Fugger: Robert Downey Jr.

Fugneth Paltrow (with RDJ Sauce)

Once again, Gwyneth whips out something totally interesting and yet TOTALLY DERANGED.

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Fugs and Fabs: Iron Man 3 UK Screening

In five more years I foresee a new Internet game called “RDJ or Tim Burton?”

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Fug or Fab: Gwyneth Paltrow

RDJ: Shall we tango?

GOOP: I… what, now?


GOOP: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, dude. Does it ALWAYS have to be shtick?

RDJ: Whiskey Tan… oh, I see what you did there, Ms. Military Alphabet. I like it. You can have this round. Let’s just let the people look at your outfit.


you may be excused, robert


Fug or Fab: Gwyneth Paltrow (With an RDJ Side-Salad)

The good news is, this isn’t a jumpsuit — it’s a shirt and pants. So I don’t feel as wrong about the fact that I’m strangely attracted to this.

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Germanly Played, Robert Downey Jr.

GWYNETH: Good day, Robert.

RDJ: Guten Tag, Lady Paltrow. Fine day for it. Fine, fine day.

GWYNETH: For what?

RDJ: For wearing my manty-hosen, Queen G.

GWYNETH: Manty-hosen?

RDJ: It’s what I call my lederhosen. My German garb. We’re in Munich, after all. I thought I’d dress the part. Why no dirndl, Duchess GOOPsalot?

GWYNETH: Robert, I can’t be seen engaging in hijinks. I have a cookbook now. Two, actually. I’m a mogul.

RDJ: Tell me, O Bride of GOOPenstein, does one of the recipes call for a pinch from a Pepper Potts?

GWYNETH: Very funny, Robert. You’re like the spirit of Richard Simmons in the body of a movie star Eagle Scout.

RDJ: That is the HIGHEST compliment, GOOP Beverly Hills.

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Played, Robert Downey Jr.

Our bottomless love for Robert Downey Jr. is well-documented. I will pretty much watch him do anything. He could star in a movie called A Two-Hour Showcase of Heather’s Greatest Phobias and I would still find a way to go see it, most likely by making someone I love go first and take copious timecoded notes on when I could open my eyes. And he’s actually generally quite dapper, and his wife seems nice and stabilizing, so… this isn’t a fug so much as an observation.

Increasingly, something about RDJ lately makes me think he’s starting to look more like an RDJ impersonator.

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