Fugger: Michelle Williams

Well Played, Michelle Williams

It’s SLOW out there right now. All the celebs are in hiding, prepping for Fashion Week or the Toronto Film Festival or doing some weird juice fast for the Emmys that makes them incapable of rising from their oxygenated sleep tanks. So we must pounce on them while they do things like pick up Matilda Ledger from school and take her to get In N Out and ice cream:

I should look so polished when I’m walking around getting cheeseburgers and ice cream. Also, file this under: Better In Sunglasses, Everyone Looks. But I really just included this picture because Jason looks so interested in Matilda and I think that’s sweet. I am weirdly invested in this relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at Michelle.

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Fugchelle Williams

I hate to fug a girl who’s just going out for brunch with her man and some friends, but the circumstance is somewhat extreme. Jason here clearly tried to spruce it up a little…

… and Michelle seems to be wearing the pajama top of an older lady who holes up in her living room with her hundred-strong doll collection, plays “It’s A Small World” on a loop, and tries to weave them friends out of whatever textiles aren’t hidden under all her hoarded newspapers, TV Guide back issues, and old grocery coupons. It also doesn’t seem to button south of Dawson’s Creek,  which means things could get indecent up in this joint if she takes a rogue step. Oh, Michelle. I know vintage is the word of the day, but seriously, hipster brunch-casual is Anthropologie’s bread and butter. Let them help you. It’s okay. It might even feel good.

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Well Played, Michelle Williams

Clearly we need a new subset of posts on GFY: Things That Look Like Home Furnishings In A Heinous Way, and then Things That We Kind of Want To Decorate Our Houses With Someday. There’s been a lot of viable powder-room wallpaper lately; this could be that, but personally, I’m tempted to turn them into drapes for my bedroom once I paint the ceiling dark blue:

None of which is to say that it doesn’t work as a dress, too. It does. On her. She’s teeny. She’s a sprite. You can pretty easily wear a swingy, shapeless mod cut when everything poking out of it is tiny and toned. I might love it more sleeveless, or with more of a three-quarter length, but that’s picking a nit. It’s cute, and she’s SO HAPPY. It’s proof of how much difference a smile and some confidence makes; if she wore this with her previously standard tight-lipped quarter-grin with wide eyes tinged with fear, we’d be all, “Oh, dear, I don’t know how to feel.” But the radiance she’s emanating sells the entire ensemble beautifully. The lesson here is that Jason Segel does good things for a girl’s wardrobe.

And I love the purple shoes with it, for a splash of funk and bravery. Clearly, “A Splash of Funk and Bravery” is also the title of SOMETHING. Album? Book? Beat poem? Whatever. Add it to the list and I’ll figure it out later.

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Well Played, Michelle Williams

Well, she’s still doing the black and white thing, but I have to hand it to Michelle Williams for managing to match her lipstick pretty well with her pedicure.

And honestly, I was going to  put this to a vote — I wasn’t sure about the strings — but in the end I quite like the edgy corseted look on her, so THUMBS UP. She’s gone so quasi-angelic at times, or at least prim, that it’s fun to see her loosen up (in this case with a saucy literalness). Jen Lindley would be proud. Do you think Kevin Williamson would’ve imagined, all those years ago, that we’d still be USING the character names he made up for the show he did for a network whose mascot was a cartoon frog in a top hat? Pacey, Joey Potter, Jen Lindley, Dawson… to the occasional ire of a Fug National who wishes we’d shut the hell up about Dawson’s Creek, those (nick)names are still in circulation. I guess that’s not super RARE — Hagman will always be JR, Shannen will always be Brenda, Luke Perry will always be Dylan — but it’s still kind of amazing considering, again, CARTOON FROG IN TOP HAT.

And you know what’s even better?

Yes, BETTER than cartoon frog in top hat


Fug or Fab: Michelle Williams

I couldn’t get a shot of her smiling where you could also see the dress, but here’s all I know: girlfriend looks WAY happier since she took up with Jason Segel. I can’t get over how cute I think the two of them are together. Sad, fragile Michelle Williams — so touched by tragedy when her true love dies suddenly, leaving their child fatherless! — finds new love with giant goofy Muppeteer Jason Segel, who takes Matilda out on her bike and makes Michelle laugh again. YOU GUYS, IT’S LIKE A ROM-COM.  I do love a good rom-com.


Okay, I actually like this too.  It’s like a happy flapper (happer? Flappy?) dress and sure the top looks like the tiled floor in my bathroom when I was a kid, but that was a happy flapper bathroom, so at least we’re all thematic.

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Well Played, and On the Nose: Michelle Williams

She knows it’s over, right? She’s not going to win the Oscar? Because someone else already did? And that the movie’s in the can, so if she’s feeling all Method, the time to let go is NOW?

Because this — although lovely — feels a little on the nose when you’re doing PR (STILL MY GOD HOW IS SHE STILL PROMOTING THIS THING?) for a movie about Marilyn. Kinda like if Ralph Fiennes would show up for a Harry Potter DVD release party without a nose. Although. You know. Prettier.

Also prettier:

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