Fugger: Paz de la Huerta

WTF: Paz de la Huerta


Paz de la Huerta Nylon Party (1)


I guess now we know what it looks like when you decide to wear your bra under your bathing suit. Under jeans. AT A PARTY. I CAN’T.

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Casual Fuggerday: Paz de la Huerta

In case you’ve been wondering what Fug Fave Paz is up to:

a) She’s having a baby (edited: MAYBE? The jury is out) and;

B) Like George Costanza before her, she’s draped herself in velvet. (The jury finds her guilty on this one.)

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Emmy Awards Paz Carpet: Paz de la Huerta

Well, let’s just get this over with: This happened.

Imagine what that dress might have been, had Paz not just thrown it on after winning The Hunger Games.


Fugwalk Empire

Paz de la Huerta may be approaching Lohan territory for me. In that, SOMETHING has to be going on with her, and that something might make it impossible for me to laugh WITH her anymore.

I mean, unless she really IS a Wiccan flower child who dropped an outhouse on the Wicked Witch of the East’s hipster cousin. In which case I hope she is writing a book.

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Fug de la Huerta

I don’t know about the devil’s double…

… but I do think those are the devil’s pants. Hey, even Satan needs to do jazzercise now and then.


Boardfug Empire

You know, our girl Paz here is kind of like Bai Ling to me.

In the sense that if even SHE can’t work up a wackadoo head of steam over something, then I have NO hope of staying awake. The dress kind of looks like shiny tweed, and really doesn’t fit, but she could maybe sell it — were it not for her lipless makeup and listless face. Where is the Paz of yore, who would be mugging so hard you could use her to serve hot cocoa? Sure, Paz often looks kind of cranky, but it’s in a dramatic and campy way, not a meek one. Oh, Paz. Please go find your essence. Have you checked your purse? That’s always where things are when I lose them.