Fugger: Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price TerrorWatch: Part I

Let me refrain from beating around the bush: P-Squared is starting to look like she spends her evening drinking the blood of virgins, and not in that “she must have made a deal with the devil, she looks so beautiful kind of way.” More like, “if a zombie and a vampire had a baby, 45 years later, this is what she would look like:”

Photo: Splash News]



Teen Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Phoebe Price

Could someone explain to me how and why Phoebe Price got invited to the Teen Choice Awards? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? She is far from being a teen, and surely is not the choice of any teen. Was she asked to attend as a cautionary tale? Be ye not a fame whore, my children, or this shall be thy fate?

Because that actually kind of makes sense.


Phoebe Price’s Tragique Resume Makes It Hard to Concoct Puns In This Title Space

I like to think of this look as Lazy Phoebe Price:

Like, she’s finagled her way into attending something, somehow, without having to threaten to sue but it’s been a long week already and she’s feeling bloated. Surely, this is not the time for skin-tight mermaid gowns or zebra-print catsuits. It’s time for a bag. But…bags aren’t very PHOEBE PRICE. A girl in a stripy maxi-bag doesn’t prompt questions like, “who IS Phoebe Price and where are her pants?” HENCE: A giant, random slit up the side, the better to aggressively poke her gams through. Also, a stupid hat and a side ponytail. Close enough!

Phoebe Price Fug Part Infinity

It’s always funny when paparazzi photos tell a different story than the one they — and the subject — thought they were getting. For example, I’m sure Favorite Fug Irritant Phoebe Price thought this series of snaps would beautifully illustrate her endless supply of charisma and glamour, thus leading to a starring role in a major motion picture. And I’m sure the paps thought, “well, there’s no one else around. Might as well deal with Phoebe until someone actually famous shows up.” And yet, these instead weave a tale of terror for one small boy just innocently trying to get a snack:

“Who is that lady in the stupid hat?” he thinks. “And does her dress..lace up the sides?”

“Mommy, I’m frightened. Why is that lady wearing those shoes to the beach? Hold me.”

[Photos: INFDaily.com]

“Order your slice quickly, my son! I have laid eyes on the Price, and we must make our escape!  Were you to become infected with her rampant FameWhoritis, why….I could never forgive myself! Never! She’s posing with tabloids in front of a snack stand! ORDER! ORDER AND RUN!”

Get Fug

So, I knew it was apt when we stuck Phoebe Price in Fug Madness’ Charo bracket, but every so often she reminds me just HOW apt.

I mean, seriously, she is shaking that apt for all it’s worth. I don’t think that’s what Charo meant by “cuchi-cuchi,” sweetpea.


American Fugdol Presents: When Paula Met Phoebe

A Play in Three Acts:


PAULA: Hello….? Do I…? Are we….?

PHOEBE: Let’s take a picture, Paula! Imagine how well a photo of two such classy celebrities such as ourselves will sell! You are a famed songstress, and I a brave warrior for the civil liberties of F-list celebrities!

PAULA: Have I been drinking?


PAULA: Psst, you guys! Who is this person? Also, does the bodice of my dress look like I stuffed it with toilet paper? I can’t tell.

PHOEBE: Guest-judge spot on Idol, HERE I COME!

PAULA: I feel like my face is making that bemused look but I can’t control it.


PAULA: OH! You’re the Miss Golden Globe of this event! I GET IT NOW.

PHOEBE: Another step toward my world domination!