Fugger: Morgan Saylor

High Fugshion: Celebs at New York Fashion Week, Part 1

Whatever you think of the middle, I have begun and ended this slideshow as strongly as I know how.

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Basically All Fab: The Glamour And Facebook Luncheon

I have HUGE LEVELS of fondness for literally every celebrity at this event. I am not sure if that’s ever happened to me before. It feels great.

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New York Fughion Week, Day 1: Celebs

The only thing frustrating about a slow start to Fashion Week is the fact that we had spare time we couldn’t spend writing blog posts, because the site was malfunctioning. ALAS. However, we hope most of the kinks have been ironed out, and now we can share with you all that we beheld on Day One:

– At Honor, we briefly chatted with the delightful Uzo Aduba of Orange Is The New Black, who has the opposite of crazy eyes. She has Sane Eyes. She’s lovely.

BCBG is where we laid eyes on Jamie Chung’s hilarious fringed poncho, which Alexis Carrington Colby totally would’ve bought on a business trip to New Mexico or something.

We chatted with Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live, and agreed we’re starting a wig business together. It’s going to be great. He also shared with me that his e-mail address — years ago, in Chesapeake, VA, was “jaymarvel@cox.net,” which is tremendous when said aloud.

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Emmy Well Rebounded, Part II: Morgan Saylor

That headline is a little bit of a misdirect; it isn’t Morgan who’s rebounding here. It’s the designer.

Morgan looks truly great — classy, fun, polished, but still like the relative kid she is. This is by Honor, which also did Zosia Mamet’s baffling breastplate; I’m glad for the designer’s sake that she got this on the red carpet as well, to prove she’s not ALL confusion and bibs. Confusion and Bibs sounds more like a really bad comedy album by the collective talents on Nick Moms (aka, what Nickelodeon becomes after 7 p.m.), and nobody wants forty-five minutes on spit-up.

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New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day Seven

One more day of Fashion Week remains — and, in fact, one more show. ONE MORE SHOW, ONE SHOW MORE! By the way, you can tell how hot it was yesterday by a lot of these pictures. Many people look droopy and a lot of them look like they’re suffering from brain fever.

We luxuriated in the GLORY that is The Blonds and the crazy that is Betsey Johnson, and spied the likes of Johnny Weir, Paris Hilton (AGAIN YOU GUYS, SHE’S BACK), Kat Graham (pantsless), and Tyra (pantsed) therein.

– I talked to Kat Graham at Jeremy Scott and she was charming. We chatted a bit about Vampire Diaries, and the issues that arise when your character never gets to change her clothes due to, you know, TEMPORAL ISSUES. (In case for some reason, you’re not caught up yet. Which is something you need to do.) We had to talk about something while Nicki Minaj made us all wait FOREVER.

– We announced to a certain CW someone that we are disgusting at Rachel Zoe, and it was true: it was HOT yesterday. Also, we spoke to Fruitvale Station‘s Melonie Diaz at J Mendel. She’s very into Pinterest right now.

–And, possibly most thrillingly, I spoke to Gabriel Mann at Nanette Lepore, and he squeezed my arm and used the words “hyper-sexual manipulations,” so I think we’re engaged now. MAZEL TOV TO ME!



Fugs and Fabs: The Homeland Premiere

I’m ugly-crying with joy that this show will be back soon.

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New York Fugshion Week: Celebs of Day 2

Okay, and some celebs from Day 1. Bear with us; we’re East Coast this week and so some pictures come in after we’ve taken to our beds.

Anyway, we had a pretty great day:

– It started with a surprisingly good Project Runway finale, at which Alyssa Milano wore the abovepictured WTF. The article (and the slideshow, but only in the VERY LAST slide, so you can avoid if you want) contains mild spoilers in the form of the guest judge’s identity, descriptions of some of the eight collections, and guesses about who the finalists are, but no concrete information about that because we don’t know it. Consider yourselves warned anyway, just in case.

– We also hit up Nautica, which was full of shirtless and/or short-shorted (or both) male models, and most importantly, we talked to Dadshaw from The Carrie Diaries about what it’s like watching your TV daughter and knowing she grew up to get dumped by Post-It. There is probably something nerdy about the fact that we bypassed Colin Egglesfield and Josh Henderson to talk to Dadshaw, but I own that, and I love him now, so there.

– We ALSO saw darling of Fug Madness Zosia Mamet at Rebecca Minkoff (where Nicky Hilton was a total pill), where Janelle f’ing Monae performed live during the show and KILLED IT in impressive high-energy fashion.

– Finally, we’re pretty sure Bella Thorne thinks we’re totally stupid after we talked to her about Britney at Nicole Miller.