Fugger: Rihanna

Recent Fugs and Fabs: Rihanna

Let’s check in with RiRi, out and about, which involves everything from pajamas, culottes, a day dress, and an outfit we literally all have in our closets.


BET Awards Fug Carpet: Rihanna

Rihanna didn’t walk the red carpet at the BET Awards yesterday, and judging from her outfit, it’s because she was running late from her side gig as LA’s coolest and very likely most successful Century 21 agent:


I am pretty sure Rihanna could sell me basically anything, real estate included, as she is VERY NEARLY selling me this outfit and — objectively — it is hideous. The color is uninspiring, the fit is not great, the fabric seems like the same one Hot Topic used to make Sexy Going Out Blazers in 1999 (this was a real thing, young people; I had one); and the whole thing is more or less the essence of bland. And yet! She still basically looks good in, like, a global sense.

My favorite bit about this next photo is that she appears to be taking an important phone call (it’s just the way she’s holding her hand):

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Nicki Minaj on Cosmopolitan, July 2015

We’ve got some other foreign Cosmo covers in here, too, but┬áreally this is all about La Minaj. I can’t really remember what her deal is now; she seemed to be trying to act for a while, and she stopped dressing like a clearance aisle in Toys R Us, but I’ve lost track of what the replacement messaging is. Maybe it’s just “confident.” I┬ácan get with that.

[Photos: Cosmo]


Fugs and… Less-Fugs: MET Gala Afterparty

Many of these people should not have changed. Well, I’ll grant that Rihanna probably had to, but if I were her, I’d have stayed in that Guo Pei gown all night and FORCED people at my afterparty to respect the train.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Met Gala Well Played: Rihanna in Guo Pei

This is majestic, in basically all senses of the word.

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WTF: Rihanna


Rihanna At The Melissa Forde Hat Collection Launch

A graffiti-covered trench! Really cute booties! A bikini top! A kitschy cap! Denim shorts that are NEARLY granny panties! An oxford shirt tied insouciantly around her waist! Earrings that I swear I saw on Cookie one week on Empire! And, weirdly my favorite bit, an ice coffee casually dangling from her hand. Truly, RiRi is living her best life.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]