Fugger: Rita Ora

I Will Never Let You Fug: Rita Ora

This dress is so bad that I feel like I’m watching it sag into a deep funk.

Rita Ora

It’s awful on her. Did something spill on her original choice, and they had to make do with something sized for someone with a way longer torso? She looks like Drew Barrymore in Scream plus the Jiffy Pop in that scene, times half of Dirty Dancing. If she were Baby, they would not only LEAVE her in the corner, but barricade her there with a row of chairs and then sit in them like human camouflage.

She further pressed her luck and got this whammy:

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Fugs and Fabs: Glastonbury Festival

I feel like the weekend of the Glastonbury Festival must be the very favorite time of year for everyone who works in PR for Hunter. EVERYONE is wearing their wellies and tromping about and my reaction is always, no matter what the person in question is wearing, “well, at least those Hunter boots are a classic.” (Hello. I live in Los Angeles. I own three pairs of rain boots. I have a sickness.) It’s possibly also Hooters’s new favorite time of year, as Cressida Bonas is wearing one of their tee shirts. Yes, Hooters Hot Wings. Hooters + Hunter equals…well, I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


What The Fug (Mostly): The Capital FM Summertime Jam Thing

Tights are not pants. You know what else tights are not? SLEEVES. THIS WHOLE OUTFIT IS SOLD IN THE INTIMATES SECTION.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


Met Ball Feh Carpet: Rita Ora in Donna Karan

I hate to repeat what I said on Twitter, but I know not everyone reads it, and what I wrote there is still the first thing I think. Which is: Rita always poses like the manufacturer forgot to level her when she was made.

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Fug Right Now: Rita Ora

How many people in the background of this shot actually know who they’re holding up their phone for, do you think?

Because if I hadn’t seen the caption on the photo provided by our photo service, I would have just assumed it was a deliciously wacky octogenarian who demands only the finest straitjackets, and she was finally making a run for it.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Recent Fugs: Rita Ora

I still can’t hum a single one of her songs, but I know her hideous wardrobe from the last two years like the back of my own hand.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]