Fugger: Pacey

Not So Casual Fuggerday Fugs and Fabs: The Hugo Boss Awards


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Unfug or Fab: Diane Kruger in Michael van der Ham

First order of business: Diane Kruger has joined Instagram (@dianekrugerperso), and is not opposed to posting photos of Pacey. I consider this a public service announcement.

Diane Kruger


Second: This dress is mostly cute, but I can’t decide what I would tinker with to sell it harder. I don’t think the shin window adds any particular romance to this, as usual — but honestly, I think what’s throwing me more is the upper-arm loops. They’re heavy enough that they make any tinkering I want to do with the skirt turn into something frumpy. Like, if I shorten the skirt, suddenly the loops become LOOPS. They are The Feature. And I’m not sure if I want that. Ditto if I lengthen the skirt. I MIGHT cut off the loops? And then hem the skirt where the slip stops. Or, just fully line it. Or even leave it. The moral of this story is, I am indecisive, and can’t remember where I’ve seen those Dior shoes before. Please send help on both counts.

Oh, but before you vote, some unfinished business:

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Well Played, Diane Kruger in Prada

This photo looks like Pacey just realized what Diane is wearing, and he is DELIGHTED by it:

Sylvie Meis and Diane Kruger attending the 2014 IFA Opening Gala in Berlin

I am inclined to agree. I think this is charming — I do, however, have a well-known weakness for formal gowns that are All Covered Up, and which you could conceivably wear on a bravura turn guest-starring on Reign as a murderous but fabulous German with an eye on really ruining a couple of people’s lives. (I am considering fug-capping Reign next season. Would you guys be into this?)

Her hair is looking particularly Teutonic when she (and also Pacey, who’s been very supportive this week, and may have worn the same outfit the whole time) got a star on the Berlin Walk of Fame:

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Casual Paceyday: Diane Kruger

I LOVE the dude sitting on his stoop behind these two, popping out from behind that topiary in his sunglasses (and what seem like enviable biceps), all “OH MY GOD IS THAT PACEY AND DIANE?” Yes, it is! And Pacey is tan:

These two seem like they’re having a totally good summer vacation and yes this time I am jealous.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]


Your Afternoon Man: Josh Jackson (Again)

Part two in an INFINITE SERIES of candids of Pacey and Diane walking around wearing hats:

I can’t believe that Diane is basically pulling off those shorts. Up is down, cats and dogs living together. Etc. (I CAN believe he’s pulling off the scruff, though.)

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Casual Fuggerday: Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger

For those of you who (a) need a constant stream of Pacey, or (b) like stripe-y summer dresses, or (c) BOTH, I am HERE FOR YOU:

Those white shoes are a bold move, Diane. I am picking up what you’re putting down, but I might just be setting it aside to think about it later.

And for those of you who are thinking, “Pacey-Schmacy, I need a better look at her dress,” I’m here for you, TOO. It’s full-service here at GFY today:

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