and all that, but I do wish Shailene Woodley hadn’t done her hair like she was auditioning for a Noxzema commercial.

Shailene Woodley

Especially because the suit really needed some sassy hair and accessories to offset its plainness. The effect is that she is about to wash her face in her law firm’s bathroom after reading briefs for thirty-six hours straight.

Here is a clearer shot of the shoes, which is always vital information:

feet matter


Fug or Fab: Shailene Woodley in Dior

I am always amused when celebs have to pose for red carpet pics in front of giant photos of their own heads, especially when their giant face looks SO CONCERNED, as Poster Shai looks here (albeit with amazing lipstick):

'White Bird' Premiere In Paris

I think Poster Shai is thinking what I am thinking, which is, “you look awesome from the ankles up, but I am not sure I can sign off on open-toed wrestling shoes, dude.”

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Miu Miu Show

We are all going to be waving around our sheer sleeves come spring, if Miu Miu has its way. (I’m okay with that. Just remind me not to stand too close to an open flame.)

[Photos: Miu Miu]


Teen Choice Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Shailene Woodley in Peter Pilotto

“Hello. Mama Shailene again.”

Shailene Woodley, Teen Choice Awards 2014, Peter Pilotto

“When you’re done at the sweat lodge, come on outside and bake your labia like a clay pot in the kiln that is sunshine. I’ll be over here finding you some blankets to turn into vestments.”

But it's kind of cool!

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Well Played: Shailene Woodley in Preen

I would call this a nice rebound, but she actually wore this before that ill-fitting canary Ralph Lauren.

So I guess… it’s good pre-gaming? A solid warm-up to an underwhelming game? That thing where you sink fifty consecutive free-throws in practice but then you brick them all when it counts? Whatever. Let’s not metaphor it to death. Instead we can enjoy that it’s cute, unusual, and lively, and save all our Kleenex for when we ugly-cry at her movie.

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