Fugger: Michelle Williams

Fugs and Fabs: The Foundation Louis Vuitton Opening

In which even Marion Cotillard cannot save a look that’s gone wholly off the rails.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Louis Vuitton Show

On the whole, this is a mixed bag. VERY mixed. Like serving a salad that’s half kale, half Candy Corn.

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Met Gala Mostly Well Played, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu for Hugo Boss and Josh Jackson and Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

We had Katie Holmes! If only James Van Der Beek had been there! We could have had a PROPER Dawson’s reunion.

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Well Played: Michelle Williams

I’m not entirely sure I understand this outfit, exactly.

Like, I think it’s a dress with a zipper going all the way down the front, and a random belt, and the top sort of looks like a warm-up jacket for a fancy lady’s power-walking tracksuit. But I don’t think I care, because it’s kind of refreshing on her — for a while there she was in a bit of an Adorable Retro fashion rut, and this definitely is not either of those things, and she’s fully making it work. Maybe I’m just in a good mood on this Friday morning. Maybe I’m giddy with glee at the prospect of my Sunday night being liberated from the prison of Lindsay. Maybe I hit the Diet Coke earlier than usual. We will never know.

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Well Played, Michelle Williams

She is very good at this.

That is so simple, but it’s beautifully fitted, casually yet chicly put together, and it has the delicate tiering (might be hard to make out on some monitors) and two little bows to make it special. She seems very happy and less timid, also; I know she and Jason Segel haven’t been together in ages, but it seemed to start there, so I’ll carve off a piece of this Well Played and award it to whatever he was slinging.

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Well Played Ad, Michelle Williams

Let’s talk about how Michelle Williams looks in these new Louis Vuitton ads:


Because I think she looks great. One of the things that I occasionally find off-putting about her on the red carpet is that she has a tendency to revert to the twee, and she sometimes comes off as very fragile and delicate. Which she may be — and it’s not a crime to be fragile and delicate, but I personally just don’t find it super appealing at all times. But here, she looks so confident and direct. It’s sexy. The bold makeup doesn’t hurt, either (as People StyleWatch pointed out, her brows look awesome). It’s basically a very, very different look than we’re used to seeing from her, and I wish it would stick around.

It’s worth noting that, while I’m not a huge fan of the LV bags because I’m not that sprung on visible logos (unless you’re talking about vintage LV luggage, duh), that bag is kinda great, too. Champers all around!

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