Fugger: Nicki Minaj

New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day Seven

One more day of Fashion Week remains — and, in fact, one more show. ONE MORE SHOW, ONE SHOW MORE! By the way, you can tell how hot it was yesterday by a lot of these pictures. Many people look droopy and a lot of them look like they’re suffering from brain fever.

We luxuriated in the GLORY that is The Blonds and the crazy that is Betsey Johnson, and spied the likes of Johnny Weir, Paris Hilton (AGAIN YOU GUYS, SHE’S BACK), Kat Graham (pantsless), and Tyra (pantsed) therein.

– I talked to Kat Graham at Jeremy Scott and she was charming. We chatted a bit about Vampire Diaries, and the issues that arise when your character never gets to change her clothes due to, you know, TEMPORAL ISSUES. (In case for some reason, you’re not caught up yet. Which is something you need to do.) We had to talk about something while Nicki Minaj made us all wait FOREVER.

– We announced to a certain CW someone that we are disgusting at Rachel Zoe, and it was true: it was HOT yesterday. Also, we spoke to Fruitvale Station‘s Melonie Diaz at J Mendel. She’s very into Pinterest right now.

–And, possibly most thrillingly, I spoke to Gabriel Mann at Nanette Lepore, and he squeezed my arm and used the words “hyper-sexual manipulations,” so I think we’re engaged now. MAZEL TOV TO ME!



New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day 3

Oooh, we have some good stuff for you today, my pretties. And some of that stuff involves prettiness.

Nicki Minaj showed up at Herve Leger with two totally OVER THE TOP bodyguards, who seemed really to rumble with any wayward fashionista who crossed their path. One of them looked slightly like The Rock, and as ridiculous as the entire thing was, I’d like to just put it out to the universe that I would totally watch a remake of The Bodyguard starring Nicki Minaj and The Rock.

– We sat right behind Fug Fave Zosia Mamet at Rebecca Taylor and she was really charming. Also, I am completely photobombing her in this photo, and I did it on purpose, yes.

– You know who’s hot? Nigel Barker. So smooth. So suave. So handsome.

We chatted with Selma Blair at Christian Siriano, and learned many things, including that her son has a beloved Marc Jacobs doll, which is very cute indeed.

Ashley from Revenge was at Monique Lhuiller, and we did NOT as her why her character was the worst PR person in the universe. LOADS of other people were there, too, including Maggie Grace, to whom we spoke at length about SWORDS.


Billboard Music Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

In which I serve you a melange of random celebrities from (close to) the A list, all the way down to… well, let’s just say a place where letters have no meaning.

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Met Gala Fug Carpet: Nicki Minaj

Let’s get real. This woman once attended the Grammys dressed as a PSYCHOTIC NUN and dragged along a faux-Pope as her accessory:

Nicki, I don’t know who told you to tone it down for this event. Maybe it was Anna Wintour! Maybe it was Mariah Carey. Maybe it was a new stylist who recently hit her head and didn’t realize where she was or to whom she was speaking. Whoever it was, to paraphrase the words of Brenda Walsh, NEVER SPEAK TO THEM AGAIN.

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Fug or Fab the Cover: Nicki Minaj

By now, we’ve heard that Nicki Minaj fired her styling team and is trying to simplify. So it makes sense that she’d agree to a stripped-down Elle cover, to show you a different side of herself.

And I actually think it’s a great idea. If the goal of a magazine cover is to attract people to it on the newsstand, then you want to grab them with something they haven’t seen before in a hundred other magazines. As long as your cover subject doesn’t look like somebody else entirely, I think it’s cool to make them look like a dramatic and different version of themselves as long as that self shines through enough to be identifiable. So, don’t put Nicki Minaj on the cover and jack with her face so that she looks like Beyonce or whatever, but do put Nicki Minaj on the cover and turn her into a gritty biker.

So at least this catches the eye. A photo of Nicki Minaj dressed exactly like Nicki Minaj always dresses would make me skip right over it, because I am bored of that whole shtick; this one, though, makes me want to open the issue and poke around and see what else there is. I love getting to see her face without all her marketing plastered all over it, you know? But at the same time, does she have to look so refried? Her hair comes off so wet and lank — I almost wish they’d slicked it back entirely, so even more of her face was carrying the cover — and I really don’t know why her mouth is hanging open, unless she studied for this shoot by memorizing photos of Jessica Simpson hawking perfume and shoes and booty shorts and whatever else she sells. Somehow J.Lo manages to make parted lips look less like she’s purring and/or recovering from the flu; of all the once-and-future reality show judges to copy, J.Simp is the wrong J. 

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[Photo: Elle]


Oscars Fugs and Fabs: White Gowns

And this doesn’t even include the ones we’ve already covered — Kim Kardashian, Charlize, Jennifer Lawrence (well, her back, anyway). It was a bridal kind of night, albeit in some cases (okay, really mainly one), slightly more Hussy Bridal than is usual.

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