Fugger: Mila Kunis

Fugs With Benefits

First off: I saw Friends With Benefits on Pay Per View this Christmas — or, as I also call it, The Time Without TV — and you know what? I actually really liked it. JT was good, and Kunis was, as always, charming. They had good chemistry; I can see why he ALLEGEDLY kept trying to ALLEGEDLY nail her. Second off: can we just look back on last year and remember how crazy great she looked all 2011? She had a hell of a year.


As every sports fan knows, every winning streak ends eventually. As every sports fan ALSO knows, you want to get that one loss out of the way EARLY and at an unimportant game, so you don’t spend the rest of the season waiting for the other shoe to drop and stress-eating. Ergo: way to get that taken care of in January, girl. Go into awards season in good health.

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Fug or Fab: Mila Kunis

Thank God for Mila Kunis, going out of the house and doing PR during August — traditionally the deadest time of the year for those of us whose jobs involve talking about what celebs are wearing in public:

I think this is charming, and I also think it would make amazing wallpaper.

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Doubly Well Played, Mila Kunis

“I know, I know. Trust me, dudes. I TRIED.”


Well Played, Mila Kunis

I kind of love this picture:

Mila is all, “whee! Moscow! I speak your language,” and JT looks like he’s just thinking about how he’s going to make Mila help him pick up some hottie Muscovites. He’s like, “I like that reporter. And also that one. And also that one. Maybe I should burst into song to help draw attention AWAY from Mila, and on to ME.”

Fat chance while she’s wearing those shoes, dude.

In terms of Lady Outfits, Mila appears to have packed a lot of white. (And JT has packed a lot of vests.) LOOK:

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Fug or Fab: Mila Kunis

The disadvantage for Mila Kunis is that she has set the bar INCREDIBLY high. There was no way she was going to keep her streak alive of really interestingly gorgeous stuff, because all such streaks end eventually: The Patriots eventually lose, Susan Lucci eventually wins, even Mad Man and Vampire Diaries have had some boring episodes here and there. It happens. And it’s not that this is bad, or a snoozeathon — in fact the color is nice and the bodice is sort of trying something — but it’s just not… I don’t know. What more was I expecting? Why can’t I embrace it fully? Will this be one of life’s great mysteries, like why there are secretly so many Cutting Edge sequels? (THREE. Four movies total! I KNOW.)

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CFDA Fug or Fab: Olsen Twins/MTV Movie Awards Well Played, Mila Kunis

I offer you this photo as proof that the Olsen Twins ARE detachable. Which may disappoint Justin Timberlake, if he started dating Ashley (allegedly) in the hope that it was a two-for-one deal. Ashley seemed unusually cheerless on this night in her stumpifying dress, which MAY be attributable to what her supposed fling was up to the night before in California. AND with a girl who knows how to dress for her height. Tough break.

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Michelle Fugtenberg

MICHELLE TRACHTENBERG: Well. THIS should never have happened.

MILA KUNIS: What? I mean, which thing in particular?

MICHELLE: The thing where we’re two actresses, dark hair, roughly the same height, standing next to each other wearing black and the same hair. So awkward.

MILA: That’s all? You don’t want to talk about your dress?

MICHELLE: What’s wrong with my dress? I was thinking it was so awkward for you, standing there in basic black being really unfamous next to someone who was on both Buffy AND Gossip Girl.

MILA: Oh. And here I was feeling weird for you because your makeup makes you look sickly and your dress is sagging under the weight of the TP someone’s little brother glued to it.

MICHELLE: Don’t try and pull that with me, pipsqueak. What CW shows have you been on?

MILA: … Yes, you’re right, none. Boy, you got me.


MILA: I will go cry myself to sleep as images of the phrase “Golden Globe-nominated actress Mila Kunis” dance in my grieving head.

MICHELLE: Oh, please. Everyone knows the Golden Globes don’t actually exist.

MILA: Neither did your Buffy character, sort of.

MICHELLE: If you even TRY to talk Buffy nuance with me I will sic the Whedonverse on you so fast, your eyes will shoot daiquiries.

MILA: Fair enough. Let’s just call this a wash and never speak again.